Nothing can be the way it was before something happened, but people can dream, can't they? What would have happened if I hadn't pushed the girls into the world of vaudeville, the world of acting? If I hadn't med Herbie, how would my live have been different? What would have happened if June hadn't left? Where would I be if I hadn't accepted Herbie's proposal at the junction?"

Louise willingly became a Sommers after my marriage to Herbie, even though we never got her name changed. That was for the better, because she looks almost identical to him. She slipped right into calling him her father, something she confessed she'd wanted to do for as long as she could remember. She and I are the best things that have happened to Herbie. He's said so himself.

Now, Herbie and I are the proud parents of four children – Louise, Samuel, and the twins, Robert and Elizabeth. We live in Seattle, in the house I grew up in. Louise has her old bedroom, Samuel has his own room, but the twins have to share because we only have four bedrooms. We don't dare bring up June much, but Herbie, Louise, and I all wish that we could go back to before June left and let her share the life she's missing out on, the life she gave up when she eloped with Tulsa.

Every night, I think of June, and every night, I tell myself, "We can never go back to before."