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Chapter One

The museum stood proud in the dark of the night, it's light's shining brilliantly in the gloom. All was quiet and not even a solitary car passed by the stone structure. Any sensible person would have been home in bed asleep unless they really had to be, this was not an hour for being awake.

This museum had a proud heritage, one of the oldest in the world in fact, and filled with rare and exquisite artefacts. This of course made it the perfect target. For a thief that stood under the shade of a tree opposite the museum loved rare and exquisite artefacts. They were special and he loved special things.

The black clad figure looked down at his watch; there were only forty seconds until what he waited for occurred. A small smile lingered on his features as he watched the second hand on his watch traverse the disc.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1….

The lights in the museum went off, as did those of all the neighbouring buildings and then the entire city block went dark. With an almost calm demeanour the thief moved towards the building, he had expected they would have a temporary backup generator, but it seemed this was not the case, shocking lapse in security. But it made his job easier; it was a shame that he didn't want it easy.

The corridor was dark, so dark in fact that he could barely see his hand in front of his face. This was all to the good however, if he couldn't see then neither could the guards… or the cameras. It was such a shame that the power cut had hit when it did He clamped a black gloved hand over his mouth attempting to stem his laughter, he couldn't help it. He hadn't thought his plan would have worked so effectively.

Oh wait… had he said he couldn't see? He could see, when he wanted to. The only item he had ever stolen, well stolen permanently was the pair of night vision goggles. He brought them up to his eyes and checked the corridor was completely clear, and to memorise the layout of all the display pieces. He didn't use them all the time, that would have been cheating, the guards didn't have them and he did have some rules to keep. He wasn't a criminal.

... Well alright maybe he was, he conceded, as he crept down the corridor, the goggles once more attached to his belt. He did steal things, and not just that he broke into museums and galleries around the world… but he never kept the items he stole. True it was part of the fun to return them the next night, but he never stole for monetary purposes or to keep what he took. It was all for the challenge.

The sudden beam of a torch lit the corridor and he started back and ducked into an alcove nearby. He bit his lip as the beam illuminated the toe of his shoe.

'Stupid, utterly stupid,' Light thought as the guard moved closer and then past him, just what were they teaching the guards these days? Daydreaming and obliviousness it seemed. He didn't like it, this it made it all too easy for him.

He shook himself quickly turning back to his cause, darting into the gloom of the corridor once more. He was close now he knew from his earlier visit to scope out the museum. The real challenge now lay before him, this was the centre piece of the game. It was relatively easy to sneak in to a museum, but getting a priceless artefact out of the case was the hardest part.

He loved it.

But then he wouldn't have done this if he didn't. Doing this was one of the few pleasures in his life, his normal life out with all the mundane people in the world bored him senseless… if he didn't do this he was sure he would go mad. Or he was mad and perhaps this was why he did these things.

His dismal thoughts ceased as he finally stared down at the treasure he wanted to study a little more closely than was normally allowed. Not something overly delicate, he didn't want to destroy what he took, but they were still rare and unusual. With great care he extracted the lacquered box with intricate pearl and lighter wood inlay, it was stunning. It was also over a thousand years old, and the most delicate item he had to try to run off with.

This was why he had the back pack of course.

With hurried movements, he knew he didn't have much time left the power cut he had instigated would be ending soon; he brought out the foam lined box and carefully cut the foam to fit. The inlaid box sat snugly inside and wouldn't rattle around. It would be safe.

He allowed himself a small smile and returned the case to the bag, shouldering it once more.

His smile turned into a smirk then as he brought out his calling card, a completely black business card with a shining silver crescent moon glittering in near the top left corner. He would write nothing on it of course, he liked his handwriting to be unknown to the detectives of the world. Just because he wanted to comment on the grievous security, they hadn't come by once as he had worked on the case, didn't mean he was going to do so.

With great ceremony he placed the card in the place where the box had once stood and replaced everything the way it was. Then nodding slightly in accomplishment he turned and fled back the way he had come.

For a little while at least his world wouldn't be as boring as it usually would. Tonight Light Yagami had something to occupy his attention other than the rot growing in the world, he would have something beautiful to study, something proving the magnificence and genius of mankind.

Light smiled down at his newest prize, it shone beautifully from its place on his hotel desk. Carefully he moved closer and, out of sheer curiosity, opened the box with a gloved finger. His eyes widened and he felt a shiver of fear go through him at what lay inside. A pure white envelope addressed to him; well addressed to 'the thief', he was pretty sure that meant him. How had anyone known this would be the item he would pick? Unless they had put letters with everything, but he hadn't seen any sign…

With a frown he tore open the seal, his worry increasing at the white business card that fell out the black L emblazoned on the front showing just how vexing his criminal activity had become. It seemed he had attracted the attention of the greatest detective in the world. This had made the game far more interesting, but potentially too dangerous.

Light sighed and turned to the letter.

Dear thief,

As you have left calling cards showing your footsteps through the world's museums, I felt it proper to inform you of my interest in your activities and leave you a calling card of my own. I am sure someone of your calibre has heard of me, so I suspect a little reassurance is in order. I do this for my own interest as I am sure you do in your theft, the police do not know of my involvement.

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow night. For I shall be waiting for you thief, you cannot stay away I know, for you must return the item. If you do not return to the museum tomorrow night I will inform the police of my involvement.

The choice is yours thief.



For a moment Light sat in silence staring at the letter his mind a blank as he absently twirled the business card around in his fingers.

Ah," Light thought. 'What should I do now?'