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The annoying sound of an unfamiliar alarm started to slowly but surely make its way into the redhead's comfortable sleep. At first it was just a distant sound that slowly but surely became more and more irritating as time went on, and he found himself lifting an exhausted arm in a blind search for the nightstand where he assumed the alarm was located, still too tired to even bother opening his eyes.

It was something that was just slightly irritating to begin with, but soon grew into an extreme annoyance and he growled slightly as he continued his search in vain. Just when he thought that there was nothing out there other than the thin air he was gripping with his way too tired hand, he heard a soft rustling beside him and the bed beneath him creaked underneath the movement as something warm moved past him, and suddenly the sound was gone all together.

It was obvious to himself that he wasn't thinking very clearly, however, he assumed that he -once again- had gotten too little sleep to actually be able to take on the new day, and he desperately fought the desire to just turn over and go back to sleep. Because surely there had to be something he had to do today since the alarm had gone off at this ungodly hour. However, he couldn't -for the life of him- remember what.


There was a soft voice calling his name now, beckoning him to return from his deep slumber and he whimpered softly, voicing his disagreement as a gentle, warm hand started to place the strands of auburn hair that had come undone during his sleep behind his ear.

"Eiji…." there it was again, gentle and caring as something soft was pressed against his forehead and he felt his skin prickle the slightest and warmth spread through his body from the tiny spot. "You had an interview today, remember?"

Once his assignment was voiced he remembered and he grimaced slightly as his brain fought to get his body to function as it should. The interview was important, and very much so, but he found out that his body wanted nothing more than to sink deeper into the covers, and if it wanted to move at all it was towards that strange warm mass to his left. But he just knew that if he went that way he wouldn't be able to move his body at all, at least not for a very long time.

"You have to get up Eiji," that soft voice was whispering again, and he found himself nodding slowly and unwillingly starting to move in the opposite direction from that tempting warmth at his side. He had been right, even in his tired daze because one of his feet quickly found the end of the bed and he whined quietly as his bare skin came into contact with the cold air.

He didn't crawl back underneath the cover though, instead he bravely fought off his discomfort and found himself, mere minutes later, wobbling away through the room, trying to find his way through half-lidded eyes as a soft chuckle reached his ears.

"Right and the second door to the left," he didn't question the voice, he just simply followed the directions he had been offered until he was standing inside a tidy bathroom. Splashing some ice cold water on his face and recovering a little bit of his consciousness. Eiji stared tiredly at his own reflection, sighing softly as he did so. His hair was standing out in all possible and impossible directions and he groaned as he pulled a hand through the stiff locks, silently reminding himself to never sleep without washing out the hair gel ever again. What idiocy had lead him to do that in the first place anyway, he wondered quietly as he carefully poked at the black bags underneath his eyes.

Even though he never would admit it out loud, he was starting to understand the power of makeup, or something. He had a long time ago lost count on how many times the stuff had saved him from looking completely worn out at shootings and recordings. He blinked, puzzled over the fact that he wasn't wearing his usual blue and white nightgown, and it took his brain another three seconds before the night before came back to him.

Hands reaching out to grasp at anything, a mouth searching for something, only to find a pair of soft, kiss swollen lips. Short breath brushing his neck, making his skin prickle and sending small shivers through his already trembling body. Nonsensical mumbling filling the air, even though he was rather certain he did catch his name every now and then.

Nails digging into sweaty skin as they moved, rocking forward and back, his hips thrusting on their own as a small, burning ache quickly disappeared through immense pleasure.

And warmth. A burning heat he thought would burn the both of them alive. A heat that took away all the air and made his head spin from the lack of oxygen, and still he was trying to come closer, clinging desperately, never wanting to let go, no matter how much he burnt himself.

The only thing he really saw through half lidded eyes was the color green. A soft, caring emerald tone that silently told him that everything would be okay, that he wouldn't be hurt. Promising that no matter what happened he would be there for him.

"Oishi…" he couldn't help it, couldn't hold back the urge to utter the others name even though he was fully aware that the other wouldn't be able to hear him. Maybe that was the point anyway, he thought as he almost tasted the name leaving his own lips. "Oishi…"

Still in a daze, but no longer from the lack of sleep, the redhead quietly walked into the shower and slowly turned on the water, letting the lukewarm droplets wash away the last trails of sleep and softly caressing his aching body. It didn't really hurt, just a small burning sensation that only served to remind him of the night, instead of making him whimper in pain.

