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Ky's Reality 1


"Stand up..." He held out his hand, eyes away from hers, ashamed.

Lying on her side on the ground, the angelic maiden, shaking, asked with tear-filled eyes, " that?"

"There is a world waiting for you..." He was sure that it wasn't the best thing he can say just right after admitting to himself he had considered killing her as the best option for the situation.

"A world?" She turned her head and looked up to the young man standing next to her, surprised by his sudden change.

"Y-Yes..." He bent down and offered his hand further; Seeing fear in her eyes, along with intense pain, he continued, "I-I'm sorry, I thought... if I fight you I'll have the resolve to eliminate you as a threat. But I was wrong." His guilty feelings told him that the young woman was looking at him with contempt and disbelief so he went on, "You have every right to hate me for hurting you...but just for now, please trust me. You don't deserve to be hurt like this." And he didn't have the right to.

Slowly, Dizzy lifted up her hand, not breaking away her piercing gaze from his eyes. She knew she shouldn't trust the human; but deep inside, even if it was too good to be true, she believed that he was sincere. The young knight gently held Dizzy's slim fingers and helped her sit up by supporting her shoulders.

"Why...why are you...?" She still cannot fully understand his actions. Was he planning to do something? Change of heart? Mercy? Compassion? She kept on looking at his eyes, trying to make out what he was thinking.

"We have to take care of your injuries first." Just like how a gentleman would, Ky assisted her with utmost care. Serving as a living crutch, he felt her frail frame struggling to stand up against his own. With the first step they took, Ky let resentment well up deep inside him; How could he have done such a thing to her?

"Umm... Mister..."

He was still lost in his thoughts.

"Well...ummm...the soup will be cold if you don't start soon. Don't you like it?"

Huh!? Ky quickly turned his head to face the girl beside he did saw Dizzy, dressed in a white, cotton duster.

"Should I prepare another one?" Dizzy asked her friend who was seated beside her. He was staring at the dish for a while that even her parents, who were sitting at their opposite, stopped chewing their food for a while to take notice. "Mister Kiske, we're sorry but you can't eat solid food yet. You just came out the hospital..."

Huh? What... "I-I apologize!" Ky blurted out as soon as he noticed the family eying him with oddity. "I just remembered something, excuse me for being rude at your dinner." With a last glimpse at the leaf-printed table cloth, he silently prayed and ended it with the sign of the cross. He took his first sip, making not even the slightest noise of slurping. "Thank you for the meal, you're all very kind," he told the family before proceeding to dip his spoon again to the cream colored liquid.

"Is it okay? Does it taste bad?" Dizzy nervously asked seeing how quiet Ky was.

Looking back at her, he replied with a smile, "It tastes really good. Though, so far this has been the most flavorful soup I've tasted without even a single ingredient visible. Very interesting."

Dizzy tried her best to hold back her laughter, "All I had to do was to add water!"

"That's amazing!" Though Ky was left in awe of how the dish was prepared, he began to feel uncomfortable as the parents themselves joined Dizzy's restrained laughter.

"It's called 'Instant.'" The father pointed out in, snickering.

Ky just realized that he may have said something out of place, or stupid, in other words. He just smiled back and continued his meal while discreetly looking at the food at the table. There were some chicken parts, he's sure of it, and there were also cabbages and carrots; however, he couldn't recognize the other vegetables. He wondered if they were extinct from where he came from.

After a short while, the mother brought up a different topic. "So, Ky, you woke up and found suspicious people on the hospital so you escaped with our daughter..."

"Um...well..yes..." Ky knew that things were completely different from his perspective. He was beginning to awfully regret punching "Crow" along with "Dr. Baldhead," worse was, he attacked a female nurse. Basically, they were assaults...towards people innocently doing their job! He hit a defenseless woman! Ughhhh...this is terrible! What have I done!? His face showed not even the slightest hint of a frown but his jaw and his grip on the spoon tightened.

Yet somehow for Ky, the voice of the mother was soothing enough to calm him down, "We owe you another one. Don't worry, we'll do our best to help you. It's the thanks that we can give."

"Letting me live here for a while is already much, ma'am."

"Yeah kid, we'll make sure you'll come back to where you came from." Frederick muttered in between chewing his food, causing Aria to eye him.

Ky thought he heard something. "Pardon, sir?"

"Nah, it's nothing kid. Enjoy your meal." Frederick continued eating without even looking back at Ky.

"What...? I thought he'll stay here!" Dizzy suddenly asked, getting the attention of everyone at the table.

"Dizzy dear, he would, for only a while. He doesn't belong here. I'm sure there are people worried about him right now, isn't that right, Ky?"

"Uhh yes..."

"You have a home right, a place where you should return to?"

"..." Yes there is, Ky wanted to answer right away.

From her parent's words, and his friend's reaction, Dizzy knew it there must be more than what it seemed besides "just going home." She pointed up her finger as she realized something. "Now I understand.... I get it!I read from the newspaper that you live with your parents right, Mr. Kiske?"

My...parents!? The simple thought of meeting his mother again and having the chance to see his father's face made his heart skip at the moment, freezing his fingers. But he knew that bringing that up was inappropriate and he should not concern himself with that for the meantime. Besides, even if he may be their "son," they weren't his real parents. They had already came home to their Father above. To distract himself, he diverted the conversation into a different direction. "Miss Dizzy, 'Ky'...would be fine..."

"Then Dizzy would be fine too!"

"I would rather not address a lady informally, but I guess I can get used to it after a while." He smiled back.

"C'mon, you'll be staying here so let us be okay?"


Since his strange meeting with the Dizzy. Ky knew that he must have some sort of identity in this world that he cannot remember. Somehow he was also a cop, and many people seemed to know about him because he was reported to the television. Also, the relationship, his connection too, were too much to ignore; mainly, Dizzy and "Sol." He can't believe they were father and daughter while he knew that they were supposed to be hunter and prey.

Hunter and prey... Oh no! I have to come back as soon as possible...She might be...Damn it!!!

"Ky, is there something wrong?" The girl on his side showed a worried face as she noticed Ky looking a bit distressed.

"No..." He replied with a low voice,

"Alright..." I just keep on bothering him! Dizzy mentally told herself. She knew that Ky may have some deep problems and wished that she could help, but she couldn't. What could he have been worrying about? His parents? His friends? Someone special? Why am I thinking like this!? Why would Ky enjoy being with strangers anyway? She realized how excited she was to be with her hero, but she was starting on the wrong foot. She had to let him settle down first, he reaped the misfortune that should have been hers after all. And lastly... she still hadn't thanked him...

How can I thank him...? Dizzy continued her munching all the while nonchalantly staring off to space.

Meanwhile, Ky didn't seem to notice at first but as he took another sip, he realized that the family was eating a lot faster than he did. Too fast! It was a bit unbelievable because they were eating in a proper manner, just sped up a few more times than normal. Not wanting the family to watch him eat while waiting for him, he sped up as much as he can. He had no appetite, but he had no other choice either but be the best guest he can be. He finished just in time before the father took his last bite; with this, the mother began clearing up the table.

"Sweetie, your Papa and I will take care of the dishes. You take care of the table."

"Y-Yes Mama."

"Please, let me help out." Ky offered as he picked up a plate.

"Sure dear, you can lend our daughter a hand."

"Yes ma'am."

Dizzy eyed Ky as he helped her clear the table, studying his expressions. Should she begin? How? "Uhhhmm.... Ky... well... uhhh..."



At the kitchen, the husband was taking out the utensils from the dishwasher one by one. "Hey Cupcake, isn't our daughter getting too attached to him too fast?"

"Nah, don't worry about that too much honey, let her be with someone who's closest to being her knight in shining armor, even for a little while." Aria sighed as she dried one plate.

"But...if we're correct..." Frederick paused.

"Yes, Dizzy should learn the truth..."

"It'll hurt her badly. Worse, she might blame herself for what happened and might realize that she may have caused it."

"I know..." She then took notice of a conversation from the dining room:

"Umm...Ky, would you want to go out with me tomorrow?"

"Why?" The young man sounded surprised with the sudden invitation.

"There's a holiday festival in our school! There would be concerts, contests, cosplay and many more!"

"I better interfere, she really doesn't understand the situation." Seeing her beloved daughter gleeful with the presence of her hero was certainly refreshing after a month filled with trauma and worry. But Aria knew that she had to face the truth sooner... though not tonight, but soon.



"But...I'm wanted by the police right?"

"It's alright! Well... you can take up a disguise..." Dizzy's hands shaped a hood in the air.

"But..." If the world was normal, he himself would be willing to escort the lady as a token of gratitude, even with the danger of being caught by the police. He had enough experience in espionage to avoid them anyway. Yet the real problem was, he knew that everyone, especially Dizzy, don't know about the real situation.

"It's okay if you don't want to go...I just thought'll be sad here all alone by yourself."

"Well,'s not it..." He struggled to decline her offer without hurting her feelings, knowing fully that he's the one who was out of place and not her. How efficient it may be to lie, he can't and didn't want to.

