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Chapter One: The Nightmare and The Beast

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Emmett, considered the embodiment of the perfect guy. All the girls wanted to be with him, and all guys wanted to be him. God, did he have the perfect playful smile, and that great laugh, it was loud but never annoying. He was tall and fit, loved sports and was smart all at the same time. His girlfriend is Rosalie, the hottest girl in the entire school, blond, curved in the right places, with the attitude of a model to go with it, but he seems to love her, and can keep her bitchy attitude in check. Everyone liked him, teachers, students.... well everyone that is but me. To me, Emmett is a nightmare, so perfect he's fake, everything about him seems calculated, planned, rehearsed, acted out, do you get my point? He's just too perfect, and I can't stand it.

My name is Jacob, I'm pretty much the outcast of the entire school all because I don't like Emmett and his siblings. It's not all that hard to not like them, they are stuck up snobs and they don't try to hide it, but apparently I'm the only one that sees that they are assholes, most of all Emmett, I can't stand him. He's always been one step ahead of me in football. He's defensive back of the football team first string, I'm his back up, second string even though I'm just as good as him, but instead of giving me another position on defense team, the coaches put me on second string. Now that I think about it, he's one step ahead of me, one grade better, than me in everything, and everything seems so damn easy for him. I hate it, people who aren't hard working, who don't think that they have to do anything.

I am a year his junior, but I'm taking some of the same classes as him. The teachers always seem to have the need to compare us. It could be because we're roughly the same size, both big and muscular, but he's bigger, stronger. I want nothing to do with Emmett, but I always seem to be part of his life and he's always a part of mine.

"Alright team gather round!"

I sighed, pulled of my helmet, walking towards the coach, standing in the back like always, Emmett moved next to me, pulling off his helmet, brushing his short hair from his forehead and I rolled my eyes.

"You were really good on the field." Emmett said bending slightly towards me and I glared up at him.

"Yeah, running back and forth doing the same stupid drills is something I'm really good at." I said through gritted teeth. Emmett seemed shocked at the annoyance and harshness in my voice, not that I cared.

"Practice is over, get out of here." The coach said and I turned before Emmett could've even started to recover. I went into the locker room and pulled my shoulder pads and jersey off together and rubbed my shoulder as the rest of the team came into the locker room. I kept my head down, listening to the sound of my teammates talking about the next game. I just changed into my street clothes; baggy tattered jeans and a tight short sleeve grey shirt. I lifted my shirt to wipe the sweat from my face as I put my duffle bag over my shoulder. I pulled my hair to the back of my neck and put it messily in a rubber band, my bangs hanging out and in my face.

Like always, most of the guys rushed out to their expensive cars and trucks to speed off. It was a team thing, they all rush to the local pizza place and get loud, I didn't ever go, I had a full time job working at a garage, plus I have to take care of a disabled father. Although my father could take care of himself for the most part, there were still things you can't do with you stuck in a wheelchair.

I walked out to my beat up truck. An old Chevy C10, it's dark blue paint was rusted and flaked off for the most part. I leaned against it for a few minutes, watching the other football players who were yelling at each other and pulling out of the parking lot. The funny thing about all of this, is even though I never went to get pizza with the team, I was never asked. Even when I joined the team as a new student last year; I hadn't known last year, when I found out, by chance ending up in the same place as the team, I was surprised. But I didn't stay, I had responsibilities, I still do, I shouldn't be sitting here thinking, I have things to do.

I unlocked the doors to my truck and threw my bag in the passenger seat.

"Hey Jacob!"

I sighed and put my hand on the door just below the window, the other on the side of my truck. I made a face mixed between anger and sorrow, and turned around.

"Is something bothering you?" Emmett asked.

"I have to get to work." I said leaning back against my truck and crossed my arms over my chest.

"This is a nice old truck." Emmett said.

I looked to my left, towards the truck bed. "I guess.... it runs." I patted it, rust flaked off hitting the ground, I blushed a little, seeing his gleaming black and red jeep sitting, perfect, on the other end of the parking lot. "Can I help you captain?"

"Are you coming? We've got a game tomorrow, we usually have a good time." Emmett said.

