Chapter 13:

The Golden Power

As the door shut behind them, the two found themselves in a cramped cave-like room, with a bright pale blue light at the end. Link approached it carefully to inspect it. It seemed almost liquid-like in nature, forming a wall between them and the other side. But it looked more like a solid wall of light. Link touched it carefully, but felt nothing.

"Well? Do we go into the light?" Kenshin asked.

Link shrugged, "I suppose so. You ready?"

Kenshin nodded, and together, they stepped through the wall of blue light.

Instantly Link felt different. The air seemed light, and it wasn't hard to breathe anymore. All of the weight which had been on his shoulders since he made it to the Sacred Realm was lifted immediately. Kenshin let out the breath he had been holding.

He looked up, and noted they seemed to be in the middle of the crater on the mountain, tall walls of natural rock shooting upwards all around them. Everything was a cool blue, and Link could literally feel the sheer energy buzzing in this place. Kenshin noticed it, too.

Between them and a door at the far end of the crater, was a large, golden object.

"Is that...?" Kenshin began.

Link took a few small steps forward, his jaw going slack. Several feet away, floating on a grand pedestal, was the Golden Power. Three gold triangles joined together, waves of light and energy coming from it like the sun itself.

"It's the Triforce. Ganondorf hasn't been able to touch it, yet! There's still time!" Link said with excitement, starting towards the three golden triangles.

Kenshin was about to follow him, but noticed a shift in the energy. A dark and powerful presence was approaching. His eyes narrowed as he placed a hand on his sakabatou.

"Link, something is coming," he said in a grave voice.

Link stopped in his tracks, looking all around. Suddenly, the door at the far end of the crater they hadn't noticed opened, and Ganondorf stepped in, a triumphant grin on his face as his eyes caught the Triforce. Behind him came Koume and Kotake, cackling with success.

"Have you ever seen such a sight, Koume?"

"Not in all of my years, Kotake." the other witch answered back.

"Silence, you two. I feel that we are not alone," Ganondorf said calmly. He could not see Link on the other side of the Triforce.

The witches snapped their fingers in unison, their brooms appearing in their hands. They mounted, and floated upwards. They both saw Link at the same time, and started to drift his way.

"Look at this outrageous fellow who has come to offer himself as a sacrifice to the great lord Ganondorf!" Koume said, grinning widely.

"I say we should teach the outrageous fellow a lesson, Koume!" Kotake said, letting out a high pitched laugh.

They floated higher, and began to circle the perimeter overhead, laughing as they did so. Link and Ganondorf's eyes met across the empty triangle of the Triforce. There was a long pause as both stood perfectly still.

Suddenly, they both took off towards the Golden Power. Link was stopped midway as he dodged a massive fireball. Kenshin took off running around him, towards Ganondorf. His sword hit the dark lord head-on, causing him to stumble backwards, his black armor absorbing most of the blow.

Ganondorf snarled, "You imbecile!"

He drew a solid black blade from his side, and pointed it at Kenshin. A ray of dark energy shot out, causing Kenshin to dive out of the way. The dark energy exploded spectacularly against the rock walls of the mountain.

Link continued to dodge the fire and ice that rained down from above as the two witches relentlessly summoned more evil spells to stop him.

Link groaned, pulling out his slingshot with much difficulty as he dodged a series of ice shards. He loaded a seed and let it fly, not checking to see if it had hit before loading another and shooting it. The attacks stopped momentarily, enough for him to resume running towards the Golden Power.

Ganondorf was just a little closer than him, and Link knew he wouldn't be able to make it in time. Kenshin was still dodging magical blasts from the flying witches, and even with his God-like speed, would have never made it.

The effect of the touch of the Triforce was immediate. Link skidded to a halt as the Triforce began to glow brighter. His stomach dropped. He could see Ganondorf standing on the other side, his hand firmly placed on the large floating triangles. He was laughing maniacally as the glow completely blocked him from sight. Link shielded his eyes.

"He's done it now, Kotake!" Koume yelled

"It looks like our great Lord Ganondorf now has control of the Golden Power!" Kotake said, cackling.

The glow started to die down, and the strange light blue atmosphere of the mountain crater was now gone, replaced by the harsh atmosphere of the rest of the Sacred Realm.

Ganondorf raised his fist into the air triumphantly, facing the back of his fist towards Link, revealing the glowing imprint of the Triforce.

