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Chapter 8

Tommy moved swiftly toward the elevator, never wavering in his intentions to follow her. Kimberly, however, wasn't taking any chances, and she seized him by the collar of his shirt the instant he was within an arm's reach of the elevator door.

Within seconds Tommy found himself slammed against the inner wall of the elevator, Kimberly's strong, yet petite frame pressed firmly against his. Her lips sealed hotly over his as the door slid closed, isolating the pair from the bustling hotel lobby.

She reveled in the firmness of his lips against hers, and while the taste of his gentle mouth was as alluring as it had been a short time ago in the lounge, this kiss was markedly different. Their first kiss this evening had been sweet and sexy, and had warmed her very core, but it had been proper and chaste at the same time. This, pressed against one another in a place where they could easily be discovered at any moment, was hotter, deeper… almost savage.

The frenzy continued as Tommy's right hand found its way through Kimberly's auburn tresses to the back of her head. He tilted her head slightly and kissed her deeply, ravaging her mouth with his lips and tongue. She whimpered against his mouth and pressed into him even harder, physically begging for more. He could feel every inch of her beautiful body outlined against his. Her feminine form was driving him mad with desire, and on instinct his other arm looped around her small waist and held her close.

Close. Right where he wanted her to be.

Tommy's arm tightened around her, and in a flash he spun them both, leaving Kimberly pressed against the wall with him towering over her. His lips drifted away from hers but never broke contact, leaving a hot trail behind as he moved slowly down her cheek, across her chin and finally settling on the soft skin of her neck. Cursing her own short stature, she strained upward to meet him as one of her arms shot out to strike the '6' button on the elevator wall.

She let loose a playful squeal as she felt her toes leave the ground. Tommy hoisted her up against the flat railing along the elevator wall, his tongue gliding softly across the indentation just under her ear. That had always been her sweet spot back in high school, a spot where a single kiss could turn her into a purring puddle of goo.

Propped against the wall and finally at eye level with him, she exhaled deeply and cradled his head in her hands. She found her legs subconsciously parting, causing her dress to ride up on her thighs and allowing Tommy to press against her more closely. In that moment she felt the evidence of his desire for her – every inch of it - pressed firmly against her lower stomach, and for a split second she considered giving in to him right then and there in the elevator.

"Tommy…" she moaned breathlessly as his strong hands roamed over her now-bare thighs. He grinned against her neck as his mouth slid toward her collarbone. Her head fell backward lazily, then tilted to the side. She glanced up at the elevator door. Fifth floor… almost there…

The 'ding' of the elevator as it reached its destination broke Tommy's concentration and he stepped backward gracefully, allowing Kimberly to slide down onto her feet. His mind screamed at him for being so irresponsible. I never should have allowed myself to get so out of control, he scolded himself as he pictured the possibility of innocent bystanders, perhaps a young family, joining them on the elevator partway through their journey. He knew better than to be so aggressive in his public displays of affection. This sort of impulsivity was incredibly out of character for him.

Then his eyes locked on hers again and all such thoughts were lost.

Her lower lip was clamped gently between her teeth as she tried desperately to repress a smile. Her hair, slightly tousled from Tommy's own hands, framed her flushed face and kiss-swollen lips. It was her eyes, though, that held his heart and his cock at full attention. They danced and glowed seductively and showed absolutely no hesitation in her intentions.

She giggled as she delicately pressed her fingertips to her lips as though she were checking to see that they were still there. Then she sprung forward and past him, barely avoiding his tempting embrace.

And he followed without pause. After all, he had wanted her nearly half his life. He couldn't stop now if he wanted to.

Kimberly made her way down the hotel corridor confidently, ignoring her trembling knees and rapidly beating heart. The only man who could invoke such a reaction from her followed a half-step behind her, hands in his pockets in a gesture of self-restraint.

"Where are you going?"

"Hmm?" Kim queried over her shoulder without stopping.

