Side story.

Warning: Unbetad and with fucked up tempus.


"When are you getting back?" Heero blinked as the barked out question reached him through the phone. He frowned in confusion, this couldn't be who he thought it was. "Winner?"

"Yes, now answer the fucking question." Quatre responded tightly, sounding like he was barely holding on to his temper. In the background Heero could hear someone singing happily along to some old pop song about kissing on a beach.

As far as he knew, Quatre was supposed to be representing his company at a large social event, not going to karaoke bars. "What's going on?" He asked, hopping that nothing too serious had happened.

There was the sound of Quatre inhaling slowly through his nose. "Someone spiked the punch at the preventer ball and Chang is drunk out of his ass."

Heero took a second just to try to fit those words into his head together with the mental pictures that followed. Chang… drunk? No, that didn't compute.

" I got him out before he made too much of an idiot of himself." Quatre continued, his words meet by drunk laughter in the background. The blond sighed. "We're in the car on our way back now."

"Then why-" Heero didn't get further before Quatre cut him off.

"This is Duo's mess to take care of, not mine. I'm getting far too much information here about things I really did not want to know, this includes how Duo's ass tastes like with ice cream and what kind of noises he makes when you fuck him in a room that echoes. " Quatre laughed slightly hysterically. "Apparently it sound like a kitten stuck in a can."

In the background he could hear Wufei agree loudly.

"Heero, I did not want to know that, I do not want to know any of this." Quatre hissed, his voice growing in strength. " I just want you to pack up Duo and get him back here. Now."

"We are in the middle of a surveillance stake out." He said as he glanced over at Duo who was sitting by the monitors they had installed across the small room. Wufei should have been the one to partner with him as they usually did but a broken wrist had put him on desk duty and Duo had been persuaded to take his place. "We have another five hours to go before we can leave."

"I don't care, get him back here because if I have to hear one more thing about what these two get up to I will never be able to sleep again."

"Well at least you don't have to put up with Maxwell acting like a child who had his teddy bear taken from him." Heero said in a lowered voice, feeling a sudden need to defend himself. Quatre wasn't the only one having to suffer here. He had thought that Duo had grown out of these childish moods he sometimes got into during the war. But they seemed to be back again with a vengeance. His friend had been in a foul mood ever since the mission started, going on and on about having more important things to do and that ordering someone in during their one year anniversary was inhumane. Heero had done his best to ignore him but even he had to admit that the whining was getting on his nerves. How the hell Chang put up with the guy was a damn mystery.

Quatre snorted dismissively. "I would have preferred it over knowing that Duo likes it when you suck on his toes while he jacks off with a shampoo bottle up his ass."

"… Point made." Heero now also wished that he didn't know that, especially with Duo sitting right in his line of sight. "Just dump him off at home, we'll be back as soon as the next teem arrives."

"Wrong. You are going to do some surveillance on your own while Duo gets back here right this minute."

"It's another five hours, Chang will be fine by himself until then." Heero countered dismissively. Chang was a full grown man, he could handle himself.

Duo looked up at his husband's name, giving him a disgustingly hopeful look. Heero resisted the urge to groan. Wasn't couples supposed to get less obnoxious after they got married instead of acting like love sick teenagers?

"Put Chang on the phone, his husband wants to talk to him." He said with a resigned sigh.

With a blindingly bright grin, Duo hurried over and took the phone from him while Heero went to take his place in front of the monitors. The target had still not arrived but could do so at any second, they had to be prepared.

"Hey babe… are you drunk?" Duo frowned only to break into another grin, this one being a lot more sinister. "Yeah? So how are you feeling?"

Heero just shook his head. Ever since those two had gotten married last year they had been impossible to be around. Duo he could understand to a certain extant since the guy had been worshiping the ground his lover walked on since the war and was somewhat more emotional but Wufei, now his reaction was just strange. It didn't start out that bad, he had been his usual self before and during the wedding but then something… changed. Heero couldn't put his finger on what it was but it only got worse as time passed. The guy had just become unhealthily focused on his new husband, like everything he did was new and amazing.

