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In a period of chaos and hardship,

In a world different from ours,

At a time where everything and anything made love some fictional character,

Two people did the impossible.



Quickly he shifted his attention to the next thing that was bothering him, "what Kankuro?" He snapped.

Kankuro shifted uneasily at the thought of being shout at by a boy younger than him.

"What Kankuro?" Gaara repeated.

"Sorry," Kankuro straightened himself, "I have information from the spies we've sent to infiltrate Konoha. They're currently figuring out Konoha's battle plans and strategies."

Gaara nodded, "and the strength?"

Kankuro looked down, "we've lost eight men."

He braced himself for another screaming from Gaara, but Gaara held it in, he had no energy to get overly pissed off at his men's weakness, "fine," he said turning away, "Konoha shouldn't be doing too good."

"Yes, they shouldn't," Kankuro reprised, "they can't, their best strategist is securely locked up in our high security dungeons."

Gaara started pacing away leaving Kankuro standing there.

"Temari," Kankuro said loud enough to catch Gaara's attention.

Gaara spun around in a split second, "what? What about Temari?"

Kankuro thought twice about what he was about to do, "Temari's going to KILL me," he thought.

"Kazekage!" One of the Sand Shinobis shouted, "we need to report a distress call from one of our posts."

Gaara held up his hand to stop the Shinobi, he walked towards Kankuro, "where's Temari?"

Kankuro deeply regretted his actions now.

Gaara had instructed that Temari was not to leave the holding facility to ensure her full protection. He knew that if he died, she would be the immediate Kazekage of Suna. That's why he wanted her to be protected, he needed someone he trusted to look after Suna once he was gone. Now that he had guessed what Kankuro had for him, he needed to commence immediate action to ensure she returns back to the holding facility safe and sound, as a whole.

"Where did she go?" Gaara asked.

Kankuro refused to answer.

"WHERE DID SHE GO?" Gaara raised his voice, causing heaps of sand around him and Kankuro to rise and swirl around the two of them.

"She said something about following Baki," he squeaked, "please don't kill me."

Gaara sighed. That was why he choose not to focus his energy and time on Kankuro, even though he was his brother. Kankuro was weak, physically and mentally, he acts all brave and large when they talked about enemies, but when he actually faces them, that's a whole other story. Kankuro just isn't suited to be the Kazekage. That's why Temari had to be kept safe.


She was following Baki, so no one would think that she had escaped from the holding facility. Baki allowed her to follow only because his shift today was that the prison and Suna's prison security had been raised to the maximum, surely Temari can't be in danger.

"Stay close," Baki muttered as they entered the vicinity, "it's for your own safety."

She wanted to protest, she wanted to say that she was strong enough to take care of herself. But she knew he'd understand, he just wanted to take a precaution. She had been single- handed taking care of Gaara and Kankuro since Sound had killed off their parents, now that Suna and Konoha's ties aren't any better, she thought it was her duty to at least help her brothers out.

"We don't even know anyone there," she thought as the passed prison administration, "why the hell did they decide to initiate war between us?"

Baki led her to a room with televisions depicting what the surveillance cameras caught, "stay here."

She got what he meant by the 'special job' he was going to assign her, he wanted her to watch out for any breaking in and any breaking outs. Damn it, she should have known Baki wasn't going to let her do something that required combat, much less walking.

"Sit here and watch the surveillance," Baki ordered, "like it or not, this is the furthest you're going out of the holding facility."

"Wait," she argued, "can't you let someone else do this? Well someone like Matsuri?"

Baki gasped, "Temari," he said in a serious tone, "it's risky enough sneaking you out of the facility, now you want me to bring Matsuri out too? Gaara would be furious, be would explode, he would kill me!"

"He won't," Temari interrupted, "I'm the one who wanted to come out."

"Then he'll torture you! Reprimand you! Whatever shit he does to make you shudder under his superiority!"

"Don't forget, I'm his older sister."

"I'm his Sen- sei."

"Used to be."

