A/N: Hey everyone this is my first Twilight fic! I hope its good and you like it! I tried to capture everyone's personalities but I'm not Stephenie Meyer so…

Darkness fell over the rainy city of Forks, Washington. It was the middle of the night and everyone in the small town was fast asleep.

Except for one family.

Down a ways from the main roads, a lone house stood. In that house, two figures crept in the darkness. One of the figures was a dark haired, tall, burly man. His partner was a smaller female with long brown hair. The dark haired one turned to the female and grinned evilly. The other nodded, grinning back. They both locked their eyes on the object of their desire sitting comfortably in a chair in the main room. They made quick, quiet strides through the house and snuck through the house and towards him. They slipped into the room, hiding in the shadows and very quietly began to sneak up on their prey.

"Hello Emmett."

The dark haired one stomped his foot and frowned. "Aw come on Edward!"

Edward chuckled and turned in his chair to look at him. "Honestly Emmett. Sneaking up on a vampire with mind reading capabilities? I thought you knew better than that."

Emmett huphed. "I thought it would work." He grumbled dejectedly, crossing his arms.

Edward smirked and turned his attention to the female. "Renesmee, what are you doing up?"

Renesmee sighed and gave him an exasperated look. "Dad, just because I'm partly human doesn't mean I need to sleep all the time."

"Where's your mother? Does she know about this?"

"Jake is with her." Renesmee responded with an innocent smile.

Edward's eyebrows shot up. "Distracting your mother and sneaking up on your father? What have I taught you Nessie?"

"Uncle Emmett said it would be fun."

Edward shot a disapproving look at Emmett. "Of course he did."

Emmett grinned and walked over to Edward, clapping his hand on his shoulder. "Loosen up bro, we were just having fun. There's no harm in that."

"Except when she needs to sleep."

"Dad, I don't need to sleep!" Nessie protested.

"But you are starting your first day of school tomorrow; you don't want to be tired."

Nessie's face lit up. "How many more hours?"

Edward glanced up at the clock on the wall. "Five. Now go get some sleep. And you better not give us a hard time tomorrow."

Nessie nodded obediently, pranced over to Edward and kissed his cheek. "Goodnight Daddy."

A smile broke his serious demeanor. "Goodnight Renesmee."

Nessie giggled and skipped past Emmett. "Goodnight Uncle Emmett."

"Goodnight Nessie." Emmett waved to her as she left.

The older vampires listened until they heard Nessie safely return to the cottage. Emmett turned to Edward and grinned. "Look at you being all fatherly."

Edward shot him a look. "I am her father, someone needs to be responsible."

"That's your job as her father. It's my job as her uncle to do crazy and wild things and get on your nerves."

"Well you're certainly successful at doing your job." Edward grumbled and Emmett laughed.

Edward rolled his eyes. "I'm going over to the cottage." He told Emmett and stared to walk out of the room. When he was sure Emmett wouldn't follow him he used Vampire speed to get to his and Bella's cottage. He scanned the house and found Nessie already asleep and dreaming and Jacob thinking about Charlie whom he assumed was what he and Bella were talking about. He walked into the living room and saw Bella and Jacob sitting across from each other.

Bella looked up and over towards him and smiled upon seeing him. "Hello Edward."

Edward smiled his famous crooked smile. "Hello Bella."

Jacob turned his head to look at Edward and gave him a wolfish grin.

Hiya Bloodsucker.

Edward gave him a half amused look. "Greetings Mutt."

Jacob laughed and turned back to face Bella. Edward and Jacob had almost gotten rid of their hostility towards each other. They might even consider themselves friends. Jacob was no longer mad at Edward for 'stealing' Bella, for obvious reasons, and Edward no longer felt the need to protect Bella from Jacob. Although the tension between them did sometimes arise due to Nessie's rapid growth and Jacob's imprintment of her. Nessie had grown into a beautiful young woman with the appearance of being a teenager when in reality she was only seven years old. Jacob, for all of Nessie's life, his feelings have been strictly platonic treating Nessie as a sister or a best friend. But Edward had seen in Nessie's thoughts that she is starting to grow feelings for Jacob and he knew more than well that Jacob would be eager to reciprocate those feelings.

