Please note: This is not a sequel to ENDING A.

ENDING B: aka: What if Rosette had been able to save him?

Rosette was worried about Chrno. She wanted to see him now, wanted to know how he was. The girl was very aware of the fact that her beloved one's condition wasn't the very best, but she had to keep hoping and praying for him.

Soon she arrived at his room. She knocked a few times and opened the door.

All colour seemed to run out of her face.

Chrno was still lying on the bed. Remington stood next to him, the sword that was piercing Chrno's heart still in his hands. The look on Remington's face was like mad.

"No…." Rosette whispered. She ran towards Chrno and knelt down next to the bed. Carefully she turned his head towards her. He was looking back at her with glassy eyes. "Rozetto…" He choked and coughed some blood.

"Don't worry, It's gonna be alright." Rosette said with tears in her eyes.

"YOU MONSTER!" The blonde girl suddenly spun around and slapped Remington hard in the face. It was so hard that it sent him flying onto the floor. Her face was red of anger. "HOW DARE YOU?" She shrieked, pulled him up on his collar, dragged him to the door, kicked his butt and sent him flying outside before locking the door. Remington hadn't expected her to be that strong after she had seemed so weak during the last time and he had no time to resist. Madly he hammered his with his fist on the door. "Open the door and get away from the damn devil!" He growled dangerously and started to kick the huge wooden door. Unfortunately it was too heavy for him.

Rosette hurried over to the bed and sunk to her knees next to it. There she held Chrno's hand and started crying. This time it looked really bad. Without horns Chrno was lost. Plus Chrno didn't even react to her anymore. "Don't die… don't die…" Tears were running down her cheeks like rivers. Unnoticed by Rosette some tear drops were falling onto the pocket watch. It began to glow.

She's crying… Ah, right. I swore you that I will stay with you…Chrno thought. (AN: I'm referring to ep. 19) All of a sudden he felt new energy flowing through his body. He felt how his legion began to work, how it began to heal his wounds.

Meanwhile Rosette slid down on the side of the bed unconsciously.

When she woke up again, she had to realize that she was the one lying in the bed. Chrno's red eyes looked softly at her. He kissed her softly before he pulled her into a sitting position.

Rosette began to cry again and buried her face in his shoulder. Chrno embraced her tightly. "Haven't I promised you to stay with you?" He asked her lowly. "So there's no need to cry." He leaned his head against hers and stroked her softly. His smile this time was sad though. The demon knew exactly that he had taken the needed energy from her which meant he took precious life energy from her. Without horns it wouldn't be able to give it back to her…

He stopped thinking about that when Rosette kissed him again.

Both jumped startled when they heard the noise on the door. Remington was still trying to get inside. It sounded like he had gotten reinforcements.

Shocked Chrno and Rosette looked at each other. Chrno let go of Rosette and went to the door. Now they could open the door again.

Remington looked quite shocked when he saw that Chrno was healthy again. For some seconds the expression was shown on his face before he gained control over it again.

Chrno and Remington glared at each other for several minutes before Remington stepped aside. The blonde man knew exactly that he couldn't do anything when the other soldiers were there too. Sending them away wasn't possible anymore too because Prince Joshua just arrived and it would've been very suspicious.

And Chrno knew exactly that he would be considered a threat when he attacked a human here. The other humans would want their revenge. They did not mind whether Remington had been the one to attack first. TO them, only the fact that a demon killed the general matter and Chrno was very aware of that damn fact.

Remington stopped Rosette when she went out of the room. Chrno growled at him and earned a glare.

"Don't do anything wrong now, dear." He snarled at Rosette so that only she could her it. Then his expression changed into a wide smile. She hissed at him and pulled her arm out of his grasp.

Remington narrowed his eyes and watched her go away.

Joshua hurried after her. "What happened? Everything alright?" He asked his sister.

"No, certainly not." Rosette replied him pissed. "But I don't wanna talk about it now. Got it?" She said and disappeared into her room where she slammed the door practically into Joshua's face.

Chrno hadn't moved when Rosette went away. He glared one last time at Remington before he went away too.

