Kawaii Kabu

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When she came back she brought back more hurt than happiness.

I opened my eyes, the alarm clock had gone off extremely loud again. Still, it was better than the wake up calls I got from Slade... of course, back then I didn't go to school.
Civilian life was all I thought it would be, but its almost been a year, and I am sick of it. Nothing exciting happens. I'm evacuated if there's a villian nearby- I can't kick butt anymore. And knowing that is SO infuriating.

I could always go back to them couldn't I? Go back to the Titans- after my last sacrifice I think they'd welcome me with open arms... I was a statue after all-stuck in that rock prison for a couple of months. It was sweet of them to make a memorial place for me... shame they think I'm dead.


"Terra! Darling, you're going to be late for school!" My foster mother yelled, she was a pretty nice lady, picked me up from off the streets, fed me, clothed me, enrolled me in a top school. I felt loved y'know? She's one of the reasons I stayed civillian, no one's ever cared for me so much. I feel like I'm part of a family.

"I'm on my way!" I shouted at the door. "Love you!" And when she said it back I got all warm inside... it's like the best feeling ever- knowing that someone loves you.


"Terra we gotta get outta here! That thing's gonna kill us!" one of my new schoolfriends screamed. I couldn't move, the Titans were here, fighting this monster. I could help. While I played out what the scenario would be in my head Beastboy looked up- I know he saw me. I wanted to go and hug him when I saw that look in his eyes, but the second the monster took his attention I fled with my coward friends.

It's like no one likes the adrenaline rush of being in danger...


He came to my school today. Took me away for pizza, we had a date.. sort of. And then he ruined it by flinging mud in my face-I could have easily stopped the mud from hitting me, but I was out of practice and didn't want to be revealed just yet.
I stormed off as any teenager girl would.

Best to forget them, all of them.
They think I'm dead after all...


(2 years later)

This life is over. I've graduated from highschool. I've got nothing to distract me now. Maybe I should.
no... I can't. But it's so boring this civilian life. I flicked my fringe out of my eyes and walked past Jump city bank, only to be knocked down by Cinderblock. My new outfit was ruined by the dust and the rubble, my shopping bags fell to the floor, all the groceries scattered as a battle began.

First to jump in was Robin, "Titans Go!" he yelled in that commanding voice of his... I know I shouldn't have but while the Titan's jumped in to action I did too, frurious at Cinderblock and itching for some excitment. Starfire and Raven fought from the sky as the boys tried to get Cinderblock to topple over from below. Raven was hit and spirialled down to the ground, I thought she might crack the pavement with the ammount of force she was blown away by, but no. Beastboy. MY Beastboy caught her and cradled her like she was some kind of specail gift. I stopped in my tracks, watching the secret smiles between the two of them. So he moved on to the goth chick huh?

Something headed towards me, not caring if I was discovered I created a small shield around me with earth, and turned around, a slab of concrete? Puh-leeze, I could stop that in my sleep. I froze it in mid-air and shot it back in the direction it came from. It passed all of the Titans, first the happy couple Raven and Beastboy dodged it, then Cyborg and Robin jumped out of the way as it colided with cinderblock's chest- the villian was winded and Starfire, the bubbly alien princess she is, tied him up with some construction girders she had bent with that insane strenght of hers.

I didn't move at all. They all saw me at the same time... Beastboy and Starfire were the first to speak... or rather yell: