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Anyone who says that life is wonderful and full of surprises…is fucking lying! Life is another part of hell…especially for me. Actually, life is worse than hell! I would be willing to trade my life and go to hell…anytime!

I have everything…yet I have nothing. I am the owner of the biggest company…yet still poor. I can have anyone…yet no one at all!

It sucks, everything sucks!

Here I sit…in the board room…overseeing a very important meeting. Everything seems like an echo…I can hear everything…yet nothing at all.

I looked into the eyes of the brown-eyed lady. She can't even meet my gaze. Why is she ashamed now? Now…after destroying everything she is ashamed? After taking everything I had she is feeling guilty?

At this I snorted sadly!

"Mr. Cullen," my lawyer said as he shook my shoulder. I looked up at him, acknowledging his voice so he continued, "Miss Masen has demanded her position back in the company. Here are the papers," he said in a low voice.

I looked around the room…everyone at the table was staring at me quietly…except for Miss Masen. She wouldn't look at me. I snorted again.

Everyone resumed talking and I felt like I was falling…hard. I roughly pushed my chair backwards and ran out of the board room. People called my name but I ignored them. I didn't belong here. Fuck, I didn't belong anywhere!

I knew what I had to do as I walked out of the glass tiled building.

"Good morning Mr. Cullen," they said as I walked out of the building.

"Good morning ," was my standard response.

The chorus began as I made my way out but I was numb. I was a walking corpse. I ignored them and walked out. The guards immediately saluted me. My driver arrived at the front door with my car but I insisted on driving. I took the keys from him and headed to where I needed to go.

I went to the meadow. I saw the flowers…the arch…the aisle that she walked down…all of the guests…the wedding party…the bride. My heart clenched…but still I walked to her and the new husband.

She stopped breathing when she saw me…not meeting my gaze. It was funny actually…no one could meet my gaze…not my friends…not my family…not even my girlfriend.

I congratulated them…and promptly left. I opened the door to my car and started to get in…but stopped.

I closed the door and placed the keys on top of the car along with my cell phone. Some lucky schmuck could enjoy them.

I started walking alone…I really didn't have a destination in mind…I was headed wherever my feet would take me.

I loosened my tie and let it fall to the ground as I walked. I removed my coat and threw it behind me as well.

I stopped…in front of the station. It's where my feet led me. My feet knew what I wanted…knew what I needed. I needed to die…I wanted to die. This would be the only medicine to heal my wounds. Dying was my only remedy.

I walked to the train without buying the ticket. I was dumb, numb, and today I would die!

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