"Then we can-"

Her mother interrupted as she walked towards the two, "Oh sweetie, let Ky think about first. You can ask him tomorrow." She then enveloped her daughter in a tight hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek, in which an inaudible whisper followed. The daughter gasped along with widened eyes as her mother's words sunk into her.

A loud, scurrying "goodnight" was all she said as she ran upstairs. Her mother followed her shortly after smiling in a sad, troubled way to the young man.

He knew it. The parents himself didn't want their daughter to get attached too soon . As he watched the two leave his sight he thought of the possible answers he can give to the parents. Why did he attack the hospital personnel? Why was he strong when he was in a coma for a month? Given the current reality, and his knowledge of it, there were no logical answers.

"Hey boy, get your ass over here, we need to talk."

All of the sudden, he was sure he heard was certainly Sol Badguy, not Mr. Goodguy. It was a signal for something serious for Ky, hopefully it would be helpful with the situation. Remaining silent, he joined Frederick into the dimly lit kitchen.

After looking around, probably for the presence of his daughter, the older man grabbed the refrigerator and moved it to the blank area to the left without effort. Ky made a little sound, as if he wanted to say something, but just remained standing behind Frederick. After some scraping sounds made by the foot of the appliance hitting the floor, Ky eyes widened as he saw a secret cellar door by their feet. The older man opened it, revealing a ladder against the wall going down an even darker place.

"Follow me, kid!" he barked like an order as he descended down into the basement.

"Y-Yes sir..." Ky could only do his best to hide his surprise as he went down when he turned his head to see a huge, advanced laboratory. It seemed that it was exactly a whole floor under the house. There were various equipment, some he recognized, some new to him, probably concealing some more behind. Countless apparatuses, running with vapor and dull-colored chemicals at the tables were organized. Stuck on the walls were hundreds of newspapers, magazine pages or paperwork.

"I only act like that in front of my daughter, don't think of me as being nice to you." Fredrick hissed as his feet landed on a metallic floor. He continued as Ky's touched the lab, "So lem'me get this straight; if you think you can gain my trust as easily as that, you're dead wrong punk."

"Mr. Goodguy..."

"It's Frederick or Freddie! Are you stressing how much how old I am to you, kiddo?!"

"I humbly apologize. Um..uh... Mister...Fuuurrreee-" he struggled to finish the vowel, "-eederick, what do we need to talk about, sir?"

"It's simple..." the older man faced him with him with his glaring blue eyes, his long tied-up shoulder length hair swinging as he turned to the young man. "My daughter is 17! She's still a baby! If you think you can take advantage of her innocence and seduce her with your pretty boy looks and classy manners, I will-"

A silhouette or a woman in a lab gown pulled the man's collar, halting his irritated jabbering, "Frederick!"

"Cupcake! How did you-"

"From the second floor of course. Back to where we came from: Stop speaking like an idiot!"

"But this kid right here-"

The wife silenced her husband with squinted eyes before continuing with a worried face, "Oh, I'm sorry for that Ky, I had the feeling this would happen so I hurried down. You see, my husband's an idiot for Dizzy's last ten male friends. He's a bit touchy on that subject."

The father argued, "She's still a baby!"

"Dizzy's not a three year-old! And she'll be turning eighteen on the 25th!"The mother shouted back.

"Argghhh!!!" He growled to his wife, spouting some curses in the process. "Darn it! Let's change the topic!"

Aria merely chuckled with her husband's conduct, "I apologize for his language, he's really got some issues with his temper and we've been trying to fix that for years."

"No, it's fine ma'am-"

Frederick interrupted, "Back to you, boy!" He poked Ky's forehead harshly with his finger, causing the young man to take a step back. "We've been thinking about it ever since the accident.... you're from an entirely different place, right?"

Ky felt a torrent of relief rushing into him, he was both eager and hesitant to answer. His current situation was too absurd for both himself and the people around. "Yes, that's right. I'm sure of it." He gave the most careful answer.

"We believe you," Aria said. Both she and her husband had a serious face.

God, thank you... Ky silently exasperated, letting out a long breath as he was expecting disbelief from the couple.

"Ky, come here we want to show you something." The mother gentle pulled him by his arm and led him near the paper-filled wide walls, the father walked away and turned on the lights as she did. "During the time when our daughter was taken hostage, as shameful as it is to admit it, we're busy inside this lab."

The father replied from where he was, "During that time, our devices recorded a high distortion in the space-time reality dimension continuum..." At the corner of the lab, a bit far from the two, Frederick continued in a language Ky found it hard to interpret. "...In which metaphysical properties tend to emit signals that were neither waves nor particles-"

His wife cut him off, "In simpler words, we picked up a strong signal we have been waiting for. After making sure Dizzy was alright, we looked for its origin and it led us to..."