"I mean, how do you know where you're going? You just planning on ducking into some random room?"

"643. That's where I'm headed," she retorted, tossing her hair as her eyes shot forward.

"Is that…" Tommy started, digging for his key.

"That's your room, Tommy," she replied with a knowing giggle. "Figures you'd forget."

"I don't remember inviting you to my room," he taunted.

She stopped on the spot and swirled to face him, nearly causing a full-body collision. "Want me to leave?"

His hand found its way around her waist again and he drew her close, his face only inches from hers. "Don't you dare," he whispered over her lips.

Kim shivered slightly as she allowed him to escort her the rest of the way down the corridor.

Just inside the door Kimberly halted, her mind reeling. Her gaze fell upon the giant king-sized bed that took up a majority of the ornately decorated room. She took a deep breath, suddenly aware of the apprehension rippling through her. She had only taken things this far with a handful of men, and never had she been nervous or unsure.

She was sure of one thing - she wanted Tommy. Badly. The trembling in her fingertips and the thumping of her heart against her chest was more a result of nervous excitement than anything else. But deep down, she knew the source of her anxiety – No other physical relationship would ever mean to her what this one would. And that sort of pressure was crumbling her walls of self confidence.

Tommy stood several paces behind her as he removed his jacket and placed it neatly in the closet to his right, never removing his eyes from her feminine figure. The tension in her shoulders registered in his mind, but it didn't stop him from stepping toward her.

"Kim?" he spoke delicately, pressing his face into the top of her head and inhaling the alluring coconut scent of her shampoo. His fingers traced lightly from her shoulder down to her wrist, and her eyes drifted closed at his sensuous touch. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she replied softly, turning to face him. "You just… You make me feel so…" Her hand drifted over her stomach as she worked to articulate the fluttery feeling in her gut.

"Turned on?" he prompted with a smirk.

"More than you know."

He smiled and traced his thumb softly across her cheek. "You know I would never make you do anything you didn't want to. I don't want you to feel pressured…"

"Tommy?" she interrupted, grinning and shaking her head.


"Shut up."

Her lips swept over his in an instant, and suddenly he found his arms full of Kimberly. Her tongue sought out his and dueled with it gently, and her fingers moved deftly across his torso until they reached the knot of his tie. His hands met hers there and together they worked the knot loose, refusing to relinquish each other's mouth.

A need for oxygen eventually drove the pair apart, and Kimberly's bright eyes fluttered open and found his. He left her hot and breathless, and she wasn't entirely sure she could speak. When she tried, her voice squeaked out only slightly above a whisper.

"I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you," she confessed. "And that scares the hell out of me."

He shook his head, lowering his forehead to meet hers. "Nothing to be afraid of, Beautiful."

He captured her lips again in a kiss laced with fire, and she had no choice but to surrender herself to him in that moment. His tongue swept along her lower lip before slipping into her mouth and pressing firmly against hers, causing a hungry moan to erupt from deep within her chest. Tommy's strong hand pressed against her lower back, holding her flush to his rock hard body.

She didn't even notice that they were moving until she felt Tommy sink beneath her onto the bed.

Tommy sat on the edge of the bed, his hands now freely roaming over her lower back and abdomen. He found it strange to have Kimberly towering over him in a standing position, as he was generally the one towering over her, and he normally would have giggled at the role-reversal, but her lust-filled eyes had him feeling short of breath. He could do little more than tug on her hands, desperate to taste her exquisite mouth again.

Kimberly eagerly followed his lead and sank into his lap, carefully placing one knee on either side of him and lowering herself into a seductive straddle. Her dangerous grin lit up the room as she leaned in toward him, quite intentionally grinding against his hardness.

Futilely trying to bite back a groan, his eyes drifted closed as his hands grazed her backside and fell to her lower legs, where he deftly removed her stilettos before sweeping up the entire length of her back. Her hands, in the meantime made themselves busy with the buttons of his shirt. She was nearly done revealing her prize when a draft of cool air swept over her chest, followed closely by Tommy's warm mouth. It was only then that she realized Tommy had unzipped her dress and it was now pooled at her waist.

