I decided to publish this fic a little late because I really don't like seeing my name 5 times on a same page, and also to give chance to other writers to showcase their works to a page without an overwhelming amount of KyxDizzy. Where are the other writers!?

This fic is inspired by watching Clannad After Story (certainly not a favorite, but a fine work for its genre) and by listening to certain soundtracks. This is my first AU that I'll finish no matter what. May contain clicheness and cheesy drama for some, but definitely not a moe like Clannad.

Following genres will be included: drama, humor, mystery, action and a possibility of a hinted romance



Chapter 1: Trade


The City of Zepp was the same as usual.

"Kiske here, nothing suspicious" the cop reported through a walkie- talkie close to his lips as he looked around the commercial area. It was the early afternoon, and a very hot sunny day. Sipping his coconut juice he adjusted the temperature of his patrol car air conditioner to a cooler one. He was parked by a convenience store, and wishing for a tree shade, fearing that his vehicle may heat up.

It was his break time. Slightly annoyed by the absence of his partner he distracted himself from the thought of doing all the work alone by studying the environment. Not far from him was a billboard of Angra, a beauty products brand, with its famous model Millia Rage- his long time crush. No matter how beautiful Millia was he found it wrong to stare at the billboard; for the model was half naked, with just her long golden hair covering her chest: actually that's a violation of the city's regulations; distracting indeed.

Suddenly, he was alerted by two people with big, wide eyes with heavy black liners staring at him by his window. He almost yelped in surprise and honked the car to warn them of their behavior. The goths ran laughing manically; the cop was made fun of. He hated it and made sure that he'll the remember those two: a guy with a long black hair and a raven tattoo and a bandaged woman with an orange hair who had numerous piercings of yellow keys.

"Nice one, Testament!"

"Just run, Aba ha ha ha!"

"Darn it!" he muttered under his breath and returned to his composure afterward. Should he resume his patrol? He still had 15 minutes left. Make the most of it? He should, and he reclined his seat. He was about to doze off when he noticed a group of young girls chatting at the sidewalk across the street.

Anything may happen, he thought and he straightened up to get a better view of them.



In a different universe...

Two swords clashed in midair, and both its wielders landed their feet upon a ground with a loud thud. The young man with the Thunderseal sprung up quickly to attack his opponent; but the bounty hunter lunged forward just in time, swinging down his sword. The younger man was forced to defend, with his weapon in an uncomfortable angle. The stronger force of the offensive fighter pushed the other one backward.

Retreating a little to close a space between him and Sol for recovery, Ky prepared to guard as he struggled to regain his footing and balance. He then recharged his sword, producing the crackling sound of electricity as it lit up.

His rival snickered at this and spat on the ground. "I won't show mercy on her because she's female. I hunt Gears, any Gears" he threw at his rival.

"I will protect her!" The knight shouted out his oath, charging. As response, the fire-wielder sent out a line of flames as tall as him, scorching the ground. Instinctively, Ky jumped up, swinging his sword down as an aerial attack, creating beautiful bluish lights. Though he was not scalded, the heat of the flames hurt his skin. But the older man was expecting it, and answered the offense with a powerful slash, causing the young knight to be thrown upwards.

Sol followed Ky up in the air with a strike coming from his side, but Ky answered with a great clash. Slightly annoyed, but also amused by Ky's determination to protect the Gear he actually spared a day ago, he said to him "You let her live! You're such a boyscout!"

"Compassion is not the same as weakness, Sol!" the young man retorted.

Sol wanted to laugh at boy. Maybe he should tell Ky that he was just making him look like an idiot by telling him that he'll kill the Gear girl. The two forces colliding sent both flying away from each other. Their spirit heated up with this and resumed their battle stance after landing on the ground.

That was close. The knight sighed in relief as he saw little distance between him and the edge of the cliff.

But there was a sudden interruption. The ground shook and deep crevices began to form from a focus. Out of the source a very huge creature emerged, several meters high it stood. No doubt, it's a Gear. The power being released from the fight must have drawn it to them- a troublesome earth type, difficult to differentiate from a normal earthquake.

I must get to a safe place! The knight told himself as the giant cracks opened beside him. But as his legs moved, the whole patch of ground he was standing on collapsed.

"Oh no, I'm falling!"

Spare me... Unbeknown to Ky, Sol had already come for him. The bounty hunter jumped down together with the falling debris. The older man let out a small grin, thinking about what insult he'll say to Ky afterward. The kid's reaction for being saved will certainly be interesting.



The group girls laughed together.

