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A/N: Last Chapter. Currently working on the sequal. Called 'My Child'

Two months.

For two months she had been sick each and every morning. Starfire was starting to worry about her, it was 'most worrying' to the alien princess that after such a harsh break-up that the empath was throwing up what little food she ingested.

On a visit to Kida, the girl suggested that Raven might be pregnant. If after all the Titans had not used a contraceptive, or if they did it didn't work, it was possible wasn't it?
A girl only needed to have sex once to become pregnant.

What the hell could she- the spawn of a demon overlord- raise a child? She couldn't tell Beastboy. He'd blame her.


Things in the Tower had been stressful as of late. The team was divided. Starfire, Robin (now under the name of

Nightwing) and Cyborg supporting Raven recovering from emotional hell- which wasn't really getting better- and Terra with Beastboy in their own little world. She had to stay in the Tower nowadays when the others went out to fight crime; her powers weren't working as she intended. While she was alone in the empty Tower, Raven had a lot of free time to think. All this tension was because of her reaction to a breakup...

It was her fault.

So she should leave, with her baby.
Start a normal life. Get a job.
She'd tell Cyborg the second the other Titans got home. Her brother was the one she spent the most time with now anyway.


"What do you need?" cyborg asked in disbelief.
"I need you to hack into the city files and create a new identity for me. I'm leaving the Titans."
"Why? Rae- you're powers'll come back."
"I'm pregnant. I can't let my baby grow up like this..."
"Almost 3 months now."
"I'll kill him. Does he know?" Cyborg snarled. Now he was really annoyed. BB dumped a pregnant emotional Raven after cheating with Terra. That was so breaking 'The guy rule'.
"No. You and I are the only ones who do know. I'd like to keep it that way."
"I can visit you and the kid right?"
"What kind of brother would you be if you didn't every once in a while."
"Then I guess I have no choice but to help out..." he said as he hugged her. Maybe for the last time.


"Friend Raven... I don't understand."
"Cut and dye my hair. Black dye. Block fringe. And I may need colour contacts."
"It is 'the make-over'? Oh Raven I have been waiting a while for us to engage in this stage of 'girl bonding'! Can we go shopping for clothes also?"
"Sure... oh. And Starfire. You have to keep this a secret. No matter what."
"I understand." The alien princess replied with a silly grin.
"If you want... we can go shopping right now."


Raven and Starfire came home from the mall having spent more money than Raven remembered having. And all on clothes- at least that's what Starfire thought. While Starfire was looking for a few select romance novels, Raven bought 3 pregnancy and babycare books. With cash of course. She hid them in the bags she already had filled with clothes. The alien girl was none the wiser.
"I'm very glad we went on this trip Raven!" The alien beamed.
"Me too." she replied with a ghost of a smile.


It took another month to sort out everything. First she had to sever the mental tie she had with Nightwing. It was harder than she originally thought, she had to consult her emotions in Nevermore in order to do it- that in itself was a strain on her energy.
Cyborg had created her an alias- in a few moments she would become Rachel Azagon. With a real ID card, driver's licence, socail security number, a bank account and everything. Cyborg said he used the same program they used for the Witness Protection Program. Raven had taken out all of her savings and secretly put them in this new account of hers. She had enough money to buy furniture and baby items ten times over with enough leftover to rent a room or small, moderately priced, apartment for about two years.

Tonight Starfire was going to cut and dye her hair. Then she'd be able to have a new start. Funny... she was finally going to 'do a Terra' as she called it.