"The hospital...?"

"Nailed it kid, good thing you have a thinking head." Frederick answered. "Too bad for you, we weren't allowed to visit. We tried a lot of times, but the staff would always say 'The patient's room is off-limits. Please allow him to recover first.'" He said in a mocking style.

"But Miss Dizzy was-"

"She wasn't allowed to... so we're very surprised that she was able to this morning." Frederick's tone was serious.

"And we never heard from her that she was planning her visit... But Ky, let's talk about that some other time." The mother replied in a lower voice before curving her lips into a forced smile.

Something's not right.It was somehow making sense to Ky what Mrs. Goodguy said before that the matter was far more complicated than he thought it was. Right at that moment he told himself that he would rather be an unfortunate victim of the weird turns of fate rather than be the one who was causing the family, and probably even the world where he was now, deep trouble. He walked with a heavy chest.

The brighter lit room revealed a rows and columns of shelves with alphabetical labels as Ky and Aria passed by them. They arrived at the walls, beside it was a table full of sorted articles.

"Have you ever heard of dragons, sea monsters and ghosts?" The woman asked.

" they are quite common from where I live...depending on the region..."

"Uhhh...what!? It's...unbelievable..." the woman continued to stare at the boy with a slight hint of befuddlement.

The husband joined them shortly after. "Then how about UFO's kid?" he asked with a demanding tone.

"Sorry sir, I don't know what that means..."

"Unidentified Flying Objects... the little green men from space with advanced technology?"

"Actually...they're not green..." Ky dazed off to recall some encounters.

The man let out a hearty laugh and faced his wife, "Didn't I tell you that they're not green, Cupcake?" Frederick chortled.

"Hmmp... that's just a minor mistake after all." Aria sulked. "But anyway... I guess we have to give Ky some explanation first before asking him a lot of questions."

The husband nodded... "Well, boy, you see..." Looking up, the man scratched his head for seconds. "Cupcake, you explain."

Aria sighed, smiling afterward, "Ky, I figured out that you're already quite aware that you were somehow trapped in a different universe. Is that right?"

"Yes, there is no magic here, neither can I sense spiritual properties."

"Hmmm... yes, this is another world after all. But to make the long story short, years of research of supernatural events led us to the theory that a parallel, universe exist. And somehow, we strongly believe that your world is a reflection of our dreams and imaginations." The woman explained with a tone of conviction in her voice.

"And scientific evidence is scarce and unreliable, because the laws pertaining to such an 'absurd' universe are unknown to us." Frederick continued.

"Do you mean...that our world was created by yours!?" Ky asked with disbelief and widened eyes.

"Calm down kid, I know that theological and existentialist ideas are rushing on your head right now. But listen, kid." He eyed him reticently. " Our hypothesis is that your realm is a reflection of our souls, in which, spiritual and imaginative people can take a glimpse from time to time...but you standing there, just shoved in our faces that we were wrong."

"..." Ky wasn't able to respond.

Aria broke the silence, "You see, Ky. There were many cases where certain people suddenly gets mad or mentally ill, claiming that they are different people living in a different world. Somehow, their testimonies are very much like your situation Ky. But-"

Ky cut in. "You mean...that I'm not the only one?"

"Wrong, kid. Your case is unique." Frederick answered, chuckling a bit. "The people we mentioned seemed to have merged their memories to the "imaginative world" and cannot free themselves from it. But your existence prove that there might be a pair of souls all along, in which their dreams might be reflection of each others experiences."

Ky wanted to say something but instead, he wiped the sweat in his forehead and returned to his deep thoughts, trying to absorb each piece of information he had picked up.

"Unfortunately, it seems that being too attached to your other self might cause.... merging of of spiritual properties. They heavily change the mental and emotional identity of a person, thus, resulting to insanity to many people..." Aria struggled to find the right words.

"T-Then... are you saying that-" Ky uttered in shock. I'm insane!?

"Just listen to us first, kid!" Again, the older man poked Ky on his forehead. "We are saying that, in your case, there was an exchange of souls..."

Hearing the last statement made Ky's head hurt a little. This is unreal... He palmed his temple. closed his eyes and exhaled long.

As soon as the young man was ready to listen again, the woman went on with what she wanted to show him at the first place. "For an unexplainable reason, this guy might be as unlucky as you are." The woman handed Ky a tabloid: Cop in Coma for Saving Goodguy's daughter.

Ky quietly absorbed the familiar contents of the headline and the article, blinking as he saw his picture on it, bloodied and being carried on a stretcher. "This guy...ran out of luck, more than I did."




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