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December 2009

"Everybody's looking for something

You don't know what you're looking for, baby…

You ain't got no love for me…

You don't love me.

And I've accepted it.

Moving On. Moving On, Baby.

I'm ready,

I want to get over all of it,

All the things I thought I knew came crashing down, overnight.

I'm tired of living in my mind…

You don't exist.

You're not there anymore.

Not for me. You got over me.

You never knew me.

Never ever did, Never ever will.

And I'm finally getting over it.

Over the heartbreak,

Over the tears

I'm ending it tonight, baby, ending it all.

Moving On.

Moving On where I'd be better off.

You won't be there for me. Not Anymore.

Moving On. Moving On…"

My hoarse voice reverberated against the tiled walls and once again I wondered how I'd reached this point in my life. I turned my head to the bulb above the mirror and the bright light seemed to mock me with its fake glow. I turned my head towards the window and felt a bit better. At least the Weather Gods were kind enough to take me into consideration. The rain battered my palm as I stuck it out of the window. Staring at the dark clouds I smiled, knowing I would be leaving this shithole soon enough.

The soothing sound of water trickling out of the tub alerted me and I slowly moved to turn the water off. Taking my already wet hand, I skimmed it on the water's surface. Perfect. The temperature was exactly what I wanted. Once again I smiled and then broke into laughter with a hysteric edge. It was ironic that I had smiled more in the last fifteen minutes than I had in the previous week. Thinking of the past week, my mood once again soured and I sighed quietly.

I removed the towel covering my body and gingerly stepped in the water. As I sat down, water splashed out of the tub and I sighed contently as I closed my eyes and thought of everything that had happened this past year that had brought me here. His baritone voice filled my mind…

"Hey…I'm Jasper…I'm looking for a sturdy air mattress for camping…wait…don't I know you?"

"I know…that's just for the benefit of others…but you…I can be myself with you."

"Look at them…they're all so damn jealous of me…they wish they were with a girl like you."

"I like you, babe… I like you a lot…would you be my girlfriend?"

"I don't know why you don't want us to be together but I love you, dammit! And I don't give a fuck about anything else. If you're playing hard to get then keep on playin' sweetheart, cause I ain't giving up on you. Ever."

"God, Woman! You're making me crazy! Stop looking at me like that at school cause you're fucking with my head!"

"I love you, babe…"

"I can't wait till you're legal, baby!"

"…will you marry me?"

"Happy Valentine's Day, Hun…"

"Excuse me? Do I know you?"

"I don't have a clue who she is Alice! I fucking swear!"

"You're sick. You seriously need help."

"I don't know what's wrong with you but please do yourself a favor and get yourself together…This isn't gonna help you."

"You're kidding, right?"

"Is this some kind of sick joke…a dare one of those girls gave you?"

"This really isn't funny anymore."

I laughed wryly…isn't this the part where the girlfriends turn up with a carton of my favorite Ben & Jerry's Ice-cream for a night filled with tissues and chick flicks and bad mouthing the jerk who broke me apart? I looked around the small bathroom, the aroma of the Vanilla-Scented candles taking over my senses….

Girlfriends - Absent.

Ice-Cream – Absent.

Tissues – Absent.

Sappy Romance Movies – Absent.

Broken Heart - Present.

Dried Out Eyes – Present.

Razor – Present.

Wrists - So .Fucking. Present.

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