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Leonardo watched his brother move across the dojo. Raph's leg was still healing, but since his cough had subsided Don had ok'd him to use the punching bag for some "light training."

"Raph…" Leonardo trailed off as the amber gaze snapped to his face. "Just… take it easy, huh, bro?"

"Yeah, Leo." Raph smirked. "I know. Don't worry. I won't give Donny any more ta worry 'bout."

Leonardo grinned. "Well, between you, April, Splinter, Casey, and that kid Billy, he's been busy these past couple weeks."

"Yeah… Well Ape wasn't so bad. Her fingernails'll grow back, right?" Raphael stopped and stood, enjoying the novelty of actually having a conversation with his brother about someone else's injuries for a change.

"Yeah, Don says she'll be fine. She saved Mike's hands you know," said Leonardo quietly. "She tore her fingers up getting those ropes off his wrists. Don said if the circulation was cut off for much longer..."

Raph shivered in the warm room. An image of Michelangelo, his hands amputated, flashed through his mind. He shook his head to banish the thought. No wonder Mike's havin' nightmares… They're gettin' better tho. He only crawled inta my bed twice this week.

"Yeah. An' Splinter's ribs're healin'…"

"Splinter's not as young as he was, but he's getting better every day," said Leonardo. He, too, seemed relieved to change the subject.

"How's Billy doin' since Don took dat buckshot outta his shoulder?" asked Raph.

"Well, I don't think he's quite over the whole "mutant" thing yet," said Leo with a smirk. "Every time Don gets near him, he turns kind of pasty."

"Well, he an' Cameron can go as soon as Don ok's him to use dat arm," said Raph.

"Are you going to be ok, Raph?" asked Leonardo. Raphael shot his brother a glare.

"Whataya talkin' about?"

"You're kind of… attached to that kid, Raph."

"I'll be fine, Leo. He's got his brother to look out fer him."

"Yeah. I guess he does," said Leonardo with a knowing smile. He watched his brother cross the dojo and take a few light swipes at his punching bag.

And you've got your brothers, to look out for you, he thought. Anytime you need us, Raph, we'll be right here for you. That's what brothers do.


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