Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Oishi Shuichiro X Kikumaru Eiji
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of tennis or any of its characters, Takeshi Konomi does and I make no profit by writing this whatsoever. Neither Do I own the concept 'band of princes', sorry about that.
Rating: K
Summary: They had become enemies without even knowing the faces of the other bands members. You heard me right, bands.

A/N: Because I have always wanted to write a Golden Pair story á la Romeo and Juliet style, and I thought this was a good way to do it without it getting to cliché

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It might have seemed like a normal day at the newly formed bands studio, however it wasn't. There was an uncomfortable tension in the air which no one wanted to acknowledge. Their bassist Kaidoh was sitting on the floor, his bass in his knees and letting his hands move across the smooth surface.

Taka was staring absently at his drumsticks, not daring to touch them in order to create a fuss, Momo was shuffling cookies into his mouth at a ridiculous speed, however he didn't even seem to taste the sweetness that passed his lips.

…and the band leader was sitting in the large sofa, eyes closed in concentration as he listened to a song on his ipod, tapping his feet to the rhythm of the music, nodding his head every now and then to a loud beat so that his read hair swayed forwards and backwards. Mumbling the familiar words softly into the otherwise silent room.

It might have looked like Caps to Bin had another temporary cease of inspiration, which were not entirely unusual for the band since there did exist funner things in life than trying to find the perfect tune. Sure they loved playing, but creating the song was an entirely different subject. The amount of patience that was needed was something the majority of the band members lacked.

That was the reason you easily could see that the band members were stressed, nervous and just plain uncomfortable. You could assume that the reason for the mood would be that the keyboardist was absent, and then you would be half right. It wasn't the fact that the black haired male was away that placed pressure on the members. It was the calculations they knew he was performing.

And then suddenly he was there, leaning in the door frame to the studio with a big grin plastered over his face; Inui Sadaharu. The reaction was frightening, people scramble to their feet, dashing to the newly arrived member, assembling in a half circle around him with the question 'Did we do it?' writtenall over their faces. Inui pulled forward a familiar looking note book and opened it, grinning widely towards the crowd.

"8 votes…" he told them with four pair of eyes watching him closely. "We beat them with 8 votes"

Screams of pure joy echoed through the room, hugs where shared, high-fives made all while the members of Caps to Bin laughed and congratulated each other for finally being able to reach their goal and beat their rivals.

It had took them nearly half a year of blood, sweat and tears, but they had finally been able to compete against one of the most popular bands in Japan, and had won.

They had won over the overly famous Aozu.


A/N: Oh my, the shortness. I am just looking at this as a prologue, I have been thinking about writing this story for awhile and since I just finished 'synchro' I figure that it would be now or never.

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