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Canon Rock

By: PingPong Girl/BloodyRozze

"Where did I go wrong,

I lost a friend,

Somewhere along in the bitterness,

And I would have stayed up,

With you all night

If I know, how to save a life."

-The Fray-

The once prideful, and termed as the Most Egoistic Socialite of the modern day French era, ironically, had her head down. Her long brown fringes cascaded down her sullen chest as she did her best to keep her breathing in pace.

In front of her, with her arms crossed in a businesslike manner, was Hotaru Imai. To say that she had on a fierce countenance would be an understatement, for she bore in her eyes such grave fury that rivals that of Hades.

"You dare summon my men, with such a damn small reason?"

Mikan flinched at the icyness of her tone.


"I don't want to hear any of your sorry's," Hotaru cut her off while simultaneously hitting her with her ever so vicious baka gun. Updated version, of course. "You costed me a few hundred on gas, and lots on food. Do you know how greedy those men are, once you give them some assignment, false or not, they'd expect a feast and a raise in return."

"I'll ask father to pay in recompense." Mikan couldn't quite get her friend's addiction for money. She's damn rich, and yet, she budgets and treasures every single penny to the point of becoming obsessed.

"Oh, you better. Until you pay for every value lost from my account, you are never to utilize any of my belongings. You have your allowance. Learn to use it. Any coin more, you earn it yourself."

With that final baffling statement, Hotaru turned around and walked away with her usual posse of black suited guards trailing behind her.

Mikan Sakura stared at the frightening sight before her. A long road, practically stretching two kilometers, from the Imai mansion to their colossal gates. Hotaru, being true to her word, had refused to let her use any of their cars or chauffeurs. Not to mention she simply left without a word, leaving her to do something about her transportation problem, alone.

"This is a bitch."

Mikan muttered to herself, and with a begrudging sigh, she began to force her limp legs to move.

"What the hell happened to you?"

Misaki looked at the neurosis-stricken Mikan who was in the middle of dragging her lifeless feet while pulling her equally numb body using a branch of a tree. Her hair was amess, like a bird had woven each strand into a nest and sweat was pouring, literally, from her forehead. Her uniform was damp, and sweat lines were evident on her armpits and shoulder blades.

"I have traveled through the river Styx, and luckily made it out alive."

They entered their classroom, whose previous noises were silenced the moment Mikan's left foot landed within its perimeter. Misaki was somewhat spooked by the bizarre attitude of their classmates whereas Mikan merely raised one amused brow and went to her chair. Although she found it a bother, she still liked the attention, and the obvious fear she had instilled unto everyone.

Pure and utter relief and bliss coursed through her the moment her bum made contact with the wooden chair.

God, her whole body was aching. And to think she'd have to go on the same ordeal later this afternoon. Her temples throbbed by merely entertaining such a mortifying thought. She was never good in PE to begin with. It took her weeks before she stopped complaining that her arm hurts after playing the violin for hours. Her instructor, made sure that she was very well, trained, was the word he called their little periods of hell.


Mikan, too caught up with succumbing to her thoughts, wasn't able to hear the greeting given to her by one of the most influencial personages of the academy.

The whole class gasped at the way the newbie brushed Tsubasa Andou, off. This sparked enragement within the somewhat humiliated lad, but aroused something quite opposite to his friends who stood just right behind him.

Only did Misaki's hard yank brought Mikan back to reality. It failed to show on her face, but she was surprised to find three boys standing before her. Staring at her, actually, with such intensity that it caused the hair on her back to stand.

She stood up and brushed one stray strand of her hair behind one ear. "Am I some mannequin wearing a bikini up for display? What's with the stares?"

"I'm Tsubasa Andou." The rugged looking boy, with his necktie untied, and his polo wide open revealing his milky chest, extended his hand.

"So...you walk up to me, stare like I'm some goddamn porn website, and tell me your name. Are you a gay real estate agent or what."

His two friends chuckled behind him.

"She's hilarious, ain't she, twin?" Kokoro Yome, also known as the class clown, and the most hyperactive drummer and DJ that ever set foot on the Academy, said while patting his look alike on the back.

