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Tsunade tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for the parents to trickle into her office. School would start soon and she wanted to have them informed and ready before that happened. She fiddled with the sleeve of her shirt absently as she craned her neck to see if anyone was coming and thankfully she saw the Harunos climbing up the school steps. Mrs. Haruno had bubble gum pink hair like her daughter and was wearing a tight highlighter pink jogging suit while Mr. Haruno was wearing a business suit. Tsunade stiffened up and shook both of their hands as they finally made it up the steps.

"Welcome to Kohana High." Tsunade greeted.

"Hello Tsunade! We're thrilled that you've asked us here! I've always wondered what my baby did all day." Mrs. Haruno said in an obnoxiously nasally voice.

Mr. Haruno stayed quiet, it was obvious who would do the talking for the two. Shikaku Nara slunk up the steps to the school and Tsunade gave him her customary greeting only to be yawned at. Her left eye twitched in annoyance and she was about to say something when Hisashi Hyugaa, Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, and Yodaime appeared.

"Welcome to Kohana High!" Tsunade greeted as she shook each of their hands.

All of the parents that answered her letters were here. She was afraid that no one would answer them, finally something could be done about these unruly children.

"As you all know I have called you here about your children. Now I know you believe that each one is an angel, and they're all precious. But there are some behaviors that I don't condone nor know how to punish. As their parents you have full jurisdiction over that matter. Video cameras have been placed all around the school so you can see what exactly goes on during their day." Tsunade informed the parents.

"Have any of you told your children you'd be here?" Tsunade asked and all of the parents shook their heads. "Good. Also, have you planted the uniforms that will give us sound on them?" the parents nodded. "Now follow me to my office to where I have the televisions and chairs all set up."

The parents filed into Tsunade's office and took their seats in front of several large televisions.

"Oooh! This is so exciting!" Mrs. Haruno squealed as the students started coming into the school.

The adults turned their attention to the television focused on the school yard to see Naruto coming into the school gates with Sasuke.

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