A split second later she was flipped on to her back with Tommy hovering over her.

Tommy propped himself up on one elbow. The taste of her skin still sweet on his tongue, he marveled at the beautiful woman beneath him. His fingers traced lightly from the delicate skin at her neck, down between her supple breasts and danced gracefully over the flat tummy that had fascinated him during his adolescent years. He stared at her as though hypnotized for a long while before her soft voice broke his reverie.

"Tommy? You still with me?"

He bit back a grin as he swiftly discarded her dress, leaving her in nothing but a pair of cotton panties. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

Not sure how much more teasing she could take, she wrapped her fingers around his and guided his hand northward until it drifted toward her right breast. His lips swept against hers again, mashing and smacking loudly as he cupped and kneaded her breast.

"Unnh," she moaned loudly into his throat, arching her back beneath his ministrations. Unable to get enough of her taste, Tommy suckled her lower lip into his mouth before pulling away and lowering his mouth to her left nipple.

She sucked in a sharp gasp and dug her heels into the mattress as an electric shock jolted through her body. Her fingers rubbed greedily along his skull as his tongue lapped her erect nipple. Liquid heat pooled between her legs, soaking clear through her panties, and she suddenly found herself feeling desperate for Tommy's touch.

Dragging his mouth away from her smooth skin, he gazed up into her lust-clouded eyes and spoke softly, his gentle breath cooling her blazing skin. "Can I tell you something?"

She nodded shakily and shifted beneath him, longing for more physical contact.

His soft fingertips explored her smooth skin once more. This moment, this scene before him had been a fantasy of his for longer than he could remember. She had a staring role in his dreams as a teenager, especially the less than appropriate ones. Truthfully, though, looking at her now staring back at him, with her hair swirled around her head like a halo, her curvy lips begging to be kissed, her perfect breasts that tasted like pure heaven…

The real Kim blew the Kim of his dreams out of the water.

He pushed backward slightly, allowing him to take all of her into his field of vision. His hand trailed south again and tenderly toyed with the lace waistband of her panties. A faint smile touched his lips before he spoke again. "You know, Kim, I still kind of worship you."

Her megawatt smile shone through the darkness as she recalled what he'd told her earlier this evening. This man before her loved her more than life itself. He respected, adored and worshipped her, and no matter what happened after this evening, she would always hold part of his heart.

Deep in her soul, though, Kimberly knew the feeling was mutual.

"Can I tell you something now?" she replied coyly, allowing her hand to wander south along his solid chest and abdomen.

He grinned in response as his fingers slid along the front of the small scrap of fabric separating him from euphoria. He noted the evidence of her arousal and tried to hide his ecstatic grin. Her hips bucked ever so slightly as he pressed his fingertips more firmly into her hot flesh, and a warm rush of pride flooded him at her reaction.

Squeezing her eyes shut and praying to maintain her sanity, Kimberly pushed herself up on her elbows before speaking firmly. "You are wearing far too many clothes."

The force she used as she flung herself toward him caught him off-guard and he nearly tumbled backward off the bed. She was so utterly unpredictable sometimes, and yet she was just the right dose of excitement for his suddenly mundane-seeming life. His face broke into a wide smile, watching her hands fly over his chest as she worked to disrobe him at the speed of light.

Before he could take his next breath his shirt and undershirt were on the floor beneath him. Anticipation toiled through Kimberly in waves as she attempted to reach for his belt buckle, but she found herself distracted by the expanse of hard muscle laid out before her. Her fingertips traced the lines in his chest as if they were trying to memorize them, and with barely a thought she leaned forward and pressed her lips to the tight skin of his stomach.

