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Chapter Four.

Harry settled down at the Gryffindor table with Neville and made a grab for a few of the sausage rolls. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Ron and Hermione as they sat talking to Dean and Seamus. Hermione was completely ignoring her red-haired boyfriend, probably still angry at the prospect of the detention with Snape that was to come later on in the evening. After dinner and the announcement that Harry was thoroughly looking forward too. There would be more then a few unhappy faces when the student body discovered that Sirius Black was going to be the new DADA's teacher.

Glancing over at the Slytherin table Harry let his emerald gaze roam over his blonde friend. Draco was sitting regally, listening to whatever anecdote that Pansy was murmuring to him and more or less ignoring the rest of his housemates. Looking up silver orbs connected with bright green and held for a few moments before both youths dropped their gaze. A faint flush of red crept up Draco's pale skin drawing Pansy's attention. She turned towards the Gryffindor table and offered Harry a knowing smile that quickly made his complexion match the blonde's.

"Harry?….are you alright?"

"Yeah Nev….I'm fine…."

Harry turned his attention back to his plate and struggled to control his flush. His heart was thumping loudly in his ears and he felt as if he had just run a marathon. It was a condition the regal blonde seemed to be causing in the Gryffindor more and more often.

Severus Snape swept into his quarters and dropped the stack of parchment he had been carrying on his desk. The second years had somehow managed to reduce his lab to wreckage and he was in a seriously bad mood. Rubbing at the tightened muscles at the back of his neck he let out a heavy sigh. At least, he thought with an evil smirk, he had a suitably disgusting mess for Granger and Weasely to clean up in their detention. The looks on their faces would almost be enough to make up for the disruption.

"What are you smirking about?"

Snape jumped as arms slid around his waist, yanking him smartly back against a very familiar chest.

"Oh just picturing the looks on a certain pair of students faces when they see what I have in store for their detention tonight…"

"Come up with something nasty have you?"

"Didn't need to…..the second years did that for me"

A low laugh sounded in the room, warm breath ruffling the long strands of raven hair. Fingers traced patterns on Snape's chest and even through the thick fabric of his robes the Potions Professor could feel the heat. A shiver ran through him and he pulled out of the hold to spin around.

Staring into a very familiar face Snape came as close to smiling as he ever did and wrapped his arms around the other man's neck.

"Going to be suitably tormenting are you?"

"Mmm…..that was the plan…."

"Would it be wrong to say….good?"

"I won't tell if you don't"


Sirius tangled his fingers in the collar length black hair and held the Professor in place as he pressed their lips together. The kiss quickly turned hungry, both desperate to taste the other. Their tongues tangled as each of them fought for dominance. Tightening his hold around his lover's waist Sirius forced them back a few steps until they collided with the solid wood of the desk. Breaking the kiss Sirius placed his hands against the Potions Master's chest and pushed him backwards until he sprawled on the flat surface, sending stacks of parchment fluttering ignored to the floor. Working his hands into the fastening of Severus's robes the Marauder grinned ferally down into his lover's face.

"When's your next class?"

"Not for another hour"

"The we'd better make the most of it hadn't we…."


Pulling the thick black fabric apart Sirius leaned forward to taste the expanse of pale white flesh that had been revealed to his eager gaze. Slowly he traced the tip of his tongue around on flat pale pink nipple, smirking at the faint catch of breath in his lover's throat. Rubbing the palm of his hand against the swelling bulge in the Potions Master's trousers he met the intense black orbs with his own.

"Let's see if I can improve your mood…."

Harry walked slowly down the corridor, part of his attention listening to Neville's happy ramblings about his newest reading materials. The rest of his mind was gnawing furiously on the problem posed by his blonde friend.

Harry had quickly come to notice that whenever he set eyes on the Slytherin a warm sensation swept over him, along with a quivering feeling in his stomach.

"I've bloody fallen for him!….."


Stunned emerald orbs stared up into Neville's curious face.

"Did you say something?"

"Huh?…Oh no Nev….nothing…."

..What do I do now?…..

With a vague gesture to Neville the brunette Gryffindor led the way towards the greenhouses and Neville's favourite lesson, Herbology. Standing in front of the long troughs of earth Harry stared and the wiggling dirt as he tried and failed to keep his mind on Professor Sprout's instructions and not on the blonde who was standing directly opposite him. Chancing a quick glance in Draco's direction Harry let his gaze slide over Pansy and Blaise before focusing on his favourite Slytherin.

Draco was also staring at the earth with a faint expression of disgust on his face. The topic of their lesson looked decidedly unpleasant. He sensed rather then felt eyes on him and snapped his head up just in time for his silver eyes to lock with a pair of intense emerald orbs. His heart fluttered in his chest as he studied the brunette's handsome face. What he wouldn't give to run his fingers over each strong feature. An elbow in the ribs shocked him out of the light trance he had fallen into and he whipped around to glare at Blaise. His fellow Slytherin nodded discretely towards their Professor and the blonde turned enough to look the woman in the face.

