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The Maelstrom Chronicles

By Sizdothyx

They were getting tired, they knew.

Their power was diminishing, losing ground to this unknown torrent of force and malevolence that tore their defenses and natural spiral of Time like a sword through sand. The irony of the expression was not lost on them, one of their avatars mused far in the future.

But they could not slack in their tries, otherwise all would be lost. They saw to the future, glimpses of figures flashing before their eyes.

One of them was a pale elf wielding secrets and magic beyond human comprehension. Another was a human with crimson hair, a powerful caster, kneeling before his wife. Another was a powerful Orc warrior, proud yet tormented. All of them would play a crucial role in order to prevent the torrent from annihilating everything Life stood for.


They –he- felt that even with the trio's most valiant efforts, there was something amiss. Far in the distant future, long beyond their death and the awakening of a different world, was yet another torrent surging towards them. It seemed that their opponent were far more cunning than he had imagined. They regretted underestimating them in the present, while in the future they were already formulating a plan. They had secured the past as far they could, but the present (one of the most prominent ones, at least) was still in danger.

They had no time to miss – the sands forming their eyes fell upon a blond young man in the distant future.

"Yesss…" They all smiled. "There isss hope for usss yet…"

The sands of Time already twisting under his will, Nozdormu cast the spell that would hopefully save Azeroth.

Uzumaki Naruto was not a patient man by nature. He was used to quick battles that lacked banter and speeches of bravado, unlike the one he was currently involved in. His opponent, a female Kiri ninja that focused too damn much on stealth and the Hidden Mist technique, was dancing around him in the trees that surrounded him. Her voice was magnified by the emptiness of the forest, and it was hard for even him, with his improved senses, to detect her.

He grabbed four shuriken from the pouch tied to his belt and tossed them at the way he thought he had heard her. The assassination tools were embedded fully in a tree branch with a dull thud, accompaniedwith the woman's laughter. "Is that all?" She hissed from somewhere behind him. "I expected that someone like Uzumaki Naruto, the fabled Red Terror, had more to offer. Perhaps-" Her speech was cut off by Naruto's spewing fire at her direction, "-I should have picked the son of the White Fang instead. You tire me."

Naruto growled lightly at his attack's failure. The more he let her toy with him, the more his allies in the battlefield suffered. He thought of using that, but dismissed it. These days it was getting even harder to control the prized technique, and he knew that he had none to blame for that but himself and his late teacher's ignorance. His blue eyes darted around to track the source of the steps he heard, thus losing his train of thought. He needed to be more careful.

Half-immortal or not, there are some things that could definitely get him killed – his unawareness most of all.

One of the bitch's senbon caught him in the right shoulder, deep enough for his sleek with blood fingers to be unable to pull it out. Already he felt his hand go numb under the pressure. Naruto hated to admit it, but his opponent knew what she was doing. "Good one," he admitted aloud. Strangely, it gained no response.

She should be closing in for the kill. Naruto smiled. He had been counting on her doing so for the last ten minutes. "Speaking of which, I'm also impressed that you're able to wield such a monster of a sword in battle. If it was me, I'd crumble under the pressure. Then again, it's not like I tried to enter the Mist's Seven Swordsmen squad and failed because all I had to offer was some gratuitous tits and a mild talent in water techniques until my late twenties." The jinchuuriki grinned, going for the killer line. "I've done my homework as well, Charnel of the Mist."

His nail was driven home; there were few people involved in the war that were not aware of Nagasawa Shina's feministic fanaticism. She only favored female opponents, and would only fight them as fair as she could, if there was such a thing as 'fairness' in the world of ninja. To mention the bodily assets and failures to a woman that'd rather be born a man in a true sexist fashion only Naruto, Kakashi and the late Jiraya were capable off, was more than suicidal enough. Still, he had gotten her to be sloppy. He gathered her presence less than a foot behind him just as she prepared to drive her gigantic sword into his chest, impaling him.

