Ok well here's the epilogue to Dawn of Insanity, just a small background that clears things up a bit. Thanks again to Nixxii Cullen who's been very supportive :) enjoy xxx

"Well Miss Brandon, I think we're done for the day. Call your mother through and we can discuss future appointments." Alice rose slowly and walked out of the door and into the putrid green waiting area.

"Mom, she wants a word." Sighing, her mother rose and walked in the direction Alice had come from. "Like hell she wants a word," Alice's brain was swimming. "She probably wants me sent to some god forsaken institution." The two women's voices buzzed behind the thin wall, random words standing out more than others. 'The situation', Alice thought 'has been blown completely out of proportion'.

It had been a normal day in the grey town of Forks. School had dragged itself out in a painful way, boredom bringing itself in a somewhat resentful way to the forefront of her mind. The same screams and shouts from the uncivilised mass that were her class mates still put her teeth on edge and she socialised with the same six people as always. She assumed the incident that had brought her to the shrink's office was what had occurred on the sports field. James and Bella were standing off in a corner to themselves, with Edward looking mournfully at the two as usual. Edwards' feelings were no secret and the girls generally ignored his continual sighs. James was looking very sexy today. Edwards' infatuated gaze gave her an idea. "Bella, can I talk to you?" She stumbled over looking confused.

"Hey sweetie, what's up?" Alice took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"James…he, he doesn't love you. He told me yesterday. He's been cheating on you. I'm so sorry, it's just, you're such a good friend, I…I thought you should know…I'm sorry hun." Tears were streaming down Bella's face, James saw and began to run over.

"Leave me alone James, I never want to speak to you again!" Leaving a dumbstruck James and a group of concerned and perplexed friends she ran, Edward following shortly after.

She only wanted him. Didn't she deserve just that? Hadn't she helped him in the first place? Breathing deeply she reasoned that she hadn't done anything truly wrong. Sure, she'd been quieter over the past few months. And she wasn't eating as much. But how was she meant to concentrate on anything other than her 'soul mate' sleeping with one of her best friends? 'Well no more' she thought with a smug smile.

"Alice dear, do you want to come through? We're going to discuss your future treatments." The door swung shut, leaving Alice cowering. She dragged herself through the door, expecting two men in white coats. The shrink smiled in what was meant to be a warm reassuring way, but seemed too forced.

"Sweetheart, Miss Blake wants you to return here once a month for an appointment. We want to get you out of this…ditch you've gotten yourself stuck in." The room was spinning. This is it. The end of her freedom. The end of life as she knew it. She ran. Past the reception desk, through the door. She ran and never looked back.