"Since you're clearly not paying attention Mr Malfoy it must be because you already know the answer. So I'll ask you to tell the class what the main use for Zingle Weed is"

Silver orbs widened in consternation. Out of the corner of his eye he caught the tiny wave Neville gave him. Throwing a quick glance at the Gryffindor and smirked as the other youth mouthed the answer to him.

"Zingle Weed is used as an anti-coagulant to stem the blood loss from incised wounds"

Professor Sprout blinked at him for a second before nodding.

"Quite right Mr Malfoy….ten points to Slytherin"

Draco threw a grateful look at Neville and got a smile from both him and Harry in return. Focusing his attention on the teacher he made a quick mental note to thank the Gryffindor after class. After all it gave him an excuse to go and talk to Harry as well.

Moans filled the Potions Master's quarters as his fingernails raked down the sweat streaked back of his lover. Sirius covered Severus's mouth hungrily, swallowing the delicious noises as he continued to thrust steadily into the warm, willing body stretched out beneath him. Severus tangled his fingers in the silky strands of his marauder's hair, holding him closely to him. Heat shimmered between them, desire pooled in the pit of the Potions Master's stomach as he rocked his hips desperately against his lover's. Tearing his mouth away Sirius stared down into his partner's face, intent on seeing the expressions the flowed over the beloved features as he drove Severus to climax.

Pleasure contorted the Potions Master's face as his release crashed over him. His nails dragged bloody scratches down Sirius's back as he threw his head back and let out a ragged scream. The sight of his lover lost in his pleasure combined with the powerful contractions around his swollen cock was more then enough to fling the marauder into his own climax. Emptying himself the hot channel he slumped forward, panting for breath as Severus's arms wrapped around him and held him tightly to the pale, muscled chest.

"So did I improve your mood?"

"Mmm…it was quite satisfactory…."

"Heh…glad you approve…"

Carefully Sirius rolled off his lover, pulling out carefully as he went. Propping himself on his elbow he traced the sweaty features with a gentle finger as ebony orbs gazed into his.

"I have a class soon…."

"Yeah you do…."

"And a detention to oversee…"

A wicked grin split the raven-haired marauder's face.

"I hope you'll be…up to par shall we say?"

A smirk tilted the corner of the Potions Professor's face as he slowly sat up, stretching and made his way towards the bathroom.

"Do you expect anything else?"

"Not from you Severus…never from you…"

Harry walked swiftly towards the Great Hall with Neville on his heels. Ducking through the open door he made a beeline for the Gryffindor table and settled down in his customary seat at the end. Neville dropped down opposite him and together they crane their necks to see the teacher's table at the front of the Hall. So far only Professors Mcgonagall and Sprout along with Madam Pomfrey were seated. Exchanging a glance with Neville the two Gryffindors watched as Ron, Hermione, Ginny as well as several of their other housemates filed into the Hall and took their seats. Harry bit back a smile as he imagined the looks on their faces when the announcement was made.

.They're really not going to like this….not one bit!….

Draco swept into the hall followed by his friends. Together they sat down at the Slytherin table and Harry nodded to them, returning the slight smiles they offered him before smiling more widely at the blonde. Toying with his fork Harry decided that there had actually been a couple of upsides to his friends turning on him. After all if they hadn't then he and Neville wouldn't of become as close as they had, he wouldn't of become friends with Draco and he would never of even dreamed of talking to the other Slytherins, but now they were slowly getting to know each other. It was something that made the Gryffindor realise that he had a reason to smile every morning.

The rest of the faculty took their places at the table. Whispers sprang up around the hall as all eyes noticed the empty space beside Professor Snape. The fact that there was a place setting there meant that the new DADA teacher had been hired and the entire student body was curious to know who it was.

Professor Dumbledore walked slowly through the door behind the table and stood with his hands behind his back, looking out across the now quiet students.

"Now I'm sure that you've all noticed that there is an empty seat here at the table"

A faint murmur of consent swept over the room as nods met his statement.

"That is because we finally have a new DADA Professor….starting tomorrow you will all be taking lessons with…"

A dark-haired figure stepped through the same door as the headmaster spoke, moving past the table to stand at the elderly wizard's side.

"….Professor Sirius Black. I hope you all welcome him"

Applause rang out in the hall, the loudest coming from Harry and Neville, as well as surprisingly the Slytherin table. Shifting in his seat Harry stared down the table until he could get a good look at Ron and Hermione's faces. Absolute horror had spread across their features, mirrored by several other of Harry's old so-called friends and they were throwing disbelieving glances at the still quiet figure as well as at each other.

Sirius took a step forward, a faint smirk on his face.

"I'd like you all to know how glad I am to be here…..and I hope that I will be your DADA teacher for a long time to come!"

Harry grinned as Ron's face turned a pale shade of green, while Hermione had lost every scrap of colour.

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