"Sure is, feisty too." A complete replica of Koko, except with hair a darker shade of blonde, and P class' current keyboarding genius, gave Mikan a friendly wink, in which she did not bother to respond to.

"You calling me gay?" Was Tsubasa's oh-so-intelligent reply. It hit him straight on the chest, although he made sure never to take a woman's word seriously.

"So now you're deaf."

Misaki poked Mikan on the side. "Chill, girl. Chill."

Mikan heeding Misaki's words, took a deep breath and sat back down. "Thank you for reminding me not to converse with low intellectual beings."

"No problem."

Once more, the entire student body who were able to witness such a feat, were apalled by her behavior. First she ignored him. And now he dissed him and even called him gay. Some were intrigued by her, others, faithful followers of Andou, or the female population, were blazing with anger.

"How dare you call my Tsubasa low intellectual you ill mannered bitch!"

Mikan resisted the urge to snicker. "You've got courage, Shouda. But keep in mind that, you messing with me could render any future you dream of in the music industry nulled."

Sumire was silenced by this, her bloated ego now deflated and her pride trampled like some piece of shit.

"What's with this atmosphere?"

Mikan rolled her eyes. And now the characters are complete, let's dance for joy.

Ruka Nogi and Natsume Hyuuga, with all their glory, entered the classroom. An air of superiority clouded over them like an aura that never fades. A mist that never wavers with the wind. An air that can only be breathed by those endowed with such godly looks and musical talent.

"Why does the moment they enter, it's like Jesus' back on Earth again?"

"Well, they are the hottest of the hottest nowadays. Take a look here."

Misaki handed Mikan the current month's installment of Playgirl. On the cover page, was a dramatic focused image of Hyuuga biting his lower lip and Nogi nibbling on his finger. They both wore tight fitting Abercrombie and Fitch jeans that accentuates their exposed pelvic lines and was, of course, shirtless. No surprise there.

This month's Straddle Worthy Hotties:

Ruka Nogi, a peacemaker, soft spoken to women, and exudes the princely pheromones women go gaga for. Although he's such a charmer, he's never hooked up with women before. Soif any of you uber confident ladies yearn to cage this guitarist, I say you warm yourselves up, he is after all..good with his hands.

Natsume Hyuuga, the manifestation of Apollo, the hotter version of Mozart (guitar wise) and is blessed with the sexiest voice on earth. This dirty boy would gladly rip his polo open for anyone interested, but be warned, the scene you're about to see could send you the hospital ASAP. He's got a delicious chest and rock hard abs that will surely stimulate the salivary glands, of both young naughty vixens and nasty cougars.

"Andou," Natsume spoke, making Tsubasa bite his lip unconsciously (not in a seductive manner people), "what are you doing standing like a fucking idiot?"

"Nothin'." Tsubasa tried to keep his cool, what's left of it for that matter, intact. He was infuriated and rarely does he allow his actions to exemplify his emotions. Pulling back a nearby vacant chair, he slumped down loudly and placed his feet on top of the table.

Ruka and Natsume sat behind Mikan and Misaki, making the once tense atmosphere even more tedious. But of course, Mikan was now back to her own thoughts, completely oblivious to the situation at hand.

The door slammed open and in came their homeroom adviser. Wearing a Shakesperean top with puffy sleeves and tight fitting fuschia leggings, his over all ensemble was enough to make Mikan's vision ablur. He carried a special radiance that made him look even more gayer than the homosexual he already seems.

"What's with this guy?" Mikan whispered to Misaki's ear, making Misaki erupt in tiny fits of giggles.

"That's Narumi-sensei. Despite how he looks, he used to be part of a very famous metal band. His hair was this long and he never wore a shirt. Some of the female teachers have pictures of him in his youth. He was sizzling."

"Who knew." Mikan whistled.

Narumi called every name of the students under his class using a Brittish accent. It was obviously something strenuous to do, but he found irritating the shit out of his students so fascinating, he didn't give a dman at all.

After checking the attendance, he went on and gave a brief discussion about the school's mission and vission and emphasized few major rules that should be followed.

1. Don't get pregnant.

2. Don't get involved in street performances and clubs.

3. Don't steal another's composition.

And the list goes on and on.

