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Chapter 19

"So Light," L whispered as he pulled back, face flushed and lips trembling; displaying more emotion in that one expression than he had ever given to any of the residents of the place he called his home, "What was this fourth option?"

"L," Light said slowly, his face suddenly becoming serious, "All your options took into account your life and my 'hobby', but none of them took into account my responsibilities. I can understand why you didn't, you don't know about them, not really, and I've already told you how much some of those responsibilities bore me. Despite all this though I can't just abandon them."

Light could tell from the look on L's face that the usually adept detective was in the dark when it came to such a motive; though he knew that L must work tirelessly to support everyone that lived here, a great responsibility in itself. The detective before him was intelligent in many ways, but yet he was still very much a child in others. Light smiled up at the still baffled looking man as he realised that this naivety, this ever present innocence, was one of the reasons he loved him. It made L special. His smile broadened as L smiled back at him, though it faltered at L's next statement.

"I don't believe that was an explanation," L commented, "Do thoughts of your family lower you intelligence level?"

"No L," Light replied, impressed at his own quick thinking added, "You lower my intelligence level."

To Light's happy delight L actually blushed and shifted forward slightly almost as if he was going to bury his head against the brunette's shoulder.

"My plan L," Light said softly, "Was more a combination of those you suggested before than an entirely new one. I would still work for the paper, but I would also work for you. My suggestion is that we turn my activities 'legitimate', because the police must still be after me; and growing more and more confused as to why you are not involved. L, what if you were to make a general announcement about general concern about the security and safety of many valued establishments worldwide? Would it be possible for you to say that you organised my 'activities' to see if there was indeed such a lack of security at such places? You could say you have discovered that your fears were true, and therefore are offering a new service, through a representative, for people to test their current security... practically."

Light knew he had breached a potentially difficult subject with L, this was something that might change L's status in the eyes of the world. If there was one thing he knew to be true about L it was that his status in the eyes of the world, particularly the police, had to be something important to him. It was one of the pillars that supported the genius in his chosen career. Therefore he was unsurprised when L's face became completely serious and resembled the look he had first seen on the detective's face when he had met him... Light only hoped that the detective would think about this with the wonderful logic that he was known for, and not with the emotions he seemed to only just be learning how to use.

"Is Light telling me that he wants to continue his hobby on a much grander scale under the safety of my name?" L said after a while, and for a moment he stared down at the cold tiles of the room. Light forced himself to nod in response to L's question and not say anything; he didn't want to risk saying anything that could undermine the thought process occurring in L's head, it was too important a decision.

"You're right," L said at last, his voice filled with the same tone of logic and the slightest trace of self depreciation. Light, "This is the only way things could have worked. While this move would only be considered unusual by those who already work for me, it would be thought downright illogical for me to not to act on a case like this. The museum thefts you are responsible for are not the sort of crime I would ignore, they are too high profile and too clever for me to have ever ignored. How I had forgotten this I do not know... I can only imagine that because I do not view you as a criminal I had forgotten that you had in fact committed crimes..."

"Now who's intelligence level is falling?" Light commented, unable to hold back the words of the small laugh that accompanied it. For a moment L's face darkened, and Light wondered if he had stepped too far; the one thing he didn't want was for the detective to ever think that he undervalued his intelligence. Then the black haired man's face brightened and he glanced at Light through the long strands that fell over his eyes.

"I believe you have already supplied the answer to that question yourself," L murmured, and he smiled slightly. "I do find I have one question though. Will you truly be happy to be working on such a task? You have always seemed to appreciate the spontaneity and surprise that your 'hobby' gave you before. This was some people know you are coming and there is no penalty if you go wrong. I can't help but wonder if your boredom will return."

Light sighed at all that L said, and for a moment he wished they didn't have to be so serious every time they met. He wanted a little time at least when he and L could just spend time together and not have anything to worry about. He also knew the answer to the detective's question all too well.

"If you had not found me an interesting curiosity and had tracked me down only to talk to me, instead of operating as the detective you truly are... I know you're not using anywhere near your full ability to think around me... I would be in jail," Light said softly, his face darkening, "I think my luck has run out by now don't you?"

To Light's surprise L's hands cupped his face and turned his face upwards.

"Light, even had our relationship remained platonic I would still have given you the choice of working for me. Your skills are too good to be squandered in jail," L said, "No matter what choice you had made when I first told you of my interest you were safe from me at least... Things just became more complicated than I had first thought."

"You make it sound like you have pulled such stunts as you did with me before," Light whispered, he felt strangely jealous at L's words of his actions not being the first time he had done such things.

"Light, I didn't have midnight sessions of Afternoon tea with them, or even meet them in person when I recruited them," L said hurriedly his grip tightening slightly on Light's face, feeling panic surge through him as he saw Light's eyes darken, "They all panicked when they received my note, you are the only one that didn't."

"The only one?" Light asked, and he felt annoyed with himself for how weak his voice sounded. It wasn't as though L had cared that he had past lovers, and now he was feeling jealous about L having talked to someone in the past?

"The only one," L verified. He felt strangely touched that Light cared so deeply for him that he would sound so defensive and protective; he supposed such a reaction only didn't scare him because he knew Light would never act upon it in any way he didn't want. Absently he ran his thumb across Light's cheek, taking great delight in touching his lover again. It had been too long since he had last seen Light, and to know that Light still wanted him, had thought through all this to be with him.

