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Shugo's POV

I sighed, seeing the little A.I girl was jumping excitedly in front of me after Balmung left us.

"I know you're happy, Zefie, but please calm down," I spoke as I was worried if Mireille's base was broken down because of her doing, especially if she wanted to use her RARE (courtesy to Mireille that made this term, but in my opinion, it's odd) A.I's techniques.

Soon she stopped jumping and sat beside me. She gazed at me eagerly while hugging the Legendary Twin Blade's red hat. "Shugo-niichan, are you happy to meet him? The ganguro girl is bringing him to us!"

I nodded while forcing to smile. "Of course I am."

Honestly, the part of me was excited to meet the original version of my character. You didn't know how proud and lucky I was when I got it, though it was just a chibi version. When I walked in the World, many players watched me with admiration and curiosity. Some girls blushed when I met their gaze while some male players turned away from me with envy. I thought it was fun. I used it to get more cute female friends while having no care about the reputation of this character.

That, until Rena told me that they thought I am him. The real him.

I gritted my teeth. This was going to show my other part that had hesitation to see the Twin Blade Master.

I admired him, but I was also envious. I wondered that Aura gave me this character not only because she wanted to make my dream as a hero come true, but also she had a hidden meaning.

She could make many customized characters to be playable ones, but instead she made ones like him and his best friend, BlackRose. Why did she do that? Why did she want me to bring Zefie to her? And most important, was the kiss really needed to resurrect me? Though I couldn't deny that her kiss strengthen my hope to meet her once more.

While I had 'so-many-things-I-wanted-to-tell-her', showing how influential what she did to me in my real life was, actually it was 'so-many-things-I-wanted-to-ask-her'.

Sometimes I wondered if she missed him … and she wanted to meet him again …

through me.

"We're here!" I heard my enthusiastic twin sister's voice from the opened door.

I looked up and immediately my eyes caught his figure.

"Kite!" Zefie ran and hugged his waist. "I miss you!"

"Me too, Zefie." He got down on one knee and rubbed her head. "You were gone so suddenly and made me worried."

"I'm sorry …."

"That's fine. Just don't do it again, okay?"

Zefie smiled and nodded.

"Um …." I uneasily stood and approached them. My eyes met his blue eyes and soon my breath was stopped for the moment. They were clear and wise. Yet, so sharp and determined.

"It's Kite," he stood and introduced himself, extending his gloved hand.

I gulped, seeing his friendly manner.

no wonder why everyone admires him …

I lifted my hand to shake the hero's hand.

"Shugo …," said me, nervous. "N-nice to m-meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Shugo."

Kite's POV

I didn't really follow what just happened. But soon Orca started talking some jokes for Zefie and Rena while I, somehow, was wondering about this base. The rare collections in this place reminded me of ... a high-pitched childish woman's voice.

I hid my smile. Mistral. How is she now? And her daughter?

I heard Orca laughing and I saw the chibi BlackRose's pouting face after hearing Zefie's sharp smarty comment. But soon he calmed the girls down before the fighting started.

I silently went out and found Shugo sitting on the stairs alone while gazing at other players walking on the street.

Unknowingly, I learnt his calm face and his appearance. While my eyes were blue, he had then green ones. He also had my messy aquamarine hair though his colors' was lighter.

Seeing him, I was a bit amazed. Somehow, looking at pictures of his was like looking into some kind of Twilight Zone mirror for me, but only smaller.

he looks a lot like me ….

I sat beside him not far from him, leaning forward.

We didn't say anything, just straightly staring at what in front of us … until I had something in my mind.

"How did you meet Aura?"

Actually, it was my question. But why did I also hear another voice saying it? Suddenly I turned to Shugo, seeing he was staring at me too, confused, but a second later, we laughed bitterly and turned our heads away.

Who knew we could ask the same question at the same time?

"Well, I used Kazu's character and entered the World … years ago. I met Aura there. I mean … the small Aura," answered Shugo.

I swallowed bitterly.

So you had met her before I did …?

He continued, "But after winning your chibi character, I used it and was killed by a monster. I was sent to another area and met Aura … again."

I met his eyes by chance and we had a silent moment for a while. Somehow, I felt he was waiting for me for the unknown reason.

"What is it?" I asked.

"How about you?

"Me?" I was surprised.

"Oh, just forget what I asked! I already heard your story from my friends and other players." He chuckled.

"I hope you wouldn't fully listen to it. Sometimes it could be told too excessively," I joked.

"I don't think so. You're the one too meek." He grinned widely.

Soon a reddish haired little girl approached us with a pleading face.

"I want to go home. Mama would be worried about me if I played too long. Would you escort me home?"

"Of course." This was the second time Shugo and I said the same thing ... again.

Shugo's POV

I felt uncomfortable at this situation. This was so frustrating. Until when would I say the same things with him? And moreover, what would Zefie react at this thing?

She put a cutely confused face. "Who?"

I looked down, smiling softly. She was so like little Rena in my eyes. I wished I could help her more. But why am I not sure?

Then I heard Kite started, "Well, if you want Shugo to-"

"Sorry, I forget I have promised to level up with Rena today," I cut off suddenly, not letting him finish. I tried hard to act so confident so no one could catch my fib.

"Shugo," he called me while trying to stand.

I turned my eyes to him.

"Are you sure?" he asked. Somehow, I felt he knew I was pretending.

But I already decided.

"We can go together," he suggested.

I shook my head slowly before smiling sincerely.

This is my decision.

While Kite, Orca, and Zefie were walking to the nearest Chaos Gate, my twin sister approached me.

"You're stupid. We lost the chance to meet Aura again," she grumbled.

"I thought you didn't like her." I reminded her when she was furious, seeing me being kissed by Aura and her daughter.

"She isn't my favorite acquaintance, but it doesn't mean I hate her!" She barked.

"Whatever." I sighed.

"Well, don't you regret?" She softened her voice and for some reason, it sounded so heartbreaking. Not to mention that it made me think that she didn't mean to hurt me so bad.

I swallowed hard, feeling a big lump on my throat before recollecting my guts and showing my cheerful side to say, "Well, should I answer it? You are my twin sister, right?" I grinned widely, hiding the pain inside.

Looking into my eyes, I felt she caught what I was feeling.

"It's okay, Nii-chan," she comforted me. "You'll be just fine."

"Thanks, Rena. I just think that …." At this moment, it looked like I unsuccessfully covered my regret. " … it's Kite's chance after all."

"And I bet it's not the only one reason you don't show your regret to him," she continued.

"Yeah." I grinned again.

Well, what could I say now? The shadowed one would never win against the original one.

... to be continued ...

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