"Boys behave." Bella told them with a smirk.

"Who us?" Jacob questioned innocently motioning to himself and Edward.

Bella rolled her eyes and then grinned when Edward suddenly appeared on the couch beside her. She snuggled into his side and Edward slipped his arm around her and then he looked at Jacob.

"Jacob. Leave. Now."

Jacob rose from his seat, hands thrown innocently in the air. "Alright, alright, I know when I'm not wanted."

Just remember Nessie's in the house…

Edward gave him a look. "Thank you Jacob." He remarked sarcastically.

Jacob grinned and then looked at Bella. "See you later Bells."

Bella looked curiously between them, wondering what was said in Jacob's thoughts and nodded once. "Goodnight Jake. Get some sleep, remember big day tomorrow."

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Ugh, don't remind me. I am so not looking forward to going to school again."

"Its for Nessie's sake, she will enjoy your company." Edward said.

"AND Jacob's sake as well considering he never finished high school in his moody werewolf stage." Bella added.

Jacob stuck out his tongue at her and Bella rolled her eyes with an amused smile.

"Goodbye Jacob."

"Bye Bells." He nodded to Edward. "Edward."

Edward nodded back. "Jacob."

Jacob smiled and then headed out but not before thinking…

Try not to be TOO loud, I DO need to sleep.

Edward huphed loudly and Jacob's laughter was heard breaking the quiet night air.

After Jacob's laughter disappeared, Bella turned to Edward with a curious glance. "What was he thinking?"

He softly placed his hand on her side of her face. "Nothing, don't worry about it." He said before pulling her in for a kiss.

Early the next morning, Bella heard a knock on the door and immediately rushed to answer it. She saw Alice standing there. "Alice? Is something the matter?"

Alice grinned. "Of course not silly Bella! I came to get Nessie ready for her first day of school!"

"Oh, well she's not-"

"Aunt Alice!"

Bella turned around and saw Nessie taking the stairs two at a time, still dressed in her pajamas. Alice squealed and went over to hug Nessie. "Come on, I have lots of stuff in my closet that you will look great in!"

Nessie grinned at her and started to follow her out of the door. "Morning mom!" She called as he passed Bella.

Bella smiled softly and sighed. "Good morning Nessie. Alice! Please nothing too extravagant!"

She heard Alice's tinkling laugh, joined soon after by Nessie's as they disappeared towards the Cullen's house.

Bella sighed and then a smile spread across her face when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her from behind. She rested back against Edward's chest. "I swear, I don't know where Nessie gets it from."

"She's young and spends too much time with Alice."

Bella turned her head to look at him and smiled at him. She rested her hand on the side of his face and brought him down to kiss him. The couple remained like that for a few minutes and then decided to go to the mansion.

They made their way through the woods at human speed, wanting to just enjoy each others company and the sounds of nature.

When they finally reached the Cullen's house, they walked into the scent of human food. Edward's nose crinkled up in disgust and Bella went to discover the source of the smell.

In the kitchen, Esme was at the stove while Jacob sat eagerly waiting for his breakfast. Esme saw Edward and Bella, smiled and waved.

"You're making breakfast?" Bella asked as she walked over to her.

Esme nodded. "Oh yes! I figured it would be nice for Jacob and Nessie."

"Nessie prefers to hunt, you know that Esme." Edward remarked. Jacob's face crinkled up and he shuddered.


Edward smirked and glanced at Jacob, happy that at least something turned Nessie off to him.

"Yes I know but she does enjoy some human food. So I made her favorite!" Esme flipped the pancakes she had been making onto a plate along with some bacon and placed it on the table.

Jacob's face lit up and he practically started drooling. He reached for the plate but Esme slapped his hand away, wagging a finger at him. "Wait until Nessie gets down."

Jacob let out a very low growl and slumped back in his seat, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Don't growl at me young man, you can wait for your breakfast." Esme scolded.