"You should join the Jellyfish! You can sing well! I'm sure the fans will like a new addition to the crew! " said a girl with a brown hair.

The only one dressed as a student mumbled "But my dad said I'm underage, I should wait for my 18th birthday, it's not too far!"

"Johnny is a good manager! And a gentleman too! Isn't that right April?" The other girls nodded to each other.

"May's right!" the girl with a yellow bandana replied.

As a the girls await for the go signal of the pedestrian lane, a small crowd gathered around them, standing by. Some of them looked at their watches, some puffed out smoke and another banged his head along with the music on his headset.

The girl in her uniform fixed her green accessory on her left bow. Using both her hands, she imagined the distance of her ribbons from her ears, making sure that they had an equal distance. When she was about to tap May's shoulder she felt something sharp pressed against her back. Shivers ran through her spine as she felt a man's breath whisper by her ear "Don't move, give me your wallet."

He smelled different.

With her hands shaking she unzipped her shoulder bag and looked for her wallet using her fingers. Slowly she took it out but dropped it in panic as the crowd started to walk with the go signal. The white haired delinquent cursed as the keychains attached to the wallet made a small noise as it hit the ground...

"Pervert!!! A pervert!!!" May squealed.

"Holy Zen!!!"said the young man and grabbed the girl's neck with his arm. With the other, he pointed his knife to the girls in front and backed down. Panting heavily, he was lost at what to do. He had failed, now everyone noticed him. The people...so many of them staring. They must be making fun of him, or waiting for a chance to attack him. What should he do? They would come and get him. What should he do...

"If you do anything suspicious I'll kill her!" he warned as the people around gasped at the situation that unfolded before them.

"Daddy..." the high school girl began to cry as the tight grip of the offended choked her a little.



Sol continued diving down and reaching for Ky as the other complied with his hands outreached. The two of them seemingly forgot about their earlier bout, their friendship showing its true color at the time it was direly needed.

"Ky, you fucking bastard! Dragging me into this shit!"

"Shut up you-"

But both of was cut off as a giant boulder collided with them. In a very short time of screams of two people stuck underneath a rock, Ky and Sol went down in the bottom a raging river with a fountain of splashes. The boulder, sitting still against flow, seem to serve as a marker for those who were buried under it... After two long seconds, lava spat out from the boulders cracks and it scattered in the air with a explosion. In the middle of it was a man, surrounded by steam, sitting down on what was left.

"Hey, kid! Answer me!" Sol worriedly called for Ky but he heard no answer. Looking around he saw the kid knight floating not very far away. Hurriedly he hopped on the rocks to get to him, but to the older man's dismay, what he pulled out was just charred part of Ky's white overcoat. Oh, shit...


"Yes, this is Kiske, I'm requesting backup. We have a hostage situation here in..." He continued speaking as he took out his pistol and got out of his car.

Warily he walked towards the scene and crossed the street swiftly. Cocking his gun, he shouted out to the crowd, "Stand back everyone! The police will handle this!" As gasps rose through the air, the young cop felt cold sweat down his temple. He had never handled a situation like this. In his months of service as a traffic law enforcer, he never actually pulled out a gun except for practice.

The hostage-taker quickly saw him with his dramatic approach and shot a deadly glare as he pointed his knife to the girl's face. "Stand back, cop!"

The young law enforcer was taken aback by the hostage taker's threat, but he realized he must show his control over the situation. With shaking hands, he lifted his gun and pointed it to the crook. Am I doing the right thing? he asked himself. The girl's life was in his hands...

"Let go of the girl now! What you are doing now won't solve anything!"

"Shut up! You...policemen don't know anything at all! You're just pawns of those rich politicians!"

"We could settle this in a peaceful way. I can promise you a fair hearing in the court. Let her go." Officer Kiske calmly told him with a slight sincerity to show that he bore no hostility.

"You...you bastard..." The white-haired youth instead panted heavily and tightened his grip on the girl's neck. There might be snipers hidden around the buildings now...and the newscasters will probably flock us... I'm surrounded... His mind told him as his eyes searched the details of area and the people. He hated it. "You...your girly face pisses me off!"

The officer found those words strange... This is bad! He's on drugs...The youth's bloodshot eyes and appearance made it very likely- then the young officer felt panic rush in him as he saw the girl struggling to breath and reaching her hand for help. "At least, please stop strangling her!" he pleaded, still pointing his gun. The crowd, now watching in a considerable distance reacted with him, especially the group of girls holding hands together, that seemed to be on the verge of crying.

He uttered a very short and silent prayer to himself, asking wisdom. But as he was thinking of his next words the loud alarms of the arriving backups nearing their way towards them, though distracted him, gave a little relief. Help had come.

