Chapter Eleven: I Love You

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"Is it okay with your family if my pack comes over?" Jacob asked.

We were laying in the grass of the backyard, Jacob's body pressed hard against my side, his head resting on my chest.

"I told them that we were going to be allies now, and that you and your family was welcome on the Rez from now on." Jacob whispered, but I heard him just fine, and I was sure that Edward who was sitting in the open window of his room had heard, and Alice sitting by the living room window had too, and was telling the rest of the family the conversation we were having. Even though Jacob's senses were sharpened because of his shifting abilities, he was still not as sharp as a vampire, and so had no idea that we were being listened in on.

"I know there will be some... concerns with it, but I think it'll be okay." I said. "As long as not all of them come over at once. After all it's nothing personal, but the others of your pack still smell horrid."

Jacob laughed at that, and turned his head so that his forehead was against my shirt, and I enjoyed the searing heat of his skin with a sigh.

We sat in silence for a while, I had started running my fingers through his long hair absently. I heard Jacob hum pleasantly, and I continued, and his heart rate slowed.

I had started to relax as well for a while, before my brow knitted. I swallowed worriedly and looked down at Jacob, reassuring myself that his chest was still rising and falling with his breath, and I listened carefully to his heart which was still beating stronger then a human's did normal.

"What is it?" Jacob asked tiredly.

"Nothing, I'm just being silly." I answered softly.

"You are worrying about something, what?" Jacob opened his eyes and looked up at me.

"You're only seventeen." I finally whispered which made Jacob snort trying to hold back his laughter as he sat up on his knees to look down at me.

"Are you suddenly gaining morals Emmett?" Jacob asked. "It's a little late to worry about the fact that I'm underage."

I shook my head and sat up. I leaned closer and ran my fingers through his hair, holding his head between my hands to make sure he didn't look away from me. I took an unneeded breath and felt him shiver.

"I can't read your mind." Jacob reminded.

"I've been alive for a while now." I said.

"Part of the whole immortality thing." Jacob said rolling his eyes.

"I'm being serious damnit." I said and Jacob frowned.

"This isn't going to be the talk where you try to tell me to break up with you so that I can live a normal human life is it? Because if it is, I'm going to tell you right now not to waste the oxygen. I'm imprinted on you Emmett, you're stuck with me forever until you decide that you're tired of me and throw me away." Jacob said

I growled. "I'd never throw you away Jacob Black and don't you ever fucking think that again." I said and crashed my lips against his possessively. Jacob moaned and kissed me back, wrapping his arms around my neck tightly. I nipped at Jacob's lips and when he opened his mouth I moved my tongue into his mouth to taste him throughly. I tangled my fingers in his hair and gripped tightly, making Jacob gasp and moan and run his tongue over the underside of mine.

Jacob pulled away gasping for air, his lips swollen, and eyes closed tightly.

"Anyone who didn't think that was hot is nuts." Came Alice's voice from the window and I couldn't help but chuckle and put my forehead against Jacob's.

"I'm sorry," Jacob said. "I just... I don't understand how you operate." Jacob's brow furrowed and I tilted my head up to kiss his forehead. "I mean you've had years to think about things, to know what you want and to figure out who you are.... I can't keep up."

"You don't have to." I whispered. "That's the part of life you've got to grow into."

Jacob chuckled. "Now that you've calmed down and aren't freaking out, tell me what was bothering you when I started to fall asleep."

"Nothing," I told him.

"I may not be able to read your mind, but I can read your emotions Em, it's part of being my mate. I know when something's wrong with you. Soon you'll be able to do the same, once we've been together for a while." Jacob said.

I pulled him against me, his head rested under my chin and I wrapped my arms around his body. Jacob sighed, and I could picture him rolling his beautiful eyes. "Your heart slowed... I know it was only because you were falling asleep, but I kinda freaked out a little bit. It's how I know that you're alive y'know I.... I don't know what I would do if your heart ever stopped beating." I said quietly. I kissed the top of Jacob's head and closed my eyes.

"My heart won't ever stop beating." Jacob said.

"It better not." I whispered and pressed my lips to his temple. "I'd go insane if I couldn't hear it anymore."

"You're oddly out of your norm Emmett Cullen..." Jacob said pulling away to look at me.

"Did you really think that all I was was a great body? I do have a brain and a heart even if it's not beating." I said.

Jacob smiled. "Well that's good to know. Because if I'm stuck with you forever, I don't want a dull moment." Jacob said.

I grinned. "A dull moment? How could our lives ever be dull? It's the bond of a vampire and a shape shifter, enemies. There are always going to be complications."

" Good," Jacob said resting his head against my shoulder.

I chuckled and kissed the top of his head. "I promise not to bore you to death pup."

Jacob growled and I grinned, fighting off a pleasurable shiver that wanted to run through my spine.

Jacob pulled away then, his body going stiff, then slowly his head tilted to the left.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Just Seth, he wants to come play." Jacob stood and stretched his arms over his head, I watched his back, and the way his lanky muscles stretched and contracted.

"Alright." I said standing as well. Jacob looked at me. "It's just Seth right?"

Jacob nodded. "I'll be right back." He said and took off into the woods. I turned and looked back at the house.

"You can come out now." I said crossing my arms over my chest. Alice jumped out the window and into the tree next to it and smirked down at me.

