5 Senses- Smell

5 senses and up to 10 one shots about each sense

"Merton went down paler than ever and panting hard as the blood slowly trickled out of the wound. Tommy stood over his dieing friend and howled out loud as he kneels down and scoops Merton up in his arms his wolf sense going into overdrive with the smell of the boy so close to him until all Tommy could smell was the saltiness of blood from Merton. The Goth tried to say something but he couldn't get the words out his mouth imitating a fish until his eyes rolled back into his head and his mouth stopped moving…"

The werewolf woke up screaming with tears pouring down his face as he remembered the dream. Fear clouded his mind as he all he smelt was blood…Merton's blood …he jumped up out of bed and pulled on his shoes and took off running all the way to the Dingle household not noticing how dark it was until he made his way into Merton's Lair a.k.a the Dingles basement.

He stood there in gloom and saw Merton sleeping in his bed so Tommy leant over and gently shook the Goth awake Merton mumbled and slowly woke up to see Tommy leaning over him. Merton woke up slightly and noticed the time and decided to question the werewolf why he had to wake Merton up at 2 am?

Tommy looked shocked and tried to explain the dream to the smaller boy half way through the werewolf began to cry and Merton wiped the tears off his face and said that it is alright and pulled the footballer into his bed next to him as he held onto the larger boy Tommy gripped back and for the first time smiled as Merton's scent washed all over him. Tommy finished the story about how he ran here to check he was alright.

Tommy continued to smile until the Goth asked Tommy whether he always run through town in his boxers with a smirk. The werewolf responded with a bright red face but Merton didn't care and cuddled up next to the werewolf Tommy just realised what time it was and curled up with the Goth falling to sleep next to each other in between Merton's black silk sheets wrapped in each others arms.

Authors note: Not mine also am thinking of writing a sister piece drabble mainly about the reaction of each dingle when discovering the boys together tell me what you think plz!