Jacob slumped more in his chair and grumbled. "Yes Esme, sorry."

Bella smiled at Jacob's misfortune and took a seat down next to him. Jacob stole a glance at Bella. "I'm glad you find this amusing."

Bella only smiled imply at him and he huphed quietly. Edward smirked and sat down next to Bella, reaching over to grab her hand. Bella turned to look at him and gave his hand a squeeze. Edward leaned in and softly kissed her lips.

Ugh, must they do that every time they're in front of me?

How sweet they are! It still amazes me how happy Edward is now that he has Bella.

Woah baby!

Edward and Bella reluctantly pulled away and Edward glanced at Emmett, who just entered the room, still a little annoyed at him for what happened a couple of hours before.

"Oh don't stop for my sake!" Emmett grinned.

Jacob's eyes widened and he sat up holding his hands out. "No, please do stop! Please."

Bella and Edward both chuckled. "Don't worry Jake, we're stopping."

Oh thank God.

Stupid party pooping mutt.

Edward smirked at Emmett's comment and Emmett grinned at him knowing he heard his thoughts.

Rosalie walked into the room saying, "So that's what that atrocious smell is."

Esme's face brightened as she turned to face Rosalie. "I made breakfast for Jacob and Nessie."

Rosalie lifted her eyebrows. "I wasn't talking about the food." Her eyes snapped over to Jacob and he gave her a sneering look. No one said anything about Rosalie's comment. They were all too aware of the dislike Rosalie and Jacob still held for each other. Rosalie walked over to Emmett's side and gave him a long kiss. Jacob rolled his eyes and averted his gaze to the floor.

Jasper and Carlisle both strode into the room next and Carlisle gave everyone in the room a warm smile, greeting everyone kindly.

Everyone greeted him back in their own fashion. Carlisle headed over to Esme, took her hand and pecked her lips.

Jacob slammed his hand down on the table. God what is with these people!

Edward cast a look at him and Jacob shrugged. What? Its true.

Edward rolled his eyes and his ears picked up on another familiar voice.

I can't wait until everyone sees her! Beautiful, just beautiful!

Alice. Edward looked towards the doorway and everyone else heard the footsteps on the stairs. Soon after Alice appeared in the doorway and grinned. "Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly present Renesmee Carlie Cullen."

She moved aside and Nessie appeared in the doorway seconds later. She smiled shyly and waited for everyone's reactions.

Jacob's jaw dropped, Edward's eyebrows shot up, Bella, Esme, Rosalie, Jasper and Carlisle smiled and Emmett grinned, letting out a low cat call.

Nessie bit her lip as her cheeks turned a light pink. She was dressed very simply and very appropriately but she looked older and beautiful.


Edward growled at Jacob's thoughts but Jacob seemed to ignore him. He rose from his seat and walked over to her, earning another low growl from Edward to which Bella gave his hand another squeeze.

"Nessie…you look…beautiful…" Jacob muttered staring down at her. Nessie's cheeks turned even redder and she twisted around shyly.

"Thanks Jake." She mumbled.

"All this for school?" Bella questioned. "I'm scared to see what you have planned for future formal events Alice."

Alice grinned brightly. "Bella, your daughter will be the best dressed teenager at Forks High School."

Bella smiled and turned her attention back to Jacob and Renesmee. Jacob was still staring down at her and she still had that shy look on her face. Edward started to tense beside Bella as he shot daggers at Jacob's back. Bella rubbed her thumb across the skin on his hand to calm him.

Esme sensed the tension and decided to tear Jacob away from Nessie before Edward lost it. "Jacob, Nessie I've got breakfast!"

Jacob broke his stare off of Nessie and looked at the table. He heard his stomach grumble and he rushed at the plate of pancakes and started to devour them right there.

Rosalie looked utterly repulsed as she watched him eat. Ugh, disgusting mutt.

Nessie walked into the kitchen and stood at the other end of the table, also watching Jacob eat. She looked a little disappointed that Jacob was devouring them and looked like he didn't want to share.