"I have to go to work." I mumbled, figures he'd think it'd be easy to just up and go somewhere; his family has a lot of money, all of his siblings have really nice cars, and they wear name brand clothes, I've heard rumors about how big their house is.

"That really sucks, I wish you could come." Emmett said.

"Don't worry about it." I said shaking my head as I got into my truck and started the engine.

"Maybe next time." Emmett said and I looked at him.

"I doubt it." I mumbled slamming the door to my truck and took off towards work.


The sound of wolves howling made me turn my head and look around quickly, but there wouldn't be wolves so close to the reservation, it couldn't be possible. I felt like I was suffocating, everything was so damn hot, my head was pounding, my heart wouldn't stop racing.

The howls kept coming closer and I could hear the sound of heavy paws hitting the wet dirt. I ran faster, but I couldn't find the path again.

Before I knew it, something hit me hard in the back, knocking me face first into the mud with a heavy wet thud. Whatever it was, it was on my back, growling and snapping large jaws above my head. I pulled my face from the mud, panting.

My eyes snapped open in realization, this monster that had me pinned to the ground was talking! TALKING! To me no less.

"Jacob, it is your time, join your fellow kin, complete the pack!" The monster roared at me.

I couldn't think, I couldn't breath, this didn't make any sense.

"You don't need to think! This is your fate, it's in your blood!"

'Get out of my head!' I thought trying to push the monster off my back.

"I'm you! I can't leave your head! You have to embrace me!" The monster snapped it's huge jaws near my ear and I jumped, and a huge paw pushed my head back into the mud and I sputtered. I clawed at the mud, trying to escape, but it was useless. "There's no running, eventually, you'll come to me, you'll want me, and when that time comes, I'll be waiting,"

Sharp pain filled my body, starting from my shoulder where the monster had clamped it's giant jaws down. I screamed.


The next day, I woke up late. Swearing as I struggled to put my clothes on in my small room. I stumbled into the main room where my dad, Billy was sleeping on the couch. I frowned pulling the blanket up to his chest and turned to the t.v. that was still on and walked over to it and turned it off. I grabbed my duffle bag and keys, then headed to my truck.

I drove to school, already being twenty minutes late, decided to go slow, not that much truck could really go all that fast.

By the time I pulled into the parking lot first period was nearly over. I grabbed my bag and headed into the school, I stopped at my locker, stuffed my duffle bag into it with some trouble, then grabbed my books, I paused. My shoulder hurt and I winced putting my hand on it, rubbing carefully and sighed.

I've been having that same dream for months, each time the monster speaks to me more and more, each time the bite hurts more, and the dream last longer. I wasn't gonna ask my old man what the stupid dream might mean, because after all it's just a dream.


I looked to my left, I hadn't even realized when the bell had rung, or students had started filling the halls.

"Bella, hi." I said smiling at her.

Bella was an 'average' girl or so she called herself. I thought that she was beautiful. She didn't try to be something she wasn't, she was awkward, but didn't try to hide it. Her dark hair was kinda wavy, and her skin was pale, eyes stunning. We'd been friends for a while, her dad knew mine.

"You alright? You were really spaced." Bella said leaning against the locker next to mine.

"I just didn't sleep that's all." I said.

"Have that dream again?" Bella asked, I had forgotten I had told her.

"Yeah, it's gotten worse." I said closing my locker.

"Did you talk to your dad?" Bella asked as we walked down the hall.

"No, there just stupid dreams." I said.

"Some people believe that their dreams tell the future." Bella said.

"So if I have a dream about a little blue man called Phil, does that mean I'm going to meet the man?" I asked and Bella frowned and punched me in the arm, unable to reach my face.

"I'm trying to help you oaf." Bella said and I smiled.

"Yeah, I know." I said looking down at her. "So, you liking it since you moved back?" I asked

Bella shrugged. "It's not bad." She said brushing her hair behind her ears, she always did it, I thought it was cute. I liked it when she bit her bottom lip too, she does it when she's nervous, or confused. She was doing it now, I smiled toothily at her and she looked away.

"So what's wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know it's just..." Bella sighed as we walked into class, pausing as we walked passed Emmett and Rosalie. We took our table in the back like always. "That Rosalie girl, she's always giving me an evil stare."