"Oh, Din." Link cursed, as Gandondorf smirked. The twins stopped their attack and flew towards their dark master. Kenshin's eyes narrowed as he ran forward.

"Well, looks like all that was for nothing, kid," he said, grinning wickedly, "I'd stay and fight, but it looks like we're out of time." he flicked his eyes toward Kenshin who was running towards them to attack. "Just try to get out of this realm alive." And with that last, booming laugh that echoed around them, he and the witches disappeared. Kenshin's sword sliced through empty air where they had been as Link stood frozen, a look of horror and anger on his face.

"He got away!" Kenshin said bitterly, sheathing his sword.

Link looked all around, "What did he mean 'get out alive'?"

Just then a loud shriek of some kind echoed off in the distance. Both turned to meet eyes. Their swords were drawn again at the same time, both uneasy
"What was that noise?" Kenshin asked, surveying the surrounding area.

Just then another shriek pierced the air, and it sounded closer. Link glanced to the sky, but still nothing.

Suddenly, a giant bird emerged above the crater, emitting another ear piercing shriek. But to call it a mere bird wouldn't be giving the thing justice. It resembled some sort of crow, with feathers missing in random places around its body, skin rotting and hanging off. It looked like it had been dead for some time. Kenshin grimaced as it opened its beak to create another ear piercing cacophony that rattled the very walls around them, and was actually glad a poem did not come out.

Link sheathed his sword and quickly drew his slingshot. He loaded a seed and let it fly. It hit its mark dead on, but the bird didn't even notice. That weapon was completely useless.

Kenshin ran over to Link's side, "We're going to need more than that slingshot, that we are." Just then, the whole room seemed to shake. Several large pieces of stone crashed into the floor around them. "On second thought," he said, looking up, "perhaps we should head for safety, and let the cave in do its work.

The bird swooped down at them abruptly, and both dove out of the way as it swooped by, its razor sharp talons gleaming menacingly. Kenshin tried to swipe at it as it came around a second time, but the bird suddenly veered out of the way, avoiding his blade by mere inches. The beasts speed was incredible.

"Yeah, I agree," Link shouted, "Let's get out of here!" He jumped to the side to avoid a falling boulder, and dashed for the door where Ganondorf had entered the crater from. He knew they wouldn't have time to go back through the invisible path room, and didn't want to deal with the owl a second time. He just hoped that the way Ganondorf had entered was clear.

Kenshin forced open the heavy stone door, and glanced back to see Link stopped in his tracks. The boy was fumbling around in his bag. He retrieved a blue ball, which Kenshin recognized to be a bomb, and a matchstick. He lit the bomb and continued his run towards Kenshin. Right then the bird began to swoop down for another attack at Link.

Right when Link reached Kenshin, he turned and tossed the lit bomb at the bird who was closing the distance between them fast. It met the bomb head on right as it's fuse ran out, and was sent flying backwards by a ground-shaking explosion. It looked dazed, long enough for Link and Kenshin to escape through the door and slide the stone back in place, keeping them safe from the creature.

They found themselves at the top of a long, ominous staircase that seemed to delve straight into darkness below. A few torches burned along the walls, and Link noticed a few scattered bits of skeleton around. Obviously Ganondorf and the witches had taken care of them. He sighed, sheathing his sword and began to make his way down the long stairway, Kenshin following at his heels. The rumbling continued off and on sporadically. Sometimes the room would shake to the point that Link would have to stop walking and pray they weren't going to be crushed, and other times only a slight tremor. Kenshin had managed to slice through a few boulders that had been aimed at their heads, the giant pieces of rock landing harmlessly on either side. It had both of them on edge, and they wanted to leave the mountain as quickly as possible.

After what seemed an eternity, but probably wasn't even a few minutes, they made it to another door, which led them out into the open air again, roughly halfway down the mountain. A meandering path made its way down the mountain. It led to an extension of the village from earlier. Link groaned, feeling a sinking sensation in his stomach.

They hurried down the path, trying to get back to the Temple of Light as quickly as possible. Just then the mountain started to shake continuously, causing Link to almost lose his footing and fall down the mountain. He glanced up to the top of the mountain, and saw a boulder launch out of the crater they had been moments before. He realized with horror what was happening.

The mountain was a volcano.

And it was erupting.


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