L gasped as he was suddenly pulled down onto Light's lap, hands running up his back to fist in his hair before descending to pull him close to the warm body beneath him. He barely noticed this though, so absorbed as he was with the mouth that was claiming his so desperately. The detective groaned into the kiss, his already bruised lips parting and allowing his dextrous partners tongue to gain entrance. His own shaking tongue rose and attempted to fight the invader, but the intoxication of being so close to someone was once again proving too much and he was almost nothing but a helpless victim to Light's fervent touches. And L loved every second of it.

His pleasure was interrupted though as Light broke through the kiss to gasp hastily,

"I don't know where I'm going to live though, why can I live? I don't have a home of my own, and I'm not sure you would want..."

Light trailed off as he saw the stern look, almost of betrayal, that he was suddenly receiving from L.

"I had rather assumed that you would now be coming to live with me," L murmured, his voice trembling with pent up emotion and sudden unfamiliar uncertainty, "Particularly with your display tonight... I know I could potentially be difficult to live with, at least I think Wammy would say -"

"So you would want me to live with you?" Light asked, hurriedly interrupting L, his voice filled with quiet shock.

"When did I give you the impression I would not?" L whispered, his mood becoming even more gloomy. He couldn't fathom why his partner was always trying to make the situation so complicated. Tonight the detective was all for taking the simple route and sorting out the issues later; he just wanted to spend time with Light, be close to Light, a month had really been too long for them to be apart.

"You move around with your cases so often," Light said quietly, and L finally understood what Light had been unable to word. Despite their plans their jobs were still going to separate them; but it dawned on L very quickly that it didn't have to be that way at all.

"Light, by the very nature of working openly for me as 'Tsuki', we can travel together wherever we go. You have been given no defined destination by the newspaper you work for and I have many aliases as L; we can travel together if we need to," L said slowly, "this can work."

Light nodded happily, comprehension evident in his eyes. L's plan really could work, they could be together, everything would work out.

"Who knows, I may even let you help on cases," L added with a sly grin, his voice filled with sudden heat, before adding quickly, "Any questions? No, good."

Light gave a startled sound of surprise as L's mouth found his once more and the detective's dextrous fingers threaded through his hair and pressed tight against his scalp. He responded avidly to the attention, reading L's need for what it was and he couldn't deny it. He was also feeling that need, even if he had attempted rationality beforehand. He had missed L, truly missed him, Light realised, and without him it was as if someone had removed his supply of oxygen or something equally vital to life. It was unbearable. After meeting L he had realised how suffocated he was usually around everyone else. No one could measure up to the detective. He groaned into the kiss, his growing arousal deepening to the point where all he could think of was throwing the dark-haired man onto the desk behind him and taking him right there. To Light's relief L took that moment to speak; Light knew L would never truly appreciate such a forceful action, not yet.

"We should perhaps continue this elsewhere," L murmured, his voice breathy and shaking as Light distracted him by running his hands up underneath his shirt to finally caress the detective's pale skin.

"This is your house," Light replied, smiling up at L's startled expression as his hands shifted to caress L's chest and rubbed gently across L's smooth flesh, "I think you should lead the way."

It barely took a few stumbling minutes for the two men to stumble along the conspicuously empty corridor to L's rooms. Light's hand held tight in his as he led him quickly towards his target. He gave the thief an almost bashful smile as the door closed behind him, and his thumb moved in hesitant circles on Light's skin.

It was obvious the detective was nervous about his inner sanctum being seen by him, and Light couldn't help moving close to him and holding him close to lay gentle kisses on his forehead. He wanted far more than this, but he had seen L's nerves before and he had no wish to awaken them again. He smiled as L's arms came round him and his lithe, warm form pressed up against him, proving to Light that L's nerves had in no way affected how he was feeling.

"You're the first person besides Wammy who has ever been in here," L commented as he pulled back from Light a little and led him deeper into the room towards what had to be the room they both wanted.

"I'm honoured," Light murmured, feeling a warm heat spread through his stomach, he had known before L had spoken that it had been the case. But for L to have the trust he had in him to tell him it.

"Well you already broke into the other area," L sighed, before adding with a laugh, "I suspected it was only a matter of time."

"Oh I don't know," Light added, giving L a wry smile, "those cases of yours were very distracting."

"I had noticed you were looking through my confidential files," L countered, "I hope you are not seriously suggesting a career change. We have only just managed to come up with a plan to deal with your last career choice."

Light sighed and pushed L down onto the bed, following him down soon after and kissing the man he had been so grateful to have the opportunity to meet.

"I thought you called it a hobby," Light murmured, as he pulled away, hands roaming the body beneath him and working at fastenings, and pulling at cloth. Barely noticing the hands that were moving across his own frame.

"Previously, but not with our plan it is not," L said with a small smile as he pulled Light's shirt from his shoulders and tossed the black fabric into a corner, "You have also not answered my question."

"I didn't believe I had to," Light laughed, speaking as best he could between laughs and laying kisses on L's stomach with hands running through his once neat hair, "I think my career choice is much more fun."

L smiled up at the ceiling above him as he leant into Light's administrations. For once in his life he didn't have a clear idea of what the future held, or any percentages as to how this could turn out, but he found that with Light in the picture he didn't care. Having the thief around made the surprising fun. He knew that whatever happened they could make it work, they were both too intelligent to let something this good be lost.

He doubted either of them would be bored again.

The End.