Yet, the drug addict panicked, too much.

The crook began running away, dragging the girl with him."Hey you, stop!" Kiske shouted as he fired a warning shot on the ground, seeing the girl being suffocated. The confused criminal, disoriented by it, tripped by the sidewalk of the busy intersection.

This is my chance! Officer Kiske fired a shot that landed on the delinquent's leg and hurried himself towards the girl who was breathing heavily and struggling to stand up.

"You damn....dog!" The drug addict winced.


Ky struggling for air as the current carried him down the river. Unable to move his other hand while his other clutches the Thunderseal tightly in its grip he was lost at what to do. He cannot die like that, there were too many things he had not done yet, there were people he cannot leave- he dismissed all those thoughts as he calmly thought of way as he was able to find a way to float properly, facing the way he was headed to: a waterfall.

God... He prayed as he fell down.

Plunging into the cold water and hitting the hard rocks, everything became hazy white for the young knight. And a moment of silence followed.



Back in the city, the girl saw black and white, and felt her head spinning. Her knees shook as she tried to stand up. The voices of her friends calling her name sounded faint.

"I'm coming for you!" Ky called to her. But the officer's gasped as he saw a truck speeding its way toward parallel to where she was, not very far. "Watch out!"

There was a loud blaring sound of a horn.

All within a single moment, as she reached her hand to the officer and stood up she felt her body getting heavier, leaning backwards, and her steps losing their ground. And with the short glimpse of the white clouds and blue sky, everything became dark... but then she felt a strong force pushed her shoulders in fleeting moment. Not long after, she felt the hot and hard concrete against her cheeks as she heard the screeching of wheels, and a crash in a guard rails.

The noises became louder and rushed into the girl's ears as she felt some hands holding her... helping her.

"Somebody call an ambulance!"

"Thank goodness the police is finally here! But they are late!"

"Hey you, help us here, the officer is badly hurt!"

"God...help this young man!"

The commotion she heard was caused by two things; the first one was the the police seizing the bleeding criminal, and the second one was the young officer full of scratches lying flat on his back on the road. There was blood.

It hurts... Ky Kiske saw hazy white with his eyes half opened...slowly, they began to close.

Is this my end...?



In the Zepp Public Hospital...

Am I in heaven? Ky Kiske saw a white orb floating...no, it was attached to the ceiling; a light. As he opened his eyes the environment became clearer. His senses told him that there was oxygen mask on his face and a needle was pierced in the flesh of his arm. Little by little he smelled the medicine and heard some familiar beeping sounds. As he began to fully awaken, hid ears picked up some discernable voices coming from his right.

There was a voice of a woman "Dr. Baldhead, he's in very good condition."

"But Fanny dear, keep an eye on him. The young lady here is really worried."

Another very familiar voice said "Oh thank you doctor...But Mr. Crow, may I ask why you're here?"

"Well...I was hoping for an interview for the incident...but he's still asleep."

Crow!? Baldhead!? Felt felt his heart pound as he sensed grave danger. He was captured by the PWAB!? Shifting his gaze, both his eyes shot wide open as he saw the people on the doorway.

"Hey, Faust! Mr. Kiske's heart rate is speeding up!" the agent exclaimed.

"Oh my, he has awakened!."The bald doctor with a mask hurried to the patient.

Squinting in a glare, Ky let out some words "You..damn...Bureau!" Feeling helpless without the presence of his sword, he tried to charge his hands with current for a small lighting projectile. But there was no magic.



Did I just die? God, I'm too young... Ky, the young officer, felt so light.. but cold. Water perhaps? He felt it rising up and going down against lower body. So peaceful.

"Uhh!!!" There was a strong pressure at the center of his body, below his ribs; and the next thing he knew was that he was coughing out water. Cough, cough, cough... He opened his eyes and saw trees with little sunlight passing through. The birds were chirping with the sound of the stream.

"Oh, you're awake." A cheerful voice coming from a girl said to him.

With this, Ky sat up and wiped his mouth, but his eyes widened as he saw the girl he tried to save earlier beside him kneeling...on her back was two wings. He frantically looked around; this was certainly not the city. And the trees, the animals...they're unreal. "W-Where is this..." he nervously asked.

"The Grove of course, my home...." she replied.

Memories of the accident flashed in his mind- the drug addict, the truck, and spinning on the road- and realizing the truth that he was now in the Garden of Eden, or to say...Heaven, with the high school girl that died with him, he took her hand gently and bowed his head in shame "I-I'm sorry, I failed to save you!"






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