Heero felt like he was watching his friend fall in love before his eyes. It might sound strange but that was the closest description he could come up with. His partner had been zoning out with a stupid smile on his face so often it was embarrassing and Heero had been forced to listen to endless stories of Duo did this and Duo said that like they hadn't both known the guy since their teens. Whenever you meet them together they were constantly holding hands and leaning onto each other, whispering sweetly and disappearing off together only to come back a few minutes later, looking rumbled. It was ridicules and illogical but that didn't appear to stop them. Couples really shouldn't be acting like that when they had been together for as long as those two had especially a couple who hadn't been acting like that before they got married. "Is my wicked dragon hard?" Duo purred.

Heero looked up in horror, not wanting to believe that he had just heard what he thought he had just heard.

They really had not been acting like this before.

"Yeah? What would you like? My mouth? My ass? How about my cock?" Duo was obviously trying to keep his voice down but there was no way to miss hearing it in the small, bare room. Heero desperately looked around for some kind of escape from that conversation but there was non, there wasn't even a bathroom he could lock himself into.

"Yeah, that's it. Let me hear you." Duo breathed.

Heero reasoned that at least it was probably worse for Quatre who was stuck in a car with, what sounded like a masturbating Wufei. It was a small comfort.

"Do you mind?" He cut in as Duo started asking his husband what he was wearing.

Duo looked over without the smallest trace of embarrassment at being overheard. "We don't need this phone for the mission right?" He asked, eyes big and hopeful.

Heero quickly decided that there were worse things than jeopardizing a mission.

"We don't need to do anything, get your stuff, get on your bike and go home. Let's never mention this again." Heero replied stiffly, eyes fixed on the screen where absolutely nothing was happening.

"Really? Because I can deal with this over the phone. Wufei doesn't last long when he's been drinking so-"

Heero shrived unhappily. "Go. Now."

"Okay, good luck. Hope the guy shows up before trade off."

"Just go."

"Sure thing." Duo responded brightly.

Heero kept his eyes on the screen, trying to wash the last couple of minutes out of his head.


"I will never forgive any of you for this." Was all Quatre said as he stormed passed him out the door.

Duo didn't spare him much though, he had more important things to do.

Wufei was draped in a boneless sprawl across the end of their beds, hard cock pushing against the front of his pants. Duo really liked coming home to a sight like this.

Wufei smiled dopily up at him when he saw him.

Duo dropped his jacket to the floor, eyes trailing up his husband's body. "Hey, have you been nice to Quatre?"

"I want to fuck you."

Duo grinned. "I think that can be arranged."

Wufei watched him with heavy eyes. "You get to do the work because I'm too drunk to thrust."

Duo laughed, shredding his clothes as he walked towards the bed. "I can imagine, didn't you notice that the punch tasted strange?"

"Of course I noticed." Wufei grumbled, his free hand coming up to clumsily work his collar open. "I was bored and I missed you, getting drunk seemed like a good idea."

He gave up after just two buttons, moving on to more important things. Wufei tried to stand to get his pants off but managed about as well as an over turned turtle.

Wufei's balance was always the first thing to go when he got drunk, closely followed by his inhibition and impulse control. His speech on the other hand was unmovable, at least as far as Duo knew. Wufei could most likely hold a perfectly controlled phone call and no one would even suspect by his voice that he was dead drunk. They might notice from the singing and the lose tongue but that was something else.

"How's your arm?" Duo asked as he carefully lifted the cast covered arm off his husbands chest.

Wufei blinked slowly, looking down at his injured wrist like he was suddenly remembering that he even had it. "No pain."

"Wouldn't surprise me, I'm betting you are drunk enough to have a nail through your foot without noticing."

Wufei didn't respond, he just kept trying to push hid pants off. Duo reached out to help, doing it so much easier than the other man. "Did you miss me dragon?" Duo whispered hotly against his husbands ear as he brought their naked bodies together.

"Oh fuck, get on my cock!" Wufei groaned, making Duo snicker as he got up on his knees. Wufei really was so fucking loud when he got drunk. Good thing neither of them were easily embarrassed or maybe Wufei just hadn't noticed the looks the neighbors were giving them.

Some lube a bit of adjustment and then Duo was ridding the other man into oblivion, laughing lightly every time he made his intoxicated husband scream.


With swaying vision, Wufei opened his eyes. He had a slight headache but it wasn't that bad. He suspected that he was still drunk and that was why he was feeling pretty good despite the previous day.

