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Chapter 3

A Surprising Engagement

It was silent in Tsunade's office. The calm before a storm and as soon as the two business mogul's caught their bearings they were jumping down each other's throats, and Tsunade's.

"How could you let something like this happen!" Hisashi demanded and Tsunade just shrugged.

"Other kids do stuff like that all the time, just because they're your children doesn't mean I shouldn't let them be together. The only problems I have with them are their arguments, which damage school property and disrupt the classroom." Tsunade explained but her reasons didn't pacify the Hyugaa and Uchiha.

"No! I'm going down to that classroom now and taking my daughter out of this school!" Hisashi roared and made his way towards the door.

"Afraid that my boy will find some one better than Hinata or that Hinata's not good enough for him?" Fugaku smirked and Hisashi glared at him.

"No. I'm just making sure my daughter doesn't catch anything from that gay playboy of a son you have." Hisashi sneered.

Fugaku jumped up out of his seat immediately and lunged for Hisashi only to be held back by Minato.

"No one's going anywhere!"Tsunade snapped and with a glare so deadly both men cowered back into their seats. "Now pay attention."

The 'adults' turned their attention back to the television to see their children back in class. Shikamaru was sleeping while Naruto was shooting spit balls at the back of Chouji's head. Hinata had gone back to her reading and fidgeted a bit , trying to control herself from punching Sakura's face in. said girl was shamelessly flirting with Sasuke who looked severely annoyed.

"Thats the boy she keeps talking about!"Mrs. Haruno squeaked. "I think she goes better with him than your daughter, Hisashi."

"What are you trying to say Haruno?" Mikoto asked threateningly and Mrs. Haruno became flustered.


"So Sasuke-kun, do you wanna go out sometime?" Sakura asked as she fluttered her eye lashes.

"No." Sasuke grunted as he tried to concentrate on his work but that was hard seeing as Sakura kept raking her nails up and down his arm.

"Why? You know we can have fun together."Sakura purred. "She can't do half the things I can."

"I'm sure you can, seeing as how you've fucked the football team." Sasuke snorted but Sakura only giggled.

"I have experience. She doesn't. I'm much smarter than her and way prettier. I've known you way longer and when her father takes her away from you, you know I'll still be here." Sakura whispered huskily as Sasuke clenched and unclenched his fists.

Thankfully the bell rang and Sasuke was out of the classroom quick as a wink. Sakura pouted and crossed her arms moodily as Ino came up beside her, both of them staring at Sasuke's retreating back.

"Wow Sakura." Ino said in awe. "You really lay it on thick, don't cha think?"

"What does that Hyugaa chick have that I don't!" Sakura pouted as she glared at Hinata who was packing her things.

"Well for one thing. Breasts." Ino smirked and walked off.

Sakura scoffed and walked off after her.

"Like I said before, that Sakura girl's not too nice." Mikoto whispered to her husband.

Minato and Shikaku tried to keep from laughing and Mikoto's comment and from Ino's. It was true though, Sakura Haruno was about as flat as a ten year old boy. The next two hours went off with out a hitch, except for the occasional prank by Naruto and Kiba. Tsunade was growing increasingly suspicious though, this was abnormal for the children. There was normally more going on but instead they weren't doing much. She made sure to watch Shikamaru, he was always the mastermind when things went wrong. Sure the pranks were funny but they gave her such a migraine.

It was lunch time now and all of the kids were wandering into the cafeteria. Each one of them got their food and all sat at the same table like normal only today was different, Sakura sat herself down on Sasuke's lap. Sasuke ignored her but Hinata was having a hard time downing her food.

"So Sasuke what time are you coming over?" Sakura asked suggestively.

"Sasuke's not going anywhere with you." Hinata mumbled under her breath but Sakura and the rest of the office heard her loud and clear.

"I believe I asked Sasuke not you." Sakura sneered and began to play with Sasuke's hair only to have him grab her wrist.

She stopped playing with his hair but didn't get up from the youngest Uchiha's lap until Sasuke physically took her off of his lap. Instead she went on chattering in his ear. The rest of the table looked warily between the party of three, wondering if today was going to be the day one of the two ravens cracked. Finally it appeared that Hinata finally had enough. She forcefully got up from her seat and slammed her hands down onto the table.

"Sakura I'm tired of you! You do this everyday and I'm sick and tired of you hitting on my boyfriend!" Hinata declared but Sakura only rolled her eyes.

"You're not his girlfriend, just a booty call." Sakura sneered. "He needs a real woman, not a little girl."

Most of the table was shocked at Sakura's words but none were shocked that Sasuke was doing nothing to sooth the argument. Sakura needed to put in her place and Hinata was just the person to do that. Plus Sakura never listened to Sasuke's many protests anyway.

"Plus how could love you? If anything you're just something to keep him occupied until he opens his eyes to see that I am the one for him, not you. You're just a play thing." Sakura smirked as she placed a hand on the Uchiha's shoulder.

"Really? Really now Haruno?" Hinata hiss condescendingly.

Normally Sasuke would've shaken Sakura's hand off but he was too distracted by the wide range of emotions flit across her face, but mostly her face showed rage. And then it dawned on Sasuke what she was bound to do. Dammit. He wanted to keep it a secret until graduation. Hinata kept a glaring eye contact with the pink haired girl as she took a silver chain out from under her shirt and on the end of the necklace was a white gold ring with three large princess cut diamonds.

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