A deep groan slipped past Tommy's lips as her tongue darted out over his skin and traced small circles, inching closer and closer to his waistline. He wasn't sure how much more of her teasing he could stand, and he reached around her carefully, loosening his belt.

Humming delicately to herself, she pushed back from him and landed in a sitting position with a satisfied smile. "You taste good," she murmured.

"You look good," he replied before Kimberly's hand grazing over his cloth covered erection removed his ability to speak.

They moved quickly together, almost as though they were communicating telepathically to remove Tommy's pants and boxers. A moment later found Kimberly on her back again with Tommy covering her body with his. His throbbing cock pressed at her center with only a thin cotton barrier between the two, and his lips hovered over hers closely, his breath wreaking havoc on her senses.

For nearly a moment the only sound in the room was Kimberly's heavy breathing, coupled with the solid drumming of Tommy's heart.

"Kim, are you – "

"Don't you dare ask me if I'm sure. I would have left a long time ago if I wasn't." She flashed him a dangerous smile, waving him a green flag.

His hand shot between them and slipped beneath the lacy waistband as his lips devoured hers. In one quick motion he slid the panties down her thighs as she arched her back toward him, and when he could reach no further she took over, kicking her legs gently until they slid to the floor. Soft fingertips traced up her inner thigh toward her aching sex.

The increased warmth as his hand approached his ultimate goal drove Tommy mad with desire, and it was all he could do to not to bury himself in her in that moment. His fingers found her lips wet and wanting, and he traced a single finger up the length of her slit.

"Tommy…" she whimpered against his lips. "God, yes…"

His fingers slipped down again before rising to rest over her engorged clit. His fingers swept once over the tiny button, and he grinned like a madman as she jerked upward at his touch. Over and over he worked his fingers across her clit until her soft whimpers grew into pleading cries.

She wanted to tell him that what he was doing felt better than anything she'd experienced in her whole life. She wanted to reach out and touch him, and allow him to experience the pure ecstasy she was engulfed in. She wanted to sing his praises to anyone within earshot. But she could do none of these things, because all of her energy was being focused on containing the orgasm building from her center. After all, this felt far too good to be over so soon.

"Relax and enjoy the ride." His free hand swept over her stomach, coaxing her to loosen up. The fingers of his other hand drifted away from her clit and he touched her gently, spreading her nether lips with a single finger.

Her body relaxed into a series of slow trembles. He lowered his mouth slowly to her right nipple and traced it in slow lazy circles. Finally regaining some motor control, she lifted one hand and used it to run the length of his back. Her other quickly joined it and her hands shot southward to clench his tight buttocks.

"You asked for it," he murmured playfully against her skin. With that, he pressed one finger deep inside of her.

Her tight tunnel was a liquid inferno, clenching tightly around the invading digit. She felt as good inside as she did outside, and all at once he wanted more.

"Tommy, please!" Her anguished cry erupted as her back arched again. "Please, Tommy, now!"

Her wish, his command. He withdrew his finger in one slick motion and rose above her, his cock now throbbing and begging to be inside her. Rising on his forearms, he lifted his eyes to hers as he used his knees to spread her thighs.

With a shaky breath, he sank deep into her in one fluid motion.

Kimberly's world went white in that instant. She could feel him spreading her, pressing further into her than she knew was possible. It would have been slightly painful if it weren't for feeling so damn good. What sent her world spinning off its axis, though, was not the depth of his cock in her pussy. The mind-blowing sensation came from a source far deeper than that (if that were possible).

She could feel him deep in her soul.

It was as though, in that moment, she could see clearly for the first time. She felt whole, complete in a way that was totally foreign to her. Their bodies melded together as though they were two puzzle pieces meant to lock together permanently. A pleasurable cry tore through the heavy air, and it was several seconds before Kimberly realized the cry had come from her lungs. And a word floated through her mind that nearly made her laugh out loud.


