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Moving on.

Things just weren't the same anymore. Harry Potter walked slowly down the corridors of Hogwarts, ignoring the whispers that followed him everywhere he went. As he turned the corner, disappearing from sight, he heard the mutterings grow louder until all he wanted to do was run. Run from Hogwarts, from the people who he thought were his friends. From the perception that everyone now had of him that was so different to the youth that Harry saw in the mirror every morning. Yanking open a classroom door he ducked inside and leaned back against the solid wood. Taking deep breaths as he tried to still his rapidly pounding heart.

The battle had occurred over the summer after sixth year. Harry had stood facing the thing that had haunted his nightmares for so many years. That had made him an orphan. That had left an innocent child with the weight of a terrible destiny resting on his young shoulders. Lord Voldemort himself.

It was as if the air itself had screamed in agony as the curses were thrown back and forth. Flashes of vivid, awful light splashing across the darkened clearing. Harry could remember thinking that he couldn't win, that he was fighting a losing battle. That he was about to join his parents and leave the world in the hands of a monster. He had stood his ground, determined to fight with everything he had left. Voldemort had sneered at him, his guard solid, not letting Harry have a single opportunity to strike him. Gathering what magical reserves he had left Harry prepared to make his final strike. Voldemort raised his own wand, his eyes locked on the boy's every tiny movement.


The voice was unexpected, the curse that collided with the dark wizard even more. Energy surged into Harry's body as he spotted the perfect moment, red eyes glared at him, the monster's body twisting, trying to bring his own wand up in time, his mouth opening to form the words of the deadliest spell…..


…..Too late. The green burst of light from Harry's wand connected perfectly with Voldemort's chest, flinging him backwards, dead. Dropping to his knees the Boy-who-lived stared at the twisted figure lying on the grass several feet away from him. His breath sounded incredibly loud in his ears as disbelief seeped into his exhausted body. It was over, all the pain, the deaths, the devastation. Voldemort was dead and without him his band of Death-Eaters would quickly fall apart. Harry felt his body being wracked by uncontrollable shivers, he leaned forward, bracing the palms of his hands on the tufts of grass. He could hear voices behind him, heading quickly in his direction. Lifting his head he stared into the eyes of his unexpected helper. Fear, relief and a myriad of emotions rioted in the silvery eyes. Harry felt darkness sweep over him as sheer exhaustion and the pain from his various wounds finally won out against his determined stubbornness. Hands grabbed him before he fell and he collapsed against the warm body……of Draco Malfoy.

When he awoke again Draco was gone. He remembered feeling a sliver of disappointment at the loss. A disappointment he didn't understand, he and Malfoy were rivals, even if Draco had come to his assistance helping him destroy the monster intent on taking over the world, it didn't mean they were suddenly best buddies. But still a small part of Harry wished the Slytherin had stayed with him.

He had spent the rest of the summer holidays recuperating at Grimmauld Place. With Voldemort gone there was no longer any need for him to return to the Dursley's. He had spent his days quietly, letting his body as well as his mind and soul heal, coming to terms with the fact that the destiny that he had been forced to live with was all over. Now he just had to figure out exactly what it was that he wanted to do with the rest of his life.

The train journey back to Hogwarts had been oddly silent. Both Ron and Hermione had kept disappearing out of the carriage. Every time Harry had looked up from the day's copy of The Daily Prophet he had seen yet more students gazing in the window at him, gaping, their eyes showing respect……and fear. It wasn't until the first night back in the dormitory that Harry had realised something. Everyone and that included Ron and Hermione were more then a little afraid of him.

It wasn't fair. He had done the one thing that everyone had ever expected from him. He had destroyed Voldemort, given the Wizarding Community the chance to move one with their lives with out fear, and in return he was being treated like a leper. People shifted away from him as he walked past. Their conversations dying down when he entered the room. The people he though were his friends were making the lamest excuses not to spend any time with him. Whispers followed him where ever he went and Harry was getting sick of it. He was getting sick of the fact that everyone seemed to think that he had changed completely from the boy they had gone to school with for the last 6 years.

Harry glanced around the classroom he had slipped inside when the whispers had become to much for him. Taking a deep breath he walked over to the window and stared outside. His classmates were darting about cheerfully, calling out to each other. He leaned his forehead against the cool pane of glass, a headache pounded behind his eyes. The sound of the door opening and closing behind him had him turning slowly, fully expecting whoever had entered the room to leave swiftly when they realised that they were alone with Harry Potter. When no noise met his ears he looked up and drew in his breath sharply. Draco Malfoy was leaning against the door studying him with an expression that Harry had never seen in the silvery eyes before. If it had been anyone else then the Gryffindor would of called it compassion but on the features of a Malfoy……surely not.

Draco swallowed hard as the burning emerald eyes stared at him. He had been wanting to approach Harry ever since their return to the school but had never quite been able to work up the nerve to do it. Instead he had watched, disgusted at his classmates behaviour as they had virtually shunned the dark-haired Gryffindor.

..If it wasn't for Potter then they wouldn't be wandering around like the mindless prats that they are…..they'd probably be dead!!……

The Slytherin had felt nothing but anger for the treatment Harry had received and so had finally chosen to follow the other youth and make sure that he knew that he wasn't all alone.

"What do you want Malfoy?"

"Is it so hard to believe that I came to see if you were alright?"


……guess I deserved that one…..

"Well it's true…..I've seen how your so-called 'friends' have been treating you and I wanted to let you know that some of us appreciate what you did that night"

"Defeating Voldemort you mean?"

"What else?….a lot of those in Slytherin are relieved that you were triumphant…..not all of us wanted to follow in our parents footsteps and join the Dark Lord"

"Were you one of them?"


"Is that why you helped me that night?"

"I helped you because I didn't want to watch you die……and yes also because I didn't want to become a servant you-know-who"

Draco felt a hint of a flush warm his cheeks as he looked away from the amazement in the bright green eyes. Taking a step forward Harry stretched out a hand and placed it on Malfoy's shoulder. The Slytherin jerked and gazed into Harry's face. They were the same height now as Harry had done a lot of growing over the last year or so.


The blonde nodded, his features falling into an all too familiar smirk as the Gryffindor smiled at him.

"What do you say…..think it's time we put all our rivalry behind us and became friends?"

"Yes…..I'd like that….Harry"

Together the two youths headed out of the classroom and towards the Great Hall. Glancing over his shoulder at the blonde haired youth walking beside him Harry felt the knot of ice that had formed deep inside his stomach ever since his friends had began distancing themselves from him begin to thaw. It was nice to have someone who didn't think he was a freak. Something told him that this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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