A set of three drabbles.
Prompt 11 - Trap; Leverage100
300 words total
I own so little it's sad. Leverage is NOT one of the things I do own. If it was, Elphie would be real.
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Trapped 1

"You're good, Darlin', but you're not that good."

Sophie glanced at Eliot's relaxed, seated figure. "Yes 'Darling', I am that good." She leaned over him, a hand on either side of him, effectively trapping him in his chair. "Give me a mark, any male mark, and I'll take him." Her décolletage was directly in Eliot's line of sight. "Any," she leaned forward, her lips brushing against his ear, "mark."

Eliot's brain filled with her perfume; his skin reveled in the touch of her silky hair against his cheek. He reached up and pulled her closer. "Maybe you are that good."

Trapped 2

"How'd we end up trapped in the freezer again?"

Sophie glared at Eliot and rubbed her hands together. "It's not my fault."

"I'd say being made by the mark, MAKES this your fault."

"How was I to know she followed Italian soccer!?"

Eliot sighed and retried the super-phone Hardison had supplied the group with. Still no signal. "Good phones my… Alec is gettin' a beatin' when I see him." Looking over at Sophie, Eliot moved closer to her and slowly wrapped his arms around her. "This is purely for heat conservation purposes."

She leaned in to him, "Mmm, of course."

Trapped 3

He peered down at her as they lay in the shipping box. "Even all perspiration covered, you're a knock out."

She blew out a puff of air, "Now isn't the time Eliot!"

"Yeah, Eliot. Now isn't the time." Hardison's voice crackled through their earpieces.

"Look, she gets skittish when I don't have her up close and trapped, so excuse me if 'now' seems like the perfect time."

The rest of the team groaned and Parker yelled: "Sophie, just jump Eliot's bones! Please! I swear if I have to listen to him court you one more time…! People WILL get hurt!"