Tommy bobbed in and out of her at a lazy pace, enjoying every moment he spent inside her. The feel of her tight canal swallowing his length was one he knew he could never replicate if he slept with a hundred other women. He studied her face as it contorted in pure bliss, and he became determined to keep himself under control long enough to drive her over the edge.

They were locked in passionate eye contact now, her breath escaping in rhythmic whimpers between them. He needed to dominate her, wanted to claim her, and she was entirely prepared to let him. Without breaking his rhythm he laced his fingers with hers and pressed both of her hands into the mattress above her head. Displaying her consent, Kim lifted her legs and locked them over his lower back, allowing him to sink even deeper into her. With lips hovering just above his ear, she whispered her innermost desire.

"Take me, Tommy. Make me yours again."

A thrilling surge of testosterone-laced satisfaction washed over him, and he quickened his pace, driving into her harder and faster until her breath caught in her throat and her eyes fluttered backward in her skull. "Oh God, I'm… I'm…"

"Let it go, Beautiful. Cum for me," he whispered heatedly over her sweat-soaked skin.

And at that moment, with his cock buried entirely within her, Kimberly had no choice but to do just that. An unmistakable cry of orgasmic pleasure shot out of her as she twisted and buried her head to the side. Her body squirmed of its own accord as ripples of pleasure coursed through her again and again. She clenched around him involuntarily, threatening to rob Tommy of his sanity while he watched her ride out the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced.

Tommy collapsed on top of her and buried his face in her damp hair, showering the top of her head with short kisses. Her breathing gradually returned to normal, and when she was able, she spoke. "Wow, that was… wow…" she repeated, her eyelids feeling heavy and body feeling like goo. "I've never…"

She paused in an attempt to gather her thoughts. She was about to launch into a deep, heartfelt conversation when she became acutely aware of the throbbing hardness still buried in her dripping pussy. She smiled devilishly and slid her fingers out from beneath his.

"How you doin?" he inquired casually as her hands pressed against his chest.

"Better than you," she teased as she shifted beneath him, reminding him of his aching erection. "What are we going to do about that?"

"I don't know… Can you handle more?"

She scoffed, pressing herself into a sitting position as Tommy's feet found the floor, never allowing his cock to slip out of her. "I can handle anything you're willing to give."

With that bold statement she fell backward onto the soft mattress with a giggle and lifted her legs against his chest. He drove into her sensitive flesh again and quickly found his stride with a rapid pummeling. She could feel his every twitch inside her, and she kept her eyes trained on him, refusing to miss a moment this time around.

"Fuck, Kim!" he exclaimed. She was dripping wet around him, and he was enthralled with the sight of his dick disappearing between her dark curls. "I'm so close…"

"I know, baby. God, you feel so good."

After several more thrusts Kimberly could feel another climax building within her, and her whines grew in intensity and volume until she could hold back no more.

"I… I… Oh God, I… love you!"

The confession ripped out of her subconsciously, and it set Tommy on fire. He set his jaw and clamped down on her hips, pinning her between him and the bed as his orgasm shot through him with a wild cry and sprayed her womb with warmth. Losing her battle with remaining cognizant, her eyelids drifted closed and she dwelled in his wet heat and her own aftershock until she felt him collapse on the bed alongside her.

His hand fell to rest over her tummy as she squirmed backward on the bed, attempting not to fall. Her head lolled lazily to the side to gaze at him.

"Are you okay?" he asked, noting the moisture collecting in her eyelids and tears misting in her eyes.

She pressed her eyelids together, allowing a single tear to slip down her cheek, but the blazing grin she wore indicated that these were clearly tears of joy. "I've never been better," she said softly.

Wrapping his arm around her fully, Tommy took a deep breath, and in that moment the gravity of what they'd just done sunk in. What he was feeling, though, in this intimate moment was pure bliss and not a hint of regret. Even if she got up and walked away right now, he didn't think he'd stop smiling until at least some time next week.

"I love you too," he whispered, pressing his lips to hers softly.

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