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Summary: Edward is very loyal to his job, a mafia member. Since Edward was 9 (he now is 18) Edward worked with co-workers and his boss, Doris. Edward never let anything get in his way of working, he killed families, old people and even kids and doesn't feel bad about it anymore…will Bella, their new target, change everything? Or will she just another victim?

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"ugh" I grunted "Let me go!" I tried to wriggle out of theirs grasp but it was impossible, they were too strong for me.

One of them pushed me on to a greasy and dirty bed, "and stay there" he ordered. I resisted my urge to stick out my tongue at him. Ignoring his command, I get up from the disgusting bed. It smelled awful!

The men in the black ski mask walked out of the room. It was very darks now. There was no window, just a wooden chair and a stinky bed. Oh god what happened?! Why me? All I remember is that I was about to attend my fathers birthday and before I could even get in my car, someone had grabbed me from behind…and then it was all black.*Sigh*. What happened? Where am I? Who are these people? And most importantly…what's going to happen to me? I ruffled my blue dress and slumped against the wall.

Suddenly the door opened. Three men came in but without their ski masks on. Still, it didn't make a difference since it was so dark.

"Hello Isabella, how are you?" one of the men, in the middle, sneered. I would correct him, to call me 'Bella' instead, but only people I like can call me that.

I ignored his greeting and asked a question of my own.

"who are you?" I glared at him as hard as I could but I don't think he even saw it, but a girl could try. He didn't answer me but I heard a snap and after a second or so, lal the lights went on. I gasped.

It was them…

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