'So what now?' he mused as he worked the unfamiliar shampoo into the mess his hair currently was, if you could actually call the nest of red locks hair, that was. What did this make them? The night before he had been too caught up in anticipation and pleasure to stop and rethink, and he didn't know if he was glad that he hadn't, or not.

When he thought about it he didn't know anything about this side of Oishi at all, or whatever you wanted to call it. The other male had never hesitated with more than asking him if he was certain, never stopped and thought twice about what to do and when to do it. On the other hand Eiji had never hesitated to take what the other offered, but it was, honestly, an entirely different level.

If Eiji had been in Oishi's position he highly doubted he would know what to do. The goal he knew, but the road towards it was a science he had never bothered to research. He hadn't had any reason to do so either, before Oishi at least. It all just left him with an uneasy feeling in his stomach.

Where was he again? Oh, that's right: What did this make them? On this matter Eiji felt just as lost as he had felt that day he had lost himself in the large building of Seigaku, minutes before he had crashed into Oishi's life, literary that is.

Point was, when you added all the facts together that Eiji probably wasn't Oishi's first, and the redhead couldn't help but wonder how much he really meant to the other. Was he just one in the masses? Because Eiji didn't doubt that the male received a lot of suggestions from fans and coworkers. He had heard the squirming girls when he still worked in the CD store, had seen the glances that were thrown towards the other during the recordings.

Was it so strange for him to wonder if he really was special or just another, well, onenighter? No words or confessions had been shared the previous night as far as he remembered, right then it had been enough to hear his name roll of the others lips in a soft, panting voice filled with pleasure. But right now he couldn't help from wondering, because it was just a name after all, his, yes, but still another name among millions of others.

He didn't know. He didn't want to think about the other like that at all, because it seemed so out of character that it almost leaned towards being outright ridiculous, but how could he be sure? They had never discussed their love life with another except that one time Eiji had confessed that there was someone he liked, one time, and not very graphic indeed.

They talked about shootings and works, or the show they made together. Sometimes they had told each other stories about their band mates, family, a TV show or something that had happen lately.

Never about love. It was like it had become an unwritten rule between the both of them. All he really knew was that Oishi's family was really traditional and therefore the older male had moved out at an early stage in his career, but other than that, nothing. He couldn't do much more than assume that the males parents would be against a gay relationship with their only son, however Eiji wasn't so sure that Oishi actually cared since they had already thrown him out once he started his career, but you could never be certain.

And right now, alone in a shower in an unfamiliar bathroom, Eiji felt more alone and confused than ever before in his entire life.

On hesitant, quiet feet the redhead found himself walking through the others house, a little more awake after the shower, and for the first time that day, actually paying attention to the decorations. Soft warm colors filled the house, and Eiji somehow saw it fitting as he laid his hand on the doorknob to what he believed was the bedroom, breath struck in his throat as he feared what he would find. Suddenly the towel that hung loosely on his hips made him feel so very naked.

He felt his heart sink to the floor as he found the room empty, except a pile of carefully folded clothes on the bed that he recognized as his own. He inwardly hit himself for acting like such a fool, he should have known, he really should.

People like Oishi never aimed for a long relationship no matter their personality, because their work never allowed it. He, if anyone, should have understood that. He had just started this line of work and he was already getting bombarded with things to do, he could only try and guess how it was for the older male.

Slowly walking to the bed he found himself reaching out to stroke the covers lightly, and just staring at the fabric, like it was able to tell him a story of its own. In one way it did, his memory supplying him with a million of images of a strong body pinning him to that very same bed, hands stroking, lips exploring…

He didn't know if he let out the soft whine that hid just behind his lips or not, but he gripped his clothes and pulled them on at a frightening speed. His hair was still wet from the shower, he still had bags underneath his eyes, but he would just leave all that to the make-up artists at the shooting. He threw a last glance at the lone bed, etching the memories with it before straightening his posture and walking out.

No matter what, he was thankful for what had happened, because it was more than he had ever been able to wish for before, he had, after all, still the memories to savor. He didn't regret a thing.

Especially not when he, mere seconds later found the other in the kitchen on his way out, cooking breakfast in only his boxer and a shirt and smiling that soft, gentle smile as soon as he saw him.

He felt himself stop in his tracks and just watch, blinking in confusion as the other motioned for him to come over, beckoning him, and he couldn't do anything else other than follow like he was in a trance, accepting the offered hand that linked their fingers together and melt against the other as those warm, caring lips was pressed against his forehead for the second time that morning.

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