I glanced up at Rosalie, sure enough she was staring back, and she stuck her nose up and 'hmph-ed' when she saw me, turning back to Emmett she kissed him passionately.

"Eww, gross." Bella pretended to gag and I laughed. Bella told me a long time ago, she was a lesbian, even though I knew that, I still liked her. I guess I was always the kind to fall for what I can't have.

"Come on, it's not that bad." I said. "Don't tell me you don't think she's hot."

Bella looked at me. "She's to vain for me, to high maintenance. I'm a simple girl Jake, I can't keep up with that." Bella put her hands under her chin, elbows propped up on the desk. "I can't believe you think she's hot." Bella hissed at me narrowing her eyes.

"She's hot, but I wouldn't go out with her." I said leaning back as the teacher walked into the class when the bell rang.

"Are you ever gonna get a girl Jake?" Bella asked and my brow furrowed. "Or are your standards just to damn high?"

"No." I said. "My standards aren't high." I frowned and Bella giggled. "Okay, that's not what I meant."

"And you call me awkward." Bella said twirling her fingers through her hair and I groaned and let my head fall to my desk with a heavy thud.

"Mr. Black would you please!" The teacher snapped and I looked up at her, the whole class had turned to look at me, Bella had a hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh.

"Sorry." I said. The teacher huffed and returned to teaching.

"You dork." Bella said and I glared up at her.

"Thanks." I said looking out the window. "Hey, look it's that Edward kid." I mumbled and Bella hummed.

"If he was a chick I'd ask him out." Bella sighed.

"He's girly enough." I mumbled flipping open my notebook.

"No he's not." Bella said. "Look at him, he's got a masculine body, he doesn't look like a chick at all."

I rolled my eyes and started drawing like I always did in this class. It was Physics, I was good at it, surprisingly enough. I liked drawing, I didn't really have to think. I liked drawing animals or anything that had to do with nature, I liked to think I was good at drawing, I'd only ever shown one person, Bella, and she thought I was good, but for all I know, it could just be a friend saying it to be nice.....

Bella huffed next to me half way through class and I looked at her.

"I don't get this at all." She said and I looked at her notes.

"That's because you're missing a part." I said leaning over and started rewriting her notes.

"It still doesn't make sense." Bella whined and I shook my head.

"Ask your friend for help then, she's looking at you again." I said when I saw Rosalie looking at the two of us, Emmett was looking too.

"Shut up." Bella pushed me jokingly, but I didn't budge, I was built like a brick house, the only person not intimidated by my size was Emmett, and it was only because he was bigger then I was. "Maybe she likes you." Bella said and I looked at her. "I mean she likes big guys."

"Yea, but she's been dating Emmett forever." I said.

"So, maybe she got bored of him. I think you're way more interesting then Emmett is Jacob." Bella said.

"That's nice to hear Bells." I said and Bella rolled her eyes.

"Now, can you tell me how this stupid thing works?" Bella asked and I smiled.

"Sure, pay attention."

Bella and I usually sat at the same place during lunch, a table in the corner, there were a few other's that joined us every once in a while, a guy named Mike, who hung on every word Bella or I said, it was kinda creepy, there was Jessica, at least I think that's her name, she's kinda vain, reminds me of a smaller less hot Rosalie, which is what I think she was going for, except for the 'less hot' part.

But today, it was just Bella and I, which I liked. Again it was the whole, I really liked her thing, but not being able to ask her out because she's a lesbian.

"Whoa Jacob, slow down, it's not gonna go anywhere." Bella said and I looked at her.

"I didn't eat last night or this morning, no time." I said after swallowing.

"You shouldn't be working full time." Bella said pointing at me which a french fry. "You're only seventeen, plus you're going to school, and you've got a lot to do at home. You need a life Jake." She said.

"I have a life." I said. "It just consist of fixing cars, homework and house work." I shrugged.

"That's not a life." Bella said pounding her fist on the table. I rolled my eyes, catching my drink before it could tip over. "Damn, your reflexes are getting hella fast." She said and I shrugged again.

"Well I have to have good reflexes being around a klutz like you." I joked and Bella blushed.

"You jerk." Bella said.