Feeling warm and comfortable he looked over his shoulder at the man sleeping curled up against his back. A smile crept over his face as watched his sleeping husband droll, the love inside of him making his chest feel tight.

Why the hell had he ever thought that this would be a bad idea, that Duo would be a bad idea. How could he have been so stupid? How couldn't he have known that it would be the best thing that had ever happened? He had just assumed that they wouldn't work together, that if they ever slept together that would be the end of it. Because as he had once told Duo, he didn't have many friends and fucking the only one of them who actually, without a doubt, liked being around him had for some reason seemed like a bad thing.

Holding his hurt wrist to his chest he carefully rolled over in his husband's arms, eyes caressing the slack face.

Wufei had been happy in his old life. He had a job he liked, competent people to work with, a couple of rewarding hobbies and a best friend who more or less lived in his guest room to keep him company.

But it hadn't always been that way. When the war had ended and everything had started to quiet down, Wufei had carefully started to explore the terrifying world of dating. Duo was still trying to be straight back then and he had felt very alone and isolated being the only gay man around. Unfortunately it had been very easy for Wufei to find guys. Dark and silent with develop biceps was a quick recipe to getting picked up, it was also just as easy to be left the next day. A tense silence over the breakfast table was all that was needed and Wufei would find himself alone again.

He just… didn't like people in general and he didn't really know how to interact with them if it didn't concern war, missions or getting drunk and having sex. So in the end, he had accepted his homosexuality and he had also slowly come to turns with that his earlier chosen solitude seemed to be more permanent.

Then Duo had suddenly come out too, giving everyone quite a surprise, especially Wufei would never have expected Duo to be anything but a lady's man. All of a sudden he had someone who he could relate to where he had earlier been all alone. That this person was also a very close friend only made it better.

Wufei had believed that it was because of their shared sexual orientation that they had gotten on so well. They had been pretty close during the war but now it was like they couldn't go a day without talking to each other, like they were brothers or something, family. Wufei had really liked that.

Then when Duo had first started to make a move on him, he had thought it was just a joke. Duo liked a good laugh and his humor was notorious so it seemed in character for him to make fun of him in every way he could, including this one. Then when he kept doing it Wufei had honestly started to panic. The last thing he wanted was for Duo to be one of his exes that he would nod awkwardly at in greeting when ever their paths crossed. Duo might be sex on legs but he was far too important to Wufei to even think about risking. Sex was just sex, he could get that whenever he wanted, but a best friend was harder to find. Someone who understood him, who made him laugh, who would come over and eat his food and leave his things all over the place. There was no way in hell that he would ever make a move on Duo just because his friend was horny and wanted to fuck.

It became very frustrating that his friend didn't understand the seriousness of it and just kept bringing it up, over and over again. It used to piss him off so badly at times. Sure it was tempting but Duo's friendship sometimes felt like all he had, and in a way it was. Wufei had his job, a few hobbies that didn't really let him interact with anyone and Duo.

Their friendship was very important to Wufei and it got even more important after Duo broke up with his pig of a boyfriend. Wufei had been very tempted to find the asshole who had dared to use his friend and hurt him just as badly as Duo had been hurt. He had been oh so very tempted.

Duo had more or less moved in here for a while. Wufei hadn't minded, it was nice to have someone around, even if that someone was an emotional mess. They had gotten even closer during that period, and when Duo managed to pick himself up and moved on, they remained that way. They had an honesty between them that Wufei had never had with anyone else and by god, no tumble in bed was ever going to match it.

Wufei's view of their relationship didn't change just because they were suddenly getting married, quite the opposite in fact. The whole thing was only temporary after all and they were going to have to stay together for at least two years, maybe even more if they wanted it to seem genuine. For all his grumbling, Wufei hadn't minded the thought of marrying Duo. He had already married someone he didn't love ones, doing it again for a good cause didn't seem like such a bad idea. He had planned the whole thing in his mind, living together, having a few public appearances for the sake of the people around them and then just continuing as they always had. He hadn't been bothered by the thought of having to stop his own dating, well not dramatically bothered anyway. While he might not be happy about going without sex, he didn't think he was going to suffer all that much by it.

Not to mention, that if Duo got sent back to L2, he might just have been forced to find a reason to move there too and Wufei really didn't want to live on that piece of shit colony if he could help it.

