This is the story of what was happening before season one of NCIS. This is the story of a relationship that changed humor in NCIS. This is the story of Tony and Abby.

Tony sitting at his desk asks as Gibbs walks in, "hey boss! Any cases today?"

Gibbs: Tony if there was a case I would have already done this… *Gibbs slaps Tony*

Tony: right boss of course. Um then I guess ill just go see what Abby is doing

Gibbs: fine, go, I don't care.

Abby: Tony! Do we have a case today? they give a quick hug

Tony: nope… so whach ya doing?

Abby: oh not much I'm just playing on the computer

Tony: are you doing anything that I would understand?

Abby: well…um…no, not really

Tony: well then, do you know how to play foosball?

Abby: Tony, I'm disappointed in you. Of course I play foosball

Tony: I think the table down in the lounge was fixed

Abby: I'll play you. I kick ass at foosball

Tony: I don't believe it, Abby play foosball? I thought that you only do nerd stuff and sleep in your coffin.

Abby: Last one to the lounge serves! (Abby runs for the elevator)

Tony: Aww! Abs that was cold. Now I have to take the stairs.

Abby: Hey you could use the exercise (then the doors close)

Tony finally gets to the lounge huffing and puffing

Abby: wow took you long enough

Tony: I was working out all night and my legs are sore

Abby: sure Tony. What ever you say. Just get over here and serve

Tony: geesh cant I catch my breath?

Abby: no


Tony: Ok one more and I'm done. You do know that I just let you win right?

Abby: Sure you did Tony. So what are we betting now? You already have to buy me lunch for the next 2 weeks and you have to pick up my dry cleaning for a month.

Tony: And you took all of my cash.

Abby: you act as if it was more than 10 bucks

Tony: so what are we betting on? Or can we take a break?

Abby: you just took a break 5 minutes ago

Tony: did not… it was more like 15 minutes

Abby: what ever

Tony and Abby sit next to each other

Abby: I need a CafPow

Tony: You have already had like…8……that's…….give me a sec…

Abby: that's 2 every hour or 1 every half hour or ½ every 15 minutes or ¼ every 7 ½ minutes and the cup is 44 oz. So ½ would be 22 oz. and ¼ would be 11 oz. an-

Tony: Yah yah yah I get it Abs.

Abby: THAT'S IT! We could play for a CafPow.

Tony: Or I could just buy you one.

Abby: but that would take out all the fun of beating your ass.

Tony: Yah like I need more shame.

Abby: true. I mean look at the statistics, I won 14 times and lost 3 (I'm not going to mention that I just felt bad for you and let you win those)-

Tony: OK! Abby, I get it. I suck.

Abby: No I'm just better then you are.

Tony: sigh

Abby: Do you need a hug?

Tony: no, but do I have a choice?

Abby: Not really. *Abby hugs Tony, but as they hug they feel a connection and latch onto each other*

Tony: Wow this actually feels kinda nice.

Abby: Yah, your right. I feel the same way I did when I drank 14 Red Bull and 19 CafPow. at my one friend's party.

Tony: what? You have to pee?

Abby: No silly I feel like… I don't know…. I feel like I'm on a cloud on a breezy day.

Tony: Yah that's how I feel too. *Tony leans back so that he can see into Abby's face, and when he does he feels the need to lean in and kiss her; Abby looks into Tony's eyes and feels the same need, but instead off just sitting there like Tony does Abby makes the move and leans forward*

*They Kiss*

*they break away*

Abby: Wow Tony I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me. I jus-

*Tony kisses Abby again*

Tony: Don't be sorry.