During the next time there wasn't anything special.

Most of the people were occupied with reparation works or in the aristocrats' cases they were occupied with lots to organization work. Chrno stayed in the human castle and negotiated with Vinsent about the peace contract.

Remington was trying to flirt with Rosette who gave him always the cold shoulder, one time even tried to kill him. Chrno also tried to kill him several times, but there had always been someone to prevent it.

One day Aion visited them and told Chrno proudly that he had been able to find Chrno's horns. He gave them back to his brother who took them thankfully. He also gave the astral energy he had taken back to Rosette.

Two or three weeks passed by like that.

Rosette sat in her room and pressed her lips together. Her 16th birthday would be soon and then she'd be married to Remington. All attempts not to marry Remington to convince her father had failed. He even had slapped her face when she had told him it was Chrno she wanted to be with. And he had threatened her very much and told her that she had to marry Remington. It took her a lot of power to hold Chrno back from harming her father after this.

Now it was night already and Rosette sat next to her desk. She tipped with her nail onto the wood of the desk. What took him so long? He was already too late.

She placed a hand on her stomach and looked over to the window. Was that a shadow there?

Rosette got up from her seat and opened the window.

Chrno jumped inside. "Hi." He said and kissed her for greeting. "So what's that urgent thing you wanted to talk about?" The purple head asked her. He smiled brightly at her. The smile faded when he saw Rosette's serious expression though. "What's wrong?" He asked more seriously.

"Better you take a seat at first…" She told him and pointed on the arm chair next to the desk.

Chrno did so and took the wine glass (which was actually hers) and took a sip of it. "So, what's the matter?" He asked again and took one more sip.

"I am pregnant."


Chrno almost spit the wine out again, almost. He coughed a few times. "What?" He asked between coughing.

"You understood me very well. And you are the father." Rosette said and observed his reaction with wary eyes.

Chrno sighed, put the glass away and ran his hand over his face. "Are you sure?" Rosette nodded silently.

"And your father still refuses to cancel the marriage with Remington?" The demon wanted to know and laced his hands.

"I don't know. I haven't talked to him yet." Rosette said with closed eyes and a shaking voice.

She heard the sound of a chair that was knocked down and looked up. Chrno had jumped out of his seat and was already at the door by now.

"Where are you going?" She asked with a weak voice.

Chrno already hurried through the corridors, Rosette after him.

"I'll talk to your father now. If he still refuses to give you to me, I'll duel with Remington." He said coldly.

"What? B-But…" Rosette didn't get to finish her sentence. Chrno was too fast for her and he already disappeared in her father's office. The king would still be there at that late time, he had so much work to do that he was in the office till late in the night.

Rosette heard some loud voices coming from the inside. The girl winced when the door burst open and Chrno stepped out in a really really really pissed mood. He was already storming to another room.

"Chrno, wait!" Rosette called after him. Her father tried to prevent her from following the demon, but she just didn't listen to him.

Rosette raced down the hallway until she caught up with Chrno.

"I'm not gonna letting him have you. Not him." Chrno said furious over his shoulder. The demon was too fast for Rosette again and she stayed back.

Chrno knocked loudly on the door.

Seconds later Remington opened.

Without wasting a minute Chrno said: "I want a duel. The winner gets Rosette."

"Sword fight. No demonic powers are allowed." Remington said as fast as Chrno spoke before.


Remington gripped the sword hanging next to the door and Chrno drew his out of his sheath. "In the court?"

"In the court."

Both men stormed towards the court. They also stormed past Rosette who watched them shocked. "Please! You don't have to fight!" Rosette hurried after them again.

By now the tumult had woken other people as well. Azmaria and Joshua appeared in their nightgowns and asked Rosette worriedly what was going on. Rosette shrieked something non-understandable and proceeded following the two mad men.

When she heard the clicking sound of two blades she sped up. The girl stopped on the staircase that led to the court. Down there Chrno and Remington were already involved in a fast sword fight.

They spun around quickly and the blades crossed very often. It didn't take a long time until the first injuries appeared. They weren't bad, just some little scratches and cuts.