It had come as a chock to him when he had started to realize that he might not be as close to Duo as he had believed he was. He had been very upset to find out through someone else that the to him meaningless ritual meant a hell of a lot more to Duo. Thinking back to that night, Wufei could see that he had been more upset by the implication that he didn't know Duo as well as he thought since Quatre had been the one to tell him about Duo's wish for a real over the top wedding. He had been totally unprepared for it. He hadn't even know Duo found that kind of thing important and the tongue lashing he had gotten had not been what had pissed him off, it had been because Duo had told someone else about it but not him. In short, he had been jealous.

Then Quatre had pulled his little stunt and suddenly they were really getting married. To this day, Wufei couldn't decide if that wedding had been a good or a bad thing. It was good because it had brought Duo's feeling to the light but bad because of all the pain and stress it had brought his friend as well. Duo had been such a mess and Wufei had felt totally helpless to fix it. He had just tried to support him as much as he could, thinking that when everything had quiet down they could go back to the plan. As soon as they got back home they wouldn't have to pretend to be something they weren't, they could just go on as they always had.

It would have worked even if it had been tempting at moments to put some reality into their acting. He had woken up sometime during their nap, the first day on the hotel. Duo had been snuggled up beside him, the whole length of his body shaped by Wufei's own position, very much like he was at the moment.

It could have been so easy to just lean forward and kiss him. To wrap his arms around him and take everything that body had to offer. He had known that Duo would welcome it, that they would both enjoy it and that they would still be friends afterwards. The thought would have been so easy to give into and for a second, Wufei almost did it. But with Duo's soft breath against his lips he had stopped.

He had believed that it might be awkward when it was all over and Wufei didn't want that. It was one of his biggest fears.

He had held back.



Then on the morning of their wedding day, Wufei woke up from a very erotic dream involving some amazing cocks to find one pressed up against his own.

Duo's arms were tight around his chest, his breath hot and heavy against his shoulder as he humped him steadily. He was just about to ask what the hell he thought he was doing when he realized that Duo was asleep.

Feeling hot and unbelievably aroused, Wufei watched it all in wide eyed amazement. Arousal was rushing through him, clogging up his thoughts until all he could think about was that hard cock pressing against him.

Then Duo mumbled something in his sleep and rolled away from him. For a moment Wufei was only able to stare in hot blooded want at the hip now humping against the bed, movement sharp and needy.

"Fuck." He whispered, rubbing a hand over his face. Forcing himself not to look any more, Wufei rolled off the bed, his own erection throbbing in want. He was in great need of a cold shower but as he stepped into the large bathroom he had another thought.

Fuck it. He looked the door and filled the tub up with water.

All the while his cock didn't even begin to go down. It demanded his attention and it only got encouraged by the mental images playing in his head.

With his cock so hard he thought he was going to come as soon as he wrapped a hand around it, Wufei had paused halfway into the tub. An almost forgotten need was bubbling up inside of him, pulling all breaks. He wanted something up his ass.

He didn't bottom very often and after a less than ideal sexual relationship with a guy who refused to spread his own legs Wufei had more or less stopped doing it all together. That the guy kept hitting him and having the guts to call it spanking with an air of rightfulness was the last nail in the coffin. After that failed relationship, he had decided that he was never going to be that submissive again and if anyone had the balls to hit him they were going to find themselves kicked out right away.

But right then he had felt that suppressed want, the need to be filled and stretched, to be fucked. Going out to pick someone up hadn't been an option, absolutely not. There were too much at stake. With one foot in the warm water he had just decided that his fingers were just going to have to be enough when his eyes had landed on two bottles standing on the floor in the shower cabin. They were by one of those expensive brands that promised all kinds of wonders, but that wasn't what caught his attention. It was the shape. The first bottle was round and blue with pump at the top, the other was tall, slim and with a lid that had to be twisted to get off. For a second, that last bottle was all he could see.

Looking back he could hardly believe he had done it, but with arousal thick in his veins, his cock demanding release and his inside feeling oh so lonely, he had reached out for it.

He had closed his hand around it, feeling the wideness of the container. It was going to be a tight fit, he had taken bigger but that had been a long time ago.

