Frozen in Time

The Negi club was preparing for the trip back to the real world or the 'Old World' from the magical world. Negi was preparing to open the portal when he felt something coming. With everything that he had been through with the combat tournaments and special trainings from all of his teachers, he had learned that he must trust his feelings.

Asuna who was right next to Negi when he started to tense up, got ready for battle. "What is it, Negi? Is it Fate again or a different entity?" Negi could only get ready for any encounter that was coming at him so Asuna just went up to the others telling them to be ready for any attack that might come their way.

"Negi-bouzu," Ku-Fei started coming to his side, "Are you sure you that an enemy is coming straight towards us right before we are supposed to leave?" Negi nods his head and everyone with a pact with Negi got their weapons out, assuming a full war is about to erupt.

Suddenly after a few moments a burst of lightning struck them causing a smokescreen for Fate to penetrate from. Negi realized what had happened and got in front of Fate, blocking him from his true target. Fate was surprised by this sudden action from Negi and brought his attention back from the princess to the small ten year-old magician. "Setsuna-san, take Asuna-san and the others to the portal and get them back to Mahora Academy fast. I don't know how long I'm able to hold him off." Setsuna nods her head and ushers everyone to the portal and they cross over happily except for Asuna. She managed to get away from Setsuna just in time to see Negi barely keeping Fate away from the class.

"NEGI!!!!" Asuna screams as she sees him get hit in the shoulder with a rock spear. Negi turns his head towards Asuna just as Fate kicked him in the head. Then Fate turns to Asuna and walks up to her causing her to take a few steps back.

"You really are very stupid, Princess. He was trying to protect you by stalling me but you foolishly came back to 'save him' even though that only distracted him more." Fate said as he was chanting an incantation.

"What do you want with me? You already have everything under control; what could you possibly have use for a normal high school student?" Asuna asked as she looked for a way out then started to pull out her pactio card so she could have her sword at the ready in case she needed it.

"You are not a normal high school student on a fieldtrip. You are Princess Asuna from the nonexistent kingdom decimated by civil wars." Fate laughs as he says the next part. "You were the unwanted person with the unusual and very rare ability to nullify all magic in the area when you put your mind to it."

Asuna's eyes widened as she hears the news about her true past that she had forgotten. Negi staggers up and puts himself in front of Asuna to protect you.

"Asuna, get out of here now!" Negi orders and Asuna shakes her head because of nerves.

"Princess, you might want to take your chance of survival more seriously since I will kill you and take your very rare gift. But if you want to throw your life away as well as all the efforts of your companions to save your butt, then stay here and enjoy the afterlife." Negi glares at Fate as he said this and then attacked Fate.

Fate avoided this attack and sent Negi flying with one finger. Asuna watches Negi try to protect her and starts having a panic attack. Fate turns his attention back to Asuna when he was sure that Negi wouldn't be able to interfere anymore. As Fate started to head towards Asuna once more with more motivation to get the task done, Asuna releases her sword and runs towards Fate in a wild fury.

"Now Princess, that isn't the smartest thing you have ever done. I am way stronger than your sweet little school teacher. You can't be as strong as Negi and yet you feel as though you need to take revenge for that little ten year old brat. That is so sweet but very dimwitted for your usual self; you must have learned from that fool Takamichi Takahata." As soon as Asuna heard Fate disrespecting Takahata-sensei she went berserk and got in twenty successful hits with her sword before Fate punches her in the stomach.

Fate walks up to Asuna's crumpled body and laughs. "You really should have thought about your plan more thoroughly, Princess. But you will soon be destroyed as soon as you turn into a frozen statue for me to put into my collection." Suddenly Fate is thrown into a wall by tremendous force.

Fate turns around to see who did that to him and see Negi barely standing straight and trying to awaken Asuna. "Asuna-san, please wake up. I will get into serious trouble if I don't send my students back safely." Asuna stirs as Fate knocks Negi out of the way and casts his freezing spell on Asuna.

"NO! ASUNA-SAN!" Negi jumps in front of Asuna as the spell reached them and Negi took the blow for her.

"NEGI!" Asuna screams as she watches Negi freeze from the bottom of his feet to his head.

"Asuna-san, I just wanted you to know… that I am in… in … in …" He never finished his sentence since he froze completely right then and there.

"Negi… Negi is frozen. NEGI DON'T YOU DARE WIMP OUT ON ME NOW JUST WHEN I NEED YOU!" Asuna screams as she realizes what truly happened and Setsuna finds her just in time to stop Asuna from killing Fate.

Setsuna had to drag Asuna through the portal far away from Fate and Negi; Asuna stopped struggling and just laid there as a lump when the two of them went through the portal. Everyone crowded the two of them, asking the two millions of questions before getting to the most obvious one.

"Asuna, Setsuna, where is Negi-sensei?" Incho asked and Asuna finally broke down and started to cry.

Setsuna and Konoka went towards Asuna trying to calm her down. Setsuna answered Incho's question. "Negi-sensei won't be coming back from the trip. He got frozen by our enemy and is stuck there as a statue forever long as we know. I'm sorry everyone but I think we should let Asuna-san be by herself for awhile."

Asuna went to her dorm room and was a zombie for the rest of her first week back from the magical realm where Negi remained a statue. Because of her being too weak to protect herself and needing Negi to shield her from Fate's attack. All because she was a stupid princess as he claimed from the magical realm.

I can't believe I was the cause of Negi's condition. If I ever see Fate Averruncus ever again, he will be in big trouble. Asuna thought as she cried herself to sleep.