Chrno just avoided Remington's blade. He dodged, aimed and kicked Remington's chest sending him flying through the air. Remington did a somersault in the air and landed on his feet again. The blonde man jumped forward and he almost hit Chrno's side. There were only 2 centimetres between him and the blade. Chrno spun around and aimed with the blade for Remington's head. Just in time he was fast enough to block it with his own sword.

Remington pushed Chrno away and he stumbled backwards and fell. Remington jumped and rammed his sword into the ground just on the spot Chrno's head would have been if he hadn't rolled out of the way. The demon got on his feet again and swirled the sword around in his hands. For a human that Remington was a damn good fighter.

Warming up was over. Yes, that had only been warming up. Now the real fight began.

Rosette watched it terrified. No matter how much she screamed or yelled, they didn't hear her.

Adrenaline was flowing through their veins making them incredibly fast. The strikes got faster and faster. The blades were soaring through the air and crashed.

Then suddenly one of the swords fly high through the air. It landed some meters far away behind Remington. Remington smirked. He was the one still holding his sword.

Chrno couldn't believe it. How had that damn bastard been able to disarm him?

"Don't ya think the fight is over yet." He said angrily. Remington hadn't expected him to attack directly after losing his sword.

Chrno kicked Remington's sword out of his hands. It flew through the air too. Chrno kicked Remington's legs away causing him fall onto his back. The demon caught the sword that was falling down again. He knelt down over Remington and hold to blade to his throat. His pulse was still loud in his ears. "Seems like I won." Chrno's eyes glared bright red at Remington.

"Yes." The blonde grit his teeth. "Are you going to kill me now?" Remington asked him and glared back.

"STOP IT NOW!" Rosette screamed. She would feel terribly bad if a person died for her sake.

Chrno glanced over to Rosette and he calmed down. Suddenly he lifted the sword and rammed it down. It hit the spot one centimetre away from the other man's face. "No." He said coldly. "I guess you have to live with the shame of losing against me." Chrno released Remington and then he was on his way back to Rosette.

His opponent was a bad loser though. He snatched the sword and threw it at Chrno's back.

Rosette's eyes widened in shock. Chrno hadn't noticed that. She jumped forwards, collided with Chrno and pushed him aside by that.

There was a long silence. Open-mouthed Chrno stared at Rosette who lay across him. Instead of him the sword had hit her directly.

"YOU IDIOT!" Chrno roared at Remington who was as shocked as the other were.

Remington looked at him with a sour face. "If I can't have her, then nobody should."

Chrno pulled the sword out of Rosette back making more blood come out of the wound. He shook her softly and she smiled sadly at him. "You're safe." She said weakly.

Chrno shook his head. "But you're not." He sighed and held his hand over the wound on Rosette's back. She winced slightly when he touched it. His palm began to glow and the wound began to heal. (AN: So obvious that I didn't let her die… hu?)

Relieved Joshua ran to his sister too. Remington was imprisoned and later on he was executed because he had dared to threaten a member of the royal family.

Time had passed by. Chrno was back in the demonic kingdom. Right now they were in a council meeting again. There weren't any of the older Lords. The only remaining one from the last council was the Western Lady. Then there was the Southern Lord Chrno, the Eastern Lord Aion with his wife Rizelle and the Northern Lord Vido. Also a new member was the representative of the humans. Moreover there were lots of new younger generals who supported the peace politic.

They were just discussing about economy stuff when suddenly a servant interrupted the meeting. He bowed deeply and whispered something to Chrno.

"Excuse me please." Chrno called while he already left the room. The stunned Lords stayed back.

"Why haven't you called me earlier?" He barked at the servant who winced and disappeared.

Chrno stormed through the castle until he arrived in front of a certain door. There were already some screams heard.

In front of it he hesitated and gulped. Finally he pushed the door open and closed it gently behind him. Now he only had to go around a corner. His feet felt heavy when he did the last steps. His smile beamed brightly when he saw the sweat-covered Rosette with two screaming bundles in her arms. "Twins!"


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