By the end of his speech, most of the students were already snoozing, drooling or texting. But one statement sucked their drifting souls back to their carcasses.

"Let's hear what each one of you got."

Alphabetically, males first before females, each student would stand up, bring their guitar, sing some song, play the set-up organ, or for drummers, do some beats by tapping or hitting the stuff present within the room.

Andou played first, who would've thought he was incredibly good in playing the guitar. His hand movements were fast, and his fingers that were used in changing the chords were swift yet slender. Not a squeak could be heard when he slid his fingers from the second to the sixth fret. And the way he played held so much emotion that after his performance, most of the students of other sections were already situated outside of their classroom, cheering him for an encore.

Others followed him, but none could ever compare to the sound of applauds, cheers and squeals of the student body when Natsume Hyuuga went in front, sat in front of the organ and began playing a soft melody.

"He's gonna sing?" Mikan asked, puzzled.

"Oh girl, didn't I tell you, he's like the god of rock, omnipotent in every aspect of it babe."

The first syllable he uttered made the insides of everyone churn and filled them all with such solace and soothness that emitted from his soft voice.

"I close both locks below the window...
I close both blinds and turn away...
Sometimes solutions aren't so simple...
Sometimes good bye's the only way..."

Mikan smiled inwardly, although she would never admit that she was impressed. He was good to say the least, but she had heard more singers which are better. Plus she prefers men doing opera, than rough and raspy.

Following the reaction of her fellow listeners, she allowed her eyelids to close, taking in more of the vibrations of his voice, the twinge of each differentiation of pitch and his every soft intake of breath. Like Schubert's compos, Hyuuga's voice had the ability to cure insomnia and make you feel so lightheaded.

"And the sun will set for you...
The sun will set for you...
And the shadow of the day...
Will embrace the world in grey...
And the sun will set for you..."

He stopped after singing to first chorus which made everyone erupt into fits of childish tantrums, urging him adamantly to continue. But, he was not one to take others demands, and went back to his chair and began to fondle the ass of the girl who sat in front of him.

The poor bastard who had to perform after him received no acknowledgement, even if he did have a nice voice. Natsume's an asshole for setting such a high standard.

Only did Ruka's performance of a guitar version of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance did people start whistling and jeering again. He was a professional in plucking, with such outrageous speed and the amazing ability to produce such a clear and harmonious tone despite singularizing each chord. Of course, no one could beat Nogi in playing the guitar, well, other than his life long rival and ironically, his best friend. His title of being the 17-year-old version of Jimmy Page, stands for something.

Mikan was somehow lost trying to imagine what possible skill does Natsume Hyuuga have to make him gain all the hyperbolic labels. Nogi could be deemed as a professional, but with all the rumors about how Hyuuga was several times superior than Nogi, she couldn't ease the curiosity of hearing Natsume's play.

Mochiage and Koko's combined performance also caught the attention and support of many, while all other male musicians were trapped under the shadow of inferiority. Mochiage started by creating a rhythmic beat by using his palms and tapping it on the white board. Koko joined in by using pens and hitting the window grills. They popped and sprayed open sodas, threw their shoes, made weird sounds come out of their pharynxes. It was, over all, fun and energetic.

The females division received less audience impact. Most of the audience dispersed and went back into their respective classrooms.

Misaki did great in playing a complicated song, but she messed up in some lines. Must be because Tsubasa's watching her and made her feel so self conscious it almost seemed as though she was trying to hide behind her guitar.

Shouda however, made Mikan smirk. It never occured to her that putting Shouda's annoying and over all crappy personality aside, she has the potential to rise in the entertainment world. She sang 'According To You' by Orianthi and made it sound even better than the original record. As what one would expect from the daughter of a music producer legend.

Some performances also stood out, like Marumi's amazing keyboarding skills as she played "21 Guns" by Green Day after hearing the song for the first time. And Shoko Hitomi's drumming, which made everyone's heads bob.

Mikan's turn came, and all looked at her expectantly. But to the utter surprise of many, Narumi skipped her name and proceeded with the next musician, Hotoko Tachibana, the girl that had several piercings on her face, wore an all black outfit and had razors for braces, for earrings, for necklaces, for bracelets and for shoe buckles.