"I'm getting better with having visions with the shifters in it. I think it's because Jake's spending so much time with us." Alice said as Jasper joined her on the tree. "It's still fuzzy... no pun intended, but I can get the gist of things dealing with our furry friends."

"Talking about me?" Jacob came back into the yard, minus a shirt and fresh sweat dripping down his body. I noticed right after he shifts his body temperature increases by at least forty degrees and slowly returns to his normal one-o-eight.

"Yes," Alice answered grinning.

A few minutes of comfortable silence later where Jacob had moved against me, his hot back against my chest and Seth came into the yard, wearing only a pair of green cargo pants and a huge grin.

"What's up?" Jacob asked.

"Nothing." Seth said eyeing me.

"What do you want pup?" I asked.

"I'm not a pup." Seth growled and I buried my face in Jacob's neck to hide the grin on my face. Jacob didn't however hide his amusement a barking laugh filled the yard.

"You're about as pup as it gets Seth." Jacob said.

"Don't be an ass Jake." Seth said crossing his arms. He opened his mouth to say more but stopped, and looked up at one of the windows. "Who's that?" He asked. I looked up and snorted.

"Ignore him, that's my angst ridden brother Edward." I said.

Jacob nudged me softly with his elbow and I looked down at him. "I think someone is smitten." He whispered.

I chuckled and looked at Seth, sure enough glassy wide eyes and a faint blush proved it. "Aw." I mocked and Seth growled and glared at me.

"Shut up!" Seth snapped.

"Why don't you all play nice." Alice said walking over to Seth. "I'm Alice." She held out her hand and Seth looked at it for a minute then shook her hand.

"Seth." Was the mumbled reply.

"It's nice to meet you." Alice said and I looked at her. I could tell by the tone of her voice she was plotting already ways to get Edward and Seth together, but I figured if it was meant to be, Edward could win Seth's heart over with just a few simple words.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen."

Edward had jumped out the window of his bedroom and walked over to Seth. Seth looked like he was gonna pass out.

"I'm Seth Clearwater." He finally got out.

"I know." Edward said, flashing a perfect crooked smile.

"Let's leave them alone for a while." Jacob whispered.

"Okay." I said pulling Jacob slowly away from them.

"What are you thinking?" Jacob asked leaning against the side of the house. I put my hands on his hips, moving so my hips against his. Jacob's face flushed slightly and his heart started racing a little.

"How much I love you." I told him. I leaned down and ran my lips down his neck.

"Really?" Jacob asked.

"Of course." I told him, running my fingers through his hair. "I'm glad your hair grew back." I told him.

"You're weird." Jacob said.

"Why?" I asked.

"It makes me look girly." Jacob said.

"You could cut it only this short." I told him, showing him by placing my hand at the center of his neck. "Gives me something to hold on to." I grinned.

"You fucking pervert." Jacob said. "Besides you've never pulled my hair the two times we've had sex."

I grinned reaching up and grabbing his hair, pulling his head back. "Well I'll have to make sure and fix that." I growled and sucked on his neck, and nipped on the sensitive spots. Jacob groaned and gripped my shirt.

"S-stop damn it... fuck..!" Jacob hummed and closed his eyes.

"Are you sure about that?" I asked rocking my hips forward against his.

Jacob shook his head and I chuckled. "We're out side."

"You're one with nature right?" I asked.

Jacob growled and punched me. "You ass." Jacob said glaring at me.

I grinned. "Wanna have sex now?"

"No." Jacob said.

I pulled him by the belt loops of his shorts back against me, rubbing our groins together. "Are you sure about that?"

"Emmett," Jacob whined and I growled. "Not with Seth here."

"Why not? Edward has him distracted." I started kissing his neck again, moving down his bare chest. "Once we get started, you won't wanna stop anyways."

Jacob moaned, and wrapped his arms around my neck. "Fine." He breathed and nibbled on my ear.

I grinned and picked him up, and ran upstairs to my room before anyone could stop us. I closed the door to my room with my foot and dropped Jacob on the bed. I climbed over him. "I love you." I said kissing his chest.

Jacob growled and flipped us over so he was straddling my waist. I looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "I wanna be on top." He said.

"You can, but I'm still gonna be fucking you." I said rolling my hips up into his ass and he groaned, leaning his head back and putting his hands on my chest.

"Uhn... okay." Jacob breathed and I grinned and began pulling his jeans off, only being careful because of how much I liked to see his ass in these jeans.

"I love you." I said again.

"I love you too Em." Jacob moaned looking down at me with lust filled eyes. Jacob ripped my shirt off and leaned down licking over my chest and I moaned, feeling the trails of hot wetness his tongue left on me.

I growled and tore off his boxers as he pulled my pants down letting my erection spring free. I grabbed his hips and pushed in, staring up at his face as I filled him. It was the most beautiful thing in the world. I groaned, letting the feeling of his scorching heat pulse around me. I pushed my head back in the pillow and gripped his hips tightly.

"Em... Emmett move damn it!" Jacob ground himself down on me and I growled and thrust up into him, and he cried out. He gripped my wrists to keep from being thrown off as I thrust up into him hard and fast. Jacob leaned forward and kissed me and I reached up and grabbed a fist full of his hair and held tight. "I love you...!" Jacob moaned and I growled possessively.

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