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The Investigation Squad was sitting at its usual table at the edge of the Junes food court. It was the middle of the afternoon and they had spent most of the day simply sitting there and enjoying one another's company.

The weather report had guaranteed sunny skies for two weeks and they felt that it was a wise idea to take advantage of the good weather and relax for a while, allowing themselves a chance to act like regular teenagers. However, for the last few hours they had yet to do much in regard of figuring out how they would spend their newfound vacation from TV exploration. Most of the time had been spent lounging around and doing all of nothing.

At the table a certain shaggy-haired brunette was trying to get a point across to his equally brunette friend. "Are you kidding me!? Are you really going to sit there with a straight face and try to tell me that Jet Li is better than Jackie Chan?"

"Yes! Because it's true! Have you seen the things he does in his movies?" Chie asked back.

"Yes, I have! And it's nothing but wire work! Jackie Chan does almost ALL his own stunts!" Yosuke exclaimed.

"Not all of Jet Li's movies have him floating around on a wire! When he's actually fighting, it's all him! So what if he doesn't jump off buildings or run up walls, it doesn't change the fact that he's still a good martial artist and a pretty decent actor to boot!" Chie argued back.

"Jackie Chan can sing!" Yosuke retorted out of the blue.

"What in the world does that have to do with anything?" Chie asked, caught off guard by the irrelevant comment.

This had been the conversation, if it could be called that, for the past ten minutes. The remaining members had thought it amusing at first, but after the first few minutes, with the argument seeming to have no end in sight, all but Teddie seemed to have gotten bored with the display.

"Jeez... How long do ya think they can argue before they finally get bored of buttin' heads with each other?" Kanji asked.

"I have no idea but it sure is getting really old, really fast." Rise stated as she sipped on the straw of her drink. "I've actually met both of them and they're pretty much equal in fighting and acting skill. Jackie does do more of his own stunts though..."

"Have you really, Rise-chan? Ooh, what are they like?" asked the heiress to the Amagi Inn.

"Oh, they're both really nice. We met at a restaurant after one of my shows and we got to talking. I don't think there's really any point of trying to compare them to each other… You'll just end up with a big headache, like the one I've got right now just listening to these two trying to do it." she answered, gesturing to the bickering pair.

"Oh, let them have their little tiff. After all, it's only going to bring them closer together. It's just another stepping stone on the path to them eventually becoming a couple." Yukiko commented.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Yukiko-senpai. I just wish their stepping stones could be more subtle and romantic. That would be so much sweeter and a lot less grating on my ears." Rise sighed.

Souji, who up until now had been idly sipping at his soda while reading the 'missing peoples' and 'weather' sections of the Inaba Post, lowered his paper down so as to observe the fighting duo.

Chuckling softly, he said, "Well, it's better for them to express their inner feelings and thoughts out in the open rather than keeping them bottled up inside." he turned back to his paper. "If they started doing that again, then I'd be worried. We don't need a repeat performance from their shadows again."

"You know, I actually read somewhere that the more two people fight, the more they care for one another." Yukiko said thoughtfully.

Kanji rotated his head that was resting on his chin on the table towards Yukiko. "You sure, Senpai? That seems kinda contradictin' if you ask me. Besides, look at them going at it. It's only a matter of time before things start to get physical."

"Compare 'Hero' to 'The Tuxedo'! I can't even take Jackie Chan seriously as an actor! He does not act the way a true martial artist is supposed to!" Chie yelled.

"Oh, and like you would have any idea of how a true martial artist is supposed to act." Yosuke countered.

"What the-! Now just what is that supposed to mean!?"

"And here it comes... Hey Senpai, you sure we shouldn't break 'em up?" Kanji asked Souji.

Turning his attention from the paper to the two bickering friends, he sighed. "Well... maybe we should keep them at an arm's length from each other…"

"If you ask me, their argument seems incredibly childish. Such petty squabbles should be unbecoming of upperclassmen." one Naoto Shirogane stated sipping on her drink.

"Hey, can I ask something over here!" a certain flamboyantly dressed blonde asked turning from the pair to the rest of the group. "Who exactly are these Jackie Chan and Jet Li guys?"

"They're movie actors, Teddie." Rise informed the bishie.

"Oh, so they're actors, huh? Hm..." Teddie began to rub his chin and an intense look of thought on his face.

After a couple seconds of this his eyes popped open "I've decided! Teddie wants to see these guys' movies!" he exclaimed to the world while standing up from his chair and pointing dramatically into the air.

The remaining four squad members sweatdropped at Teddie's antics, although it really wasn't unexpected of him.

"Well sorry Ted, but I ain't got either of their movies." Kanji said, shrugging.

"Yeah, sorry Teddie but I don't either. Being on the road all the time, I don't really get the chance to watch movies all that often." Rise stated.

"Same goes for me. Working at the inn keeps my schedule pretty full so I don't really have that many movies myself." stated the crimson adorned heiress.

"I'm more of a book reader than a movie watcher, so I don't have any either, sorry Teddie." Souji said, offering his blonde friend an apologetic smile.

"Ooh, how could this world be...so....cruuueeell?!" Teddie whimpered overdramatically.

Naoto watched this exchange with a wary eye. Seeing the tears that began to well up in Teddie's puppy dog eyes, she decided action should be taken.

Pulling her drink from her lips she stated, "Well Teddie, if no one else seems to be able to assist you, I suppose I will. Yakushiji-san is somewhat of a martial arts movie enthusiast. He has many movies from many different time periods, starring various actors. I'm sure that I could convince him to allow you to see some of them."

Teddie looked to Naoto as if she were his messiah. He ran up to her, took her hands in his and said, "Oh, Nao-chan! Are you inviting me to come and watch movies over at your house?"

"Wh-what? N-no, that's not what I was imply-" Naoto stuttered.

"Are you really? Hey, I want to go to Naoto-kun's house too! I've never been there before and I'd totally like to see what it's like!" Rise chirped.

"Rise-san! Please, you misunderstand. I didn't invite Teddie to-"

"Hey, that sounds like fun! I'd like to come too, if that's alright." Yukiko said smiling at Naoto.

"Count me in too! You live in some kinda estate thing, right? I'd like to see what that's like." Kanji said, smirking.

As everyone invited themselves to Naoto's house, Yosuke and Chie had halted their argument for the first and were listening in on what the others were saying. When they heard what they assumed to be Naoto inviting everyone to watch Jet Li and Jackie Chan movies at her house they immediately jumped on it.

"Hey yeah, we'll watch the movies at Naoto-kun's house! Then you'll have to finally submit to the fact that you are wrong!" Yosuke stated into Chie's face.

"Yeah? Well I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you! You just wait and see because I think you forget who you're talking to, Yosuke Hanamura! I eat, drink and breathe martial arts and martial arts movies, so if there's anybody here who would be the expert in this discussion, it would be me!" Chie asserted getting in Yosuke's face.

While all this madness was taking place Naoto was looking around, feeling utterly ignored and not having a clue about what to do. With Rise, Kanji, Yukiko and Teddie all talking about their predictions of what Naoto's house would be like and Yosuke and Chie continuing back into their battle, everyone seemed to be getting the wrong idea.

In desperation, she looked to the one person she believed she could count on.

"Senpai! I beg you, could you please try to talk some sense into them?" she pleaded to Souji.

Souji folded his paper up and put it on the table. He took his drink and finished the last of it. After putting the empty cup down onto the table he looked up at Naoto with a warm look in his eyes and a pleasant smile on his face.

"When would be an appropriate time for us to come by, Naoto-kun?"

Senpai... you traitor.