Misaki raised her hand and got Narumi's attention. "Sensei, you forgot to mention Mikan's name."

Narumi glanced at his class record and faced back at her. "But it says here that she doesn't play any instrument."

"EH?" The class screamed in disbelief.

Sumire's shriek stood out from the rest. "You mean she," She cried while pointing an accusing finger at Mikan "Can't even play?"

"Are you deaf too, permy?" Mikan said while inserting a finger in her ear.

Misaki, who was sitting beside her, was too stunned to speak.

"You let a complete amateur, no, a know-nothing-at-all in the P-class?" gone was Koko's previous interest in her, to be replaced by scorn. If other people knew that someone like her was in the Professional class, their reputation would very well be hurled into the garbage bin.

A clattering noise caused the eyes of all to divert to the figure standing on one corner of the room.

"Get out." Was all he said, but Hyuuga made himself very clear, he didn't want outliers, black sheeps, or vegan wolves in his pack.

Ruffling her hair, Mikan got up with a soft groan. It was all Hotaru's fault. Now she had to switch to some other classroom, introduce herself and such. All the fuss.

"Class, although she may not be in the same caliber as you, the principal himself assigned her to this class and even you Natsume cannot do anything about it." Narumi explained and getured for Mikan to go back to her seat.

"What a slut, she must've slept with the principal." One random girl said which made people snicker.

As though air had diffused its way back to Shouda's head, she immediately joined the insults and remarks of the other girls who wanted to make it clear that Mikan was a whore who loved to fuck older men, including Shouda's dad.

"You must've got your money from all the tycoons you've slept with, huh, skank?" Tsubasa butted in and gave her a trumphant smirk, as though he won this round. "Want me to do you too?"

"Sir Narumi, could I transfer to another...less boisterous class please. This one's giving me a headache."

"I don't know, you've got to settle it with the principal."

"Then, I best be on my way." Mikan grabbed her bag and swung it coolly on one shoulder. Not one comment affected her in the slightest. As long as she kept her own idea of dignity, she didn't concern herself of what other people say about her.

She gave a goodbye nod to Misaki before making her way out of the classroom and into the empty corridors.

"That was cruel you guys." Misaki forced herself to speak. For the shortest time that she had spent with the new girl, she developed an instant trust in her. She wasn't one of those flashy girls, and yesterday, when they ate at a ice cream saloon, she was able to freely talk and talk about things without angst.

It was the principal's fault for wrongly assigning her to a wrong classroom. Not hers, and yet she was the one getting bullied face on.

"She's a scam. She deserves it." Shouda retaliated while taking out her kikay kit and reapplying her lipstick.

"Sensei, I too would like to transfer to a different class. This class stinks of scumbags and self obsessed skanks."

She swiftly placed her books back in her bag, got her guitar and made her grand exit. But before she managed to walk out of the room, Tsubasa held her eyes for a few moments. She couldn't decipher what the mysterious look he had meant. But she wasn't sticking there to find out.

Misaki caught up with Mikan just as she was about to enter the principal's office.

"You sure you're quitting that hell hole?"

"Yep, that's a room for pussies anyway. Get it, P-room? Pussy-room?"


"Hey, you could at least force a laugh."

"I don't wanna bother my muscles by doing something so stupid."

"Fine! But don't expect me to laugh at any of your jokes."

"Do I look like the type to conjure such idiotic comments?"

"Well no...bu—"

"I'm in love with Tsubasa."


"He's just so strong and he even had the courage to stand up against me. Plus, he's got one nice chest...I just want to lick off those shimmering sweat beads."


"You honestly believed me. Moron."

"That wasn't funny."

"I didn't say it was a joke."

"What do you think of Hyuuga? Nice voice, huh?"

"So, so."

"Oh c'mon! It was like...angelic!"

"Sounds to me like he never had himself circumcised."

"Of course he did!"

"You already saw his package? Figures."

"No I didn't mean that!"

"Get away from me, pervert."

They slowly marched away, bickering and exhanging witty and childish comments, towards a future in which they never could imagine. For what awaited the two, was something they never expected.

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