"Come on, you know it's true." I said. "You trip over air."

"Hey!" Bella cried and I started laughing. " I'd rather be a klutz then a giant." She said and I looked at her.

"That hurt," I lied putting a large hand over my chest. "You know how to cut deep."

"You big baby." Bella said and I grinned.

"You're a big baby too." I said.

Bella rolled her eyes and groaned as the bell rang. "I don't want to go to gym." She said as we tossed our trays and headed from the cafeteria.

"What are you playing?" I asked.

"Volleyball," Bella said.

"Ouch." I winced and laughed, then Bella punched me in the arm. "What? I'm only being honest." I said.

"Whatever, I'll see you in English." Bella said waving at me as she walked down the hall.

I headed towards my next class, Government, which was the smallest class I had, there was only like fifteen of us in the class, and the teacher, liked to put us on teams for debates, and today was a debate day. Every time, I'm put up against Emmett, he's great at speaking in front of people, no matter the size of the crowd, I'm not. My points are valid and what not, but getting them across for me, isn't. I guess that's what I get for being different from Emmett, being the complete opposite, he's right, I'm left. Politics aren't much different, figures, I should've just kept my mouth shut at the beginning of the year when the teacher asked us what our views were.

I walked into the class and sat down at my desk in the back next to the emergency door and leaned my head down on the desk so I could see through the half closed curtain that covered the top half of the door. I've always been an outside kinda person, loved running around in the woods near the Reservation where I live, yea I forgot to mention that didn't I? I'm Native American, an Indian, that's what gives me my dark skin, long black hair, and dark eyes. It's also one of the reasons I'm an outcast here, most of the kids from the Reservation go to a school there, but I didn't want to. It was a stupid idea now that I thought about it, but I wanted to be around Bella more, that was before I knew she wasn't into guys, and now I'm to prideful to say I want to go back to the Reservation school. All the kids there would treat me as an outcast too.

"Jacob, are you paying attention?"

I looked up. "I'm sorry what were you saying?"

"I was asking the class what they thought about homosexual marriage." The teacher said crossing his arms as he leaned back against the white board.

I sat up straight and swallowed. ".... I don't," I frowned. "I think that if you love someone, the government shouldn't have any right in telling you that you can't be with them," I mumbled. ".... just because you're the same sex, doesn't mean that you can't love them just the same, ....right?" I felt so damn awkward, everyone was looking at me.

The teacher raised an eyebrow. "Very compelling Jacob," The teacher said nodding. "The whole idea of the government not controlling every aspect of life, good. What about you Emmett? What do you think of homosexual marriage?"

Emmett raised an eyebrow. "Hell if a fairy wants to marry, let him." He said shrugging and some of the other guys laughed, I looked down at my desk, feeling awkward as always, and pissed. 'Close minded fucktard.' I thought.

"What do you have to say in response Jacob?" The teacher asked and I looked up.

"People who speak that way about others, are either in denial or they feel threatened." I said. "That's the whole reason there are racists and people like that, they just don't like what's not like them. Or just think that they are better, and they aren't."

"Are you a fag Jakey?" A guy, Paul, asked and I gritted my teeth and my hands clenched into fists. "Because if you are I don't think you should be on the football team, don't trust you to change in the locker room with us."

I glared at Emmett, even though he hadn't been the one to say anything that time, my blood was boiling.

"Enough, this is a civil conversation." The teacher said. "Now, let's move on to someone else, Mike, what do you think?"

I inhaled deeply and put my head back on my desk and looked out the glass door, trying to ignore the rest of the world. My head was hurting, and my heart was beating so fast that I could hear it ringing in my ears. I closed my eyes and grimaced, I felt really sick all of the sudden, the room was spinning and I could feel my arms shaking.

"Jacob." The teacher touched my shoulder and I jumped back, knocking the chair over as I stood. "Are you alright?"

"I-I.... yea, just not feeling well." I said rubbing my face.

"Well let's take you to the infirmary." The teacher said. "Emmett, help Jacob, you're the only one big enough to carry him if he passes out."

Emmett stood slowly, gracefully for someone as big as he was. I grabbed my bag and rushed from the room and down the hall. Emmett kept up with me easily.