His right arm flailing around him uselessly, Naruto turned just in time to respond to the assault with one of his own – a sphere of pure energy swirling in on itself. Shina's eyes widened as the Fourth Hokage's most prized and feared technique tore apart her sword like it was nothing, and Naruto was expressionless as he bore the Rasengan past her hands and into her chest. Before it could tear her flesh and rip her apart, he allowed the technique to explode in his arm, sending her skidding on the ground with a melon-sized hole in her solar plexus. Her eyes stared at Naruto's own blue eyes lifelessly.

He had not regretted killing her. This was war, and not one his side had waged on the other. Naruto picked a kunai from its holster tied around his leg and stabbed his senbon wound. It was unbelievable how far it was embedded in his flesh – Shina's strength rivaled Tsunade's for her to be able to perform such a devastating feat. Naruto imagined the metallic needle driven into his skull and shuddered involuntary. With his makeshift scalpel opening the wound enough for the wounded ninja to grab the needle, Naruto pulled it out of his body with a grant and tossed it next to the dead body in front of him.

He sighed as he cracked his neck. This battle had taken its toll in him. Even so, it was worth it. One of Kiri's major players lay dead, her secrets soon to be in Yamanaka Inoichi's capable hands for him to decipher and share. The way Naruto saw it; they were one step closer to winning this war.

He moved closer to the cadaver, feeling his tenant's restorative energies closing the gap on his shoulder. All that would remain of the wound would be dried blood. Shina would even be denied the legacy of having hurt Konoha's Red Terror, Uzumaki Naruto. Said Jonin knelt next to the body, kunai still at hand, and prepared to use one of his teacher's sealing techniques. It would enable him to carry Shina back to the Leaf's temporary headquarters without worrying about the body weighing him down.

However… Something was wrong. He could feel it with his sixth sense.

Before he could acknowledge it, the energies of the Demon inside him burned outward in an attempt to protect him from an unseen force. Immolated, Naruto screamed in pain as if real fire had engulfed him. The red power enveloped his entire body, and he could feel the seal on his stomach burn outwards as something akin to an air technique slammed on him. "What the hell?" He managed to ask through his gritted teeth as the flames suddenly subsided. There was something in the air around him. He could not explain it, but he felt as if a thousand eyes watched his every move.

And then he was slammed once more with the invisible forces that seemed to drive him to his knees. He screamed beyond his will as something primal drew the Demon's protections out of him, before doubling its efforts to whatever it was doing to him.

Naruto's back arched and every muscle on his body tightened as his skeleton disappeared from within him. His tongue now sticking to an upper jaw that was not there, Naruto felt his blood escape his body followed by the small muscles. His heart disappeared, followed by lungs full with precious air. One of his eyes saw the forest around him, the other a dark swamp. His nails were ripped out of his body. He was a sack of skin filled with intestines and fat. He felt his empty knees give way and he fell…

…In dirty waters. He barely registered the change in his environment when the Demon tried to exploit his weakness and escape. Beyond his will, the fox burned upwards in an effort to be released. Naruto felt the water around him evaporate as the hellfire surrounded him once more. He needed to put his foot down and concentrate; otherwise they would have another Tenchi bridge incident. He had no idea where he was or why he was there, but if he let the fox within him escape, everything in the vicinity would die until the seal was restored by itself.

Something that he was not sure that could happen.

A primal roar escaping his lips, Naruto pressed his fingers, coated with chakra on his seal-covered stomach. With a pathetic yelp from the energy surrounding him, Naruto was turned back to normal.

He whistled appreciatively before the swamp water around him covered him yet again. He sputtered around in his straggle to go to the surface, but finally he was safe, floating in the midst of a foreign swamp.

Yep, Naruto thought, well enough for me, considering my usual luck.

Exhaustion claiming him, Naruto lost consciousness.

Author's Notes: Rather short, but what you read is a mere prologue, really – the basics of the story (both Azeroth and Naruto-verse wise) will be expanded in the second chapter. Now then, for some credits, which go to; Kraken's Ghost, for upgrading my interest in WoW as far as fan fiction is concerned and Sevejar Locke, who prompted me to get off my lazy ass and start writing (again).

So, tell me what you think. It'll be appreciated. Those that won't to discuss the fic can do so in my Livejournal.