"Temari," Baki warned, "whatever it is, Gaara is the Kazekage, so stop hoping and wishing that I can give you something much more to your liking to do."

She had lost it. Her power, her command over people, even her brother, who is three years younger was controlling her every move. When did all this happen? Why wasn't she granted rights t her own freedom?

It was as if Baki read her like an open book.

"Gaara is doing this mainly because he loves you and Suna," Baki said in a sympathetic tone, "because he may not survive this war and if he doesn't, he's leaving Suna in your hands."

When that he shut the door of the room. Temari heard the jingle of the keys as he locked it, sealing her shut in this room.

"If I had my fan with me, I would be able to bust myself out of this joint," she said to herself, "Gaara kept my fan in the weaponry storage, which is where?"

She scanned the room for a map of Suna, when she found one in the drawer, she unrolled it and examined the different shapes that decorated the page. There were labels to tell you what is where and scales to help you gauge distance.

"Whoever made this floorplan was stupid," Temari scoffed, "place the armory in the same building as the prisoners, you got to be kidding."

She paused and thought to herself, "but then again, thank god for stupidity!"

Temari glanced towards the door, "now how do I get out?"


As a Sand shinobi restlessly walks down the empty corridor, he sighs at his fate, "of all things, Baki had to make me check up on the Princess of Suna, what a useless job."

"HELP ME! HELP ME!" Came a voice not too far away, "HELP!"

He inched closer to the room Baki told him Temari would be at.


He could make out the voice, it was Temari! She needed help, but she was so strong, why'd she ever need help?


She could sense someone was out there, just in front of the door.

"Damn," she wondered, "why isn't this bastard responding?" She paused for awhile before returning to her act.


"HELP ME!" The cries resumed again, "HELP!"

The shinobi fiddled with the locks and keys, helplessly trying to find the right key among the huge bundle Baki gave him. Key by key he fitted into the lock, hoping with every key that the right one was next.

Finally after 6 tries, a key fitted into the lock and twisted perfectly. Without a moment of hesitation, he flung open the door, expecting danger and havoc and pain.

Oh yeah he did get pain, he was greeted with a hefty punch on the face.

It threw him backwards and knocked him against the wall. He slid down the wall as if all his bones had been crushed and laid there lifelessly.

Temari stepped out of the surveillance room and dusted her hands, "remember amateur, Sabaku No Temari never, never calls for help."

Carefully she stepped over his limps which were carelessly spread across the corridor, took the bunble of keys and walked off.


"BAKI!" Gaara emerged from the doors, "WHERE'S TEMARI?"

Baki gulped, he was so dead.

He led Gaara down the empty hallway to the surveillance room, upon reaching he found the Shinobi he had sent lying opposite an open door. And in the room the open door lead to, contained no possible soul they were looking for. Temari wasn't there.

"DAMN IT!" Baki cried as he went in, he noticed the map that laid on the table.

Gaara was just behind him and he ignored the map unlike Baki, instead he watched the televisions which portrayed black and white images the surveillance cameras caught. He carefully searched for Temari, hopefully she was wandering around these aeas. He scanned through the aisle of prison cells and security guards walking by, no Temari. Then something else caught his eye.



"… RED ALERT! RED ALERT!" Gaara's voice boomed from the PA system.

Temari briskly grabbed her iron fan from the glass display and ran out of the armory, she headed out of the building. If Gaara found out she was here, which he might have, she would be in trouble, no matter how much she denied that fact, it was inevitable. It was time to realize that Sabaku No Gaara was in charge now.

It was chaotic outside, everyone is busy searching for the escapee, shinobis flying around in all direction, members of Gaara's secret police have also been dispatched, there was no way she could get back to the holding facility safely.

So she ran towards the most empty area- the alley. She knew where it lead to, the map told her everything. She was headed towards the back of the prison house and the border of Sunagakure.

Although it wasn't going to lead her to the holding facility, at least she could stay there until the chaos died down.

She was wrong.

What she didn't know was that she was heading towards an imminent danger.


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