"I'm fine, go back to class." I mumbled.

"No, I don't even like government." Emmett said.

"You seem to, always have something to say." I said and winced as my shoulder started to hurt again.

"No, I just like to argue." Emmett said with a grin. "But I never get the chance, everyone tends to agree with me, even if that's not really how they feel. Everyone but you anyways." He said and I stopped and looked at him. Emmett stopped in front of me. "I'm not an asshole, really." He said and I would've laughed if I didn't feel like I'd blow chunks when I opened my mouth. "I know what I said in class really makes you think that. But I was just trying to get you excited, get into the debate. You've got the best ideas, you're really smart Jacob, always have a view, you don't back down, just because you're the only one who has that idea. That's the only reason I even go to that class, because when I go, and it's a debate day, I know, I'm gonna be up against you. Even if I feel the same way about something, I'll say the opposite, just so you'll yell at me." Emmett said and I blushed.

"What the hell, you're an idiot." I said and started walking again.

"I might be, but I like to fight, physically, vocally, hell I'd fight psychically if I could." Emmett chuckled.

I grimaced and stopped walking again. Why is everything spinning? I put a hand to my head and took a few deep breaths.

"Are you alright? You really don't look good." Emmett put his hand on my arm and, his skin was ice cold, I shivered. "You're burning up." He said.

I swallowed. "I'm fine." I gasped and started walking again.

"You look like you're going to fall over." Emmett said.

My vision began to tunnel, and I did fall over, with a heavy thud and a low groan, clasping my head.

"Hey!" Emmett knelt next to me. "Warn people before you just fall over." He joked nervously rolling me onto my back. "You alright?" He asked.

I looked up at him, my vision was blurry, but I swore he he was glowing. Fucking Glowing!? I closed my eyes tightly and put my hand on my head and groaned. "...No." I finally said.

"Do you think you could stand, or should I carry you?" Emmett asked.

I looked at him. "....Just give me a second." I mumbled and exhaled deeply, Emmett made a face, it was so strange, he looked hungry, suddenly like he hadn't eaten in a hundred years, and now he was staring at me, like I was a steak. I felt nervous and rolled onto my side and pushed myself upright.

"Hey, not so fast." Emmett said putting his hands on my shoulders. I pulled away from his freezing cold hands, but felt dizzy and leaned forward putting my head in my hands.

"W-what the hell?"

"Let's get you to the nurse." Emmett grabbed me, he didn't even have any difficulty when I started to struggle. 'Why is he so damn cold?' I thought closing my eyes tightly.

"What's going on?" The nurse stood from her rolling chair as Emmett carried me into the infirmary and set me on a cot which creaked under my weight.

"He wasn't feeling well in class, and collapsed in the hall." Emmett said.

I rolled on my side, my back hurt so much, so did my legs. I bit down on my hand.

"Jacob, can you tell me what's wrong?" The nurse leaned over me and she put her hand on my shoulder, but pulled away at once. "Oh my god he's burning up!" She looked at Emmett. "Go into the cafeteria and tell then you need a big bucket of ice." She ordered and Emmett nodded, and vanished from the room. She went over to the cabinet and pulled out a bunch of cold packs and broke them, shaking then hard before she walked back over to me. "Jacob, roll onto your back."

"...Can't, hurts." I managed and bit down on my hand when I felt like my muscles were ripping.

The nurse pushed the ice packs around my head as much as possible then went over to the phone.

Everything seemed to turn into a really high pitched hum, like a fly flying right next to my ear, but that was all I could hear, and it was really loud, my head wouldn't stop pounding. Emmett's heavy footsteps, I did manage to hear, a few seconds later I felt ice being poured over my body and I screamed and thrashed, I didn't want to cold, I hated being cold.

Emmett pushed my shoulders down hard, and I opened my eyes and bared my teeth up at him. He said something, his lips were moving, but I couldn't hear him. I tried to read his lips, but I couldn't figure it out. I screamed again, but it sounded more like a howl and I started panting, thrashing harder. Emmett straddled my chest and fought to keep me still, holding the sides of my head so I didn't hurt myself.

Everything went dark then, all I felt was wet, cold, pain and Emmett's weight on my chest.

End of Chapter One

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