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Chapter 1:

I open my eyes, but my view is blurred. I'm lying on a cold ground… I can't breathe right; the bodice of my old fashioned dress is too tight. Nevertheless I get on my feet, breathing in the fresh air. It's foggy. It's so thick I can't see my own hand. It's cold, I'm shivering. The white snow is freezing my feed. I clutch my shoulders and look around. Where am I? Who am I? And most importantly… what am I? A little wind blows. Soon it gets stronger and swells my long white cape and the bottom part of my as well white dress. I feel empty… something is missing… I touch my back. They are gone. No white fluffy feather, no white angel wings. I can't believe what happened… I am a human. How can that be? Haven't I been in the big angel capital in heaven some seconds ago? But now…Nothing here reminds me of the place I used to live. I wanna go back, I wanna go home. But where is home? I raise my head up to the icy blue sky. The strong wind has blown the fog away. So I am able to notice my surroundings. There is nothing… nothing but snow and snow and only more snow. In the distance I see the tops of some mountains. They are all covered with snow. They have to be extremely high. At home it has been summer as I left. But here it was icy winter. Suddenly it hits me like a slap into the face. I am on the highest place in this whole land. To my left the area is called "kingdom of death and sins". Nobody ever dared to cross the border, never ever. They all know that that was the place where the demons, devil and the creatures of hell use to live. At least that's what the rumours say. I can't say if it's true, but nobody ever returned and the creatures coming from there only spread out fear and pain. The contrast to this is the right side behind the mountains. That's where the humans have built their cities and villages. Once the land was owned by the demons as well. But that was a long time ago and the humans had got the land after a bloody war known as the "War of change". The humans created huge fields were they plant food or they haunted in the forest. Fast their population rose enormously. Now there are already thousands of villages, cities and of cause the capital called 'Soronada'. 'That's the place where I have to go!' I say to myself and make my way down the rocky mountains (AN: of cause not THE rocky mountains, but these are similar to them). Soon I feel hungry and the cold is creeping into my bones. I get tired, but I force myself to go on. After a long long journey I see a huge building with walls and fields around. Next to it is a little church. I speed up my steps and hurry over there. Unfortunately I stumble over my long dress and fall down. The necklace around my neck breaks and pocket watch which hangs on it flies away. Oh, no not the pocket watch! It should be important for the course of the story like God had planned it. And now I am so clumsy to lose it. That's simply my bad luck again. After a while I give up looking for the watch, it is senseless. It can be everywhere. So I go to the building I have seen earlier. It is a convent with lots of busy nuns in it. One of them greets me and I ask for the headnun. She brings me into a beautiful office. A huge oak desk is in the middle, some book shelves cover the walls. The headnun seems nice, she offers me to take a seat. As soon as I sit down I feel dizzy, something is whirring around in my head. My lips move, I don't know what I say. I lose consciousness.

"A fate… there is a fate,

I see it's full of hate.

But full of love as well

A love I can't tell.

The birth of a baby girl

Just as beautiful as a pearl.

Her life will be hard

She's not allowed to let down her guard

It's her soul she has to release…

Only then she will bring peace

She's a connection

Into the right direction

She will live here

For more than a year

She will find a new friend

Or does he only pretend?

It will bring a whole change

It will all derange

Misfortune will build her way

But hold on, I have more to say!

They will part

But never in their heart

They will forget

That they've met.

It will lead to a war

I warned you before…"

I open my eyes again. What did I just say? I can't remember, but the nun stares shocked at me. Embarrassed I look down to my hands and try to remember. After a long silence the nun asks me how she would recognise the girl.

"The parents are rich; they don't live far from here

Yeah, the picture in my head is so clear.

She's a noblewoman,

Hairs blonde like gold,

Eyes blue like the ocean

Skin so soft."

The nun thinks for a moment. I shall tell her my name.

"I am Mary Magdalene."

Half a year later I am called to a noble county house. One of the highest lords of the whole kingdom lives there. It's said that he's the king's younger brother, so he was a really powerful man. The lady of the house has given birth to a little girl last night. I look in her eyes and see this blue deep. She is the right.

~thoughts of Mary Magdalene


Five years later a carriage was on their way through the forest. There was only one way and it should lead to the convent. The convent was known for its knowledge and its education. It was a perfect place for the noble kids to grow up and where they would be educated in literature, arts, maths, sciences etc. Around the carriage there were some guards on their horses. In the carriage there were four persons – two maids and two kids.