Esme pushed a new plate of pancakes in front of her along with a container of syrup. "Just for you Nessie." She petted the girl's hair and kissed her cheek. Nessie turned her head to look at Esme and smiled brightly. "Thank you Grandma Esme."

Esme beamed and went back to her place beside Carlisle. Nessie very politely poured the syrup on her pancakes and started to eat. Jacob was done even before Nessie was halfway done with hers.

"You eat like a dog." Rosalie commented. He snapped his gaze up to meet her and gave her a look.

"Gee, I wonder what the reason for that could be." He remarked sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes. "You could still act human."

"Now where's the fun in that?" Jacob asked with a smirk.

Rosalie stared coldly at him shaking her head back and forth slowly.

Nessie was done with her meal within minutes and was soon up on her feet. "Is it time for school yet?!" She asked excitedly.

Jacob laughed and the rest of the Cullens looked amused. "Almost Nessie."

"Sweetie do you have your books?" Bella asked.

Nessie gasped. "They're upstairs!" She took up the stairs in an almost inhumane speed. Everyone's eyes widened and they all looked at Edward and Bella and then at Carlisle.

"It's quite possible." He said. "She is half vampire."

Seconds later, Nessie returned with her books in her hand. "Is it time for school now?"

"I've never seen anyone so excited for school. Ever." Jacob grumbled and rose from his seat.

"Well you've been to school Jacob, I haven't. It's been boring here for seven years!"

"What?!" Emmett and Alice exclaimed. They both sped over to her and both started talking at once.

"What about all our shopping trips!-"

"We have lots of fun Nessie like-"

"-playing dress up! Come on Nessie-"

"-and that time when we tackled Jasper-"

Nessie looked between them frantically, trying to keep up with what both of them werere saying. She huphed quietly and reached out placing her hands on both of their foreheads. Emmett and Alice immediately fell quiet. She showed them all the good memories she had with each of them and then dropped her hands.

"I had a lot of fun with you guys but seven years is a long time to just sit home. I gotta get out and do stuff you know? Like go to school!" She looked past Emmett and Alice towards her parents. "Is it time yet?"

Edward and Bella gave her amused smiles. "Yes, go on out to the car, me and your mother will be out in a second."

"Yay!" Nessie grinned and ran over to Jacob. "Come on Jake!" She grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door. Before leaving, Jacob grabbed another piece of bacon and then let Nessie pull him out.

She's so excited. She is too adorable.

How fast she has grown. She is turning out to be a very lovely young woman.

She better come home and tell me how everything went! Especially if everyone likes my clothes!

That stupid mutt better not ruin Nessie's first day of school.

She is going to be a heart breaker…hm…her going to school takes away my partner in crime…ooh maybe I can get Jasper to wrestle me later!

I hope school is a good experience for her. Hopefully she doesn't have too much trouble being around humans….why is Emmett grinning at me like that?

Edward listened to his family's thoughts about his daughter. Hearing everyone praise her brought a joy to his non living heart that he never dreamed he would be able to feel. That feeling only came in second to being in his wife's presence.

And to brighten his mood even more, Bella squeezed his hand and lifted her shield.

Our little girl is growing up Edward.

Edward turned to look at her and gave her a solemn look.

I know, I didn't expect to send her off to high school at the age of seven. Then again, I didn't expect to marry and become a vampire either.

Edward smirked and leaned into kiss her softly. Bella's hand found its way to the side of his face and pulled him closer to her. Edward briefly heard his family's thoughts but they soon faded away. The last one he heard was Carlisle.

Don't keep Nessie and Jacob waiting too long my son.

Reluctantly, Edward pulled away with the explanation, "Nessie is waiting for us."

Bella looked up and met his topaz eyes. He flashed her his crooked smile and Bella's breath caught in her chest. After all these years, he still managed to dazzle her.

He pressed one last kiss to her forehead and then rose from his seat, taking Bella with him and the two of them headed out to where Nessie and Jacob sat in Edward's Volvo.