The next morning went on as usual. It was near midnight when they noticed Raven was missing. Her room still held all of her magical possessions and her uniforms (old and new), all the artefacts she had collected over the years with the Titans were still there. Even the picture of her mother and her sketchbook.
Nightwing wasn't worried at first. He remembered the time Raven went out clubbing with Kida to blow off steam. He suggested that someone wait up to greet her on return- mainly so that he could scold her for her disappearing act, as any good team leader would.
Cyborg was going through the CCTV recordings. He found the exact moment Raven left, one in the afternoon. She was surrounded by bags and bags of clothes and various other items (she promised that she would shop for furniture once she found a suitable place to live, she told him she was crashing at Kida's). He checked the accounts and sure enough, Raven's was empty. Starfire walked in on him as he deleted the clip of evidence of Raven's teleportation escape of the Tower.

"Cyborg... what is it that you are doing?" she asked innocently.
"Nuthin' Star."
"Oh... Well, I best resume my place in the living room for Raven's return. Rob- Nightwing is most worried about her." As he saw the aliens doleful expression Cyborg felt guilty.
"Yes Cyborg?"
"Raven... isn't coming back."
"Why? Have we made her angry? Is she still upset?" The cyborg sighed. Poor girl. She was clueless. He really was the only one Raven had told- he figured that Starfire knew as she and Raven went out shopping not long ago for lots of new clothes and belongings.
"Sort of... she needs her space right now."
"But I don't understand? Raven was -as you say 'getting chipper'."
"I'll tell you why but you have to keep it a secret. You can't tell anyone Star. Anyone."
"I am most trustwothy Cyborg. I do not tell the secrets of my friends." Starfire replied, slightly annoyed that her secret-keeping ability was threatened.
"I know Star, just a precaution is all." He paused the camera in the room they were currently in, "Raven left the Titans. She's got a baby to worry about now."
"Raven is expecting a bumgorf? That is most glorious! Surely it isn't a reason to leave us however?"
"She'd feel awkward Star. It's something I can't quite understand, I guess it's a 'girl thing' but she doesn't want to be around Beastboy now. She fell so hard that she doesn't want him to feel guilty over the whole 'hey we've got a baby' issue I guess."


When Raven wasn't home in the morning. Nightwing ordered a city-scale search. He went through the Titan's survailance for clues, but because of Cyborg's interferance, he couldn't tell what happened. One second Raven was lying on her bed, the next, she was gone. He tried searching for her using the mental link they had, only to hear his lone voice in his head. She'd severed it... or something was preventing him from using it. His first conclusion was that she was kidnapped, and that the people who did so were involved with her father's cult. They brought in Jynx- according to her, there was no sense of an entry. Only an exit. She had run away.

He then went to the chinese restauraunt where Kida had worked, that one night. Raven might have stayed there. Kida had no idea were the girl was. Apparently, Raven hadn't even turned up at her house. She /insisted/ that she helped look for the empath.

The search came up empty. Nightwing's final attempt to reach out to Raven, wherever she was, involved the media. He organised a conferance with the city's journalists and news crews to make a public appeal if anyone saw Raven, or someone they suspected to be Raven to report them to the Titan's or the police. "The team and I are worried for Raven and her wellbeing. We need her. That is all."


"The team and I are worried for Raven and her wellbeing. We need her. That is all."

Raven watched the interview with Nightwing from the cosy, second-hand sofa in her new living room. She had moved in to the apartment the moment she left the Tower. She didn't want Cyborg to know her location so told him she was staying at Kida's apartment for a few days. She had infact found her new home last month and had already bought nessecary furniture- a bed, a wadrobe, a TV, radio, a dining set and a couch. Her landlord had already supplied her kitchen with a microwave, a fridge and an oven. With Starfire she had already bought clothes and towels. That was all she needed. Though soon she would need to go out shopping again for cutlery and dining ware. Later on would be the time to shop for baby things. Her first ultrascan was soon.

Now that her powers weren't working she could express some emotions more freely. She got angry a lot more- but nothing blew up. She also cried a lot, but that was just the hormones. The empath missed her former teammates, but she was deeply hurt. She protectivly wrapped her arms around the small swell of her abdomen. Could she say she wasn't filled with joy? No.

But Terra's return had bought more hurt than joy for the empath girl.