"When are we there?" A five years old girl asked while pushing the curtains away and looking outside. Her golden blonde shoulder long her was falling down like silk on each side of her shoulders. It was put into two braids. The dress she wore was light blue with a big ribbon on the back.

"We arrive soon, Miss Rosette." The maid in front of her answered with a warm smile. In contrast to her, the other maid looked bored and annoyed. "Do you know how often she has asked that in the last ten minutes?" She hissed to her colleague. "Na, let her ask. She's a child."

"When are we there?" She asked again.

"Soon, Miss Rosette."

"And now?"

The maid again took a breath to answer her question, but she didn't have time to say anything.

"And now? And now? And now?! And now?! AND NOW?! AND NOW? AND NOW? AND NOW? AND NOW?" Rosette babbled.

"Oh my,… do something to shut her up!" The annoyed maid complained.

"And what am I supposed to do?" The other whispered back.

Suddenly the second maid gripped a bag which lay behind the bench. Out of the bag she pulled a muffin and put it into Rosette's mouth. The little girl looked puzzled at the first moment, but she noticed soon that it was something to eat. Now her full attention was on her muffin.

The four years old boy in the carriage looked over to her and giggled. His hair was blonde as well, but it was lighter. He wore an old fashioned white shirt and black trousers. The boy leaned over and pulled lightly at the sleeve of the annoyed maid. "May I have a muffin as well?"

"Aww, sure Joshua. You're such a little angel!" She said now more friendlier and handed him a muffin with chocolate on it.

"Are we there?"


Fortunately they arrived at their destination within the next hour. The luggage was brought into two rooms. Rosette directly hurried into her one. So this was the place where she was supposed to live until she had learned everything she needed to know. The room looked good. There was a big bed in the middle of it. On one side was a wooden wardrobe and on the opposite side there was a desk under a small window. But there was also a bigger window which could be used as a door to something that seemed like a balcony.

The girl hopped on her bed and tested if it was soft and comfortable. After she was done she ran to the door to the balcony and opened it. Fresh air blew in her face and curtains inside moved. The blonde stepped out and closed the door behind her again. The balcony was relatively big. It was bordered by a white parapet. Including the door to her room, there were two doors. The second one was one of these window doors as well. Rosette looked inside and saw her brother jumping on the bed. He had turned his back to her, so he wasn't able to notice her. Rosette checked if the door was open and sneaked into the room. She as well climbed on the bed and shouted loudly "BOOO!!!" Joshua nearly fell forwards down to the floor. And he would have landed there if his sister hadn't held him.

"That was so mean!" He turned around to her and looked angered.

"Catch me if you can!" The girl stuck out her tongue and ran away through the door on the corridor of the building. There were lots of corridors in the building. But only one big wooden door led outside in the yard. Next to the yard there were an orchard and a patch. Directly behind it were fields and meadows. A little river, or better a brook, was there too. The kids ran around a corner of the building to see what's on the other side. Suddenly they bumped directly into somebody.

"Pay attention and look where you are running." An intimidating nun said.

"S-sorry." Both stuttered.

"Now, please follow me into the office. It's time to explain you why you're here." The nun said again and the children followed immediately without complaining.

The nun told them that she was the headnun, her name was Sister Kate. "So, your father, Lord Vinsent, send you here to learn something about religion, literature, arts, languages and sciences. Your first classes will start tomorrow, so please get up early. Breakfast is at seven o'clock." – Rosette pulled a face – "Classes start at eight and ends at 1 pm." – Rosette again pulled a face, but she earned a strict glare by Kate - "Lunch is at two and dinner at six. Moreover you have to go to church in the morning and in the evening. The rest of your time is free. Don't leave the convent area. And NEVER go to the mountains. That was all; you are allowed to go now."

The siblings hopped from their seats and ran outside again. The church the nun had spoken of was at the left side of the building. It was not seen from the yard. On the right, as well not seen when you stood in the yard, was a stable with horses and behind was another stable, obviously for the cows which were grazing at one of the meadows at the moment.

The classes Rosette and Joshua had, were difficult for the little kids. But the teacher made it as easy for them as they could. Unfortunately it was not always possible. Languages was Rosette's favourite subject, Joshua preferred sciences more.

Fast both got used to the life here and it was a home for them. So one year passed by. The two blondes were now six and five years old. Today it was Saturday, that meant there were no classes. So they decided to do a little excurse into the forest next to the meadows. It was always nice there and they always found something interesting to examine. Actually the kids were not allowed to go over there, but they always found a way to sneak out. Usually they came back later, their clothes totally dirty and the nuns were angry. But if a kid is not allowed to play and get dirty,… well is it still a kid then?

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