He had an almost empty jar of Vaseline in his toilet bag and quickly used what was left to smear the bottle up and give himself a quick preparation. Then as he had sat down on the palos, he had imagined that hot breath against the back of his neck, that Duo was the one forcing his way inside of him. Against his better judgment his thoughts had strayed into a dangerous area of his mind, the part that was fully aware that Duo Maxwell was not only a very sexy man, he was also the one person who's body Wufei wanted to touch more than anyone else's.

There was no gentle way to start with such a wide object and Wufei had fucked himself hard, bent over the edge of the tub, ass in the air, one hand on the bottle and the other around his cock. In his mind Duo had been cursing and grunting above him as he rammed his cock into his ass. He had called forward every forbidden image he had of his friend and used them all in his fantasy that in the end got him off harder then he could ever have imagined.

He had been so embarrassed when it was over and he had tried to clean everything up to perfection and put the used bottle down next to its partner.

With his tail between his legs, Wufei had tiptoed back to bed, feeling like he had done something very bad. It had taken hours before he had fallen asleep, bringing an end to his rushing thoughts.

The next day had been torture and by the time the wedding was finally over, Wufei had been very worried. Duo had been growing more and more distressed and he hadn't known what to do to help him. He had just wanted to lock the two of them up in their room and not come out until everyone had left and they could go back to normal.

Then Heero had stood up and made the speech that had brought clarity to their entire situation, cracking Duo's secret wide open for him to see. To find out not only that Duo was in love with him, but had apparently been so all along was like a slap in the face, no more like like getting shot in the chest or having your Gundam self destruct around you. His entire world had been turned on its head by that realization.

At first he had just been angry, he could not explain why afterwards, he had just been so angry. He had felt betrayed and played, like Duo had just ruined all his carefully made plans by doing something stupid and careless.

Then after Duo's ridicules outburst about never been good enough, he had started to think. He did a quick damage control and found that they didn't have many options to choose between.

They couldn't stay just friends now, because he knew about Duo's feelings towards him now and that would change everything. The awkwardness he had been so scared of creating by giving into Duo's come on's were suddenly already there and all they could do now was to make the best of it. He briefly thought about trying to convince Duo that it was a bad idea but he had killed that thought almost as fast as it had taken shape. Considering how long Duo had been in love with him, that idea would probably not be welcome. Instead he tried to picture the outcomes it could lead to if he instead of trying to change Duo's mind, tried to change his own. The first and most obvious scenery would be that they fooled around until it became clear that they couldn't have a working relationship. This was the way all Wufei's relationships had ended so he had a hard time picturing the second alternative where they actually managed to make it work. It had been a crazy thought, but standing there in front of his friend who seemed to be falling to pieces Wufei couldn't help but hope.

Maybe Duo would be the first to ever have the patience to stay with him. So he had asked for a chance to try, to be the kind of person who could keep a lover, to get to be what Duo saw when he looked at him.

Duo had agreed and what had followed had been the most life changing sex Wufei had ever had. Not only had it made all his earlier one night stands pale in comparison, it had rocked him to the core to have someone he trusted be so close. To let himself relax and enjoy himself to the fullest with a man who had saved his life on numerous occasions and was one of the support beams in his life. That was also the reason Wufei hadn't broken his arm in pure instinct when Duo had slapped his ass. Anyone else would not have been so easily forgiven. Well, that and the fact that he had been enjoying himself and didn't want him to leave in the middle of sex… despite that it had been filled with quite some embarrassment when he had been forced to tell Duo about the shampoo bottle.

They hadn't left their room for almost two days, enjoying the room service and the lube bottles persuaded in a shop around the corner to the fullest. It had been amazing and only the beginning to what they had spent the rest of their honeymoon doing.

When they had emerged from their isolation they did so into a brand new world.

Wufei had no idea how to act, he had never had a lasting relationship, especially not one with someone who he was already so close to. But Duo had been patient and then, without him really noticing, he had fallen in love with his best friend.

"Mm, what time is it" Duo mumbled, finger coming up to scratch his nose.

Wufei blinked, letting himself be pulled from his thoughts. "You have another hour." Wufei told him after a quick look over his shoulder.

Duo hum'd under his breath, then a couple of seconds later he was asleep again.

Wufei smiled softly, deciding that he might as well stay in bed a bit longer too. Shuffling closer to the warm body of his husband he closed his eyes. It sounded like a perfect idea to him.



I don't know about you, but I felt that the happy ending wasn't happy enough. This was better, don't you think? ;)