Just Friends...

Bella and Jasper are best friends. Bella loves Jasper. Jasper loves Bella. Neither will tell their true feelings. Find out if they open their hearts and allow the other in,will they declare their love for each other and take their relationships further? read on to find out... Slightly OOC, There will be lemony smut, rated M , Jasper/Bella

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So with out further ado Just Friends...



She is walking towards me, shyly shuffling across my worn carpeted floor, wearing nothing but her lilac silk robe. Reaching my bed she crawls towards me giving a full view of her beauty, clearly showing she is unclothed. I growl deeply, feeling myself becoming solid just from the site of her. Settling above me I can smell her sweet aroma fills and clouds my senses. She smirks with uncharacteristic confidence. Leaning in close, I feel her gentle breathing against my lips; I angle my face towards hers to meet her smile, in anticipation of my longing dream...

I awake with a start, finding my sheets discarded again and the familiar post sex dream, about Bella, aching bulge plainly visible through my shorts.

I sigh realising it was the same dream I have every night since moving in with Bella, but never once becoming a reality nor reaching the climax I long for, hence my constant morning routine.

Deciding to deal with my 'little problem', which in truth is by no means 'little!', I get out of bed rapidly, set on reaching the bathroom across the hallway before Bella has time to wake and know of my current predicament. Sneaking one last peek at the beauty before me, I notice her stir from the bed next to me, turning her head away. Oh how gorgeous she is with her fresh bed hair lain across her pillows, her face so peaceful and perfect, those plump awaiting bow-shaped lips just parted in relaxation, if I were to just lean in close, as she does so often in my dreams... no bella is my best friend my loving best friend nothing more, no matter how much I wish for it, it can never be.

I swiftly pull open the door. Damn! I really must oil that up; I mentally sold myself, before creeping across the chilled hallway, carefully avoiding the known creaking floorboards. I hastily grab my towel from the still cold radiator as I pass, but not before stealing a touch of Bella's soft, lilac cotton robe that stars in my dreams so often. Knowing I could finally relieve myself when I reach our newly decorated bathroom as I do so every morning, I speedily yet collectively stride through the ajar door, hissing at the further drop in temperature as my bare feet make contact with the stone marble floor, but set on finishing on time reach over into the boxed in shower cubical turning the shower onto full heat, knowing full well I would get the lovely red tint on my Bella's face as she scolds me for using her hot water later. Impatient to rid myself of my predicament, sooner rather than later, I rapidly dispose of my shorts and boxers. Standing clad in only my pale skin, quietly cursing at the sudden whoosh of cold air surrounds my awaiting shaft as I await the pleasures I yearn for.

I swear, this constant 'relieving' I inflict upon myself cannot be healthy for a man of my age, but cannot survive without, especially knowing the beauty that is for eternity the reason for this need, lies only just across the hall and will be knocking on this very door just as I finish.

Checking the water temperature, I climb into the abyss of steam that now fills the cubicle revelling in the warmth now surrounding my body. The cascading water falls so deliciously onto my skin, flowing down my back and across my young but defined muscled chest. I think back over my dream, hoping to maintain my pleasure while thinking of an angel, of my roommate I have the enjoyment of living with.

If it was even possible I get even more painfully hard, and forget about the pleasures I feel just from the streaming water and aim for more. I take myself into my hand and slowly start to take long soft strokes up my whole shaft, base to tip and back down again, continuing the motion until I had myself begging for more. Imaging myself begging my sweet Bella for more I let out a whimper of "please, no more slowly" to myself willing for more while continuing my dream with my eyes closed.

Feeling her hands, clasping me tighter and increasing the speed just slightly a small groan escapes my lips.

Bringing me back to reality, I realise that I have probably been too loud this time but in the heat of pleasure I continue with my eyes open, just using my surroundings as an incentive.

She showers here each day, her beautiful body wet under the jet shower, water cascading over her perfect toned yet curved shape, she reaches for the strawberry shampoo that I long to massage through her luscious curls. I stood behind her bringing my arms around her waist palming her with gently yet hungry fingertips, kissing her smooth neck, inflicting shudders to pace through her already trembling body as my hands lead a path down her slick stomach to reach their goal...

Needing my release, I rub faster, sliding my thumb over the head as I reach it after each stroke, wiping the excess pre-cum already acquired there, up and down my entire length, my breath was coming deeper and faster, as I got closer to my much needed release, whimpering as I went, almost shaking with anticipation...


Shit, it was Bella, why had it taken me so long this morning? I was normally happily finished with my ministrations for the morning before she came knocking. Had I been too loud with my whimpering as I thought? Did she know what I was doing in here?

"Won't be too long honey!"

I answer her named question, with as much confidence as I can muster in my current state, her known closeness just encouraging my throbbing member, begging for release I decide I need a quick fix, using the image of Mrs Block, our seventy odd history professor, perhaps a little too much of a coincidence that being her surname as I think almost all our year would agree she is the quickest cock-bloke ever, and there's a fair few out there but none as quick as a imagine of her..! I almost immediately return to my natural body form. Just having time to turn off the shower and step out onto the now neutral marble floor grab my towel throwing it around my waist roughly, knowing the sweetheart standing just beyond the door will not be patient and will soon be barging in, uncaring as to my state of undress.

As if on cue she swings open the door blaring at me with that lovely and expected redness clouding her face

"Jasper Whitlock, tell me you didn't steal all my hot water again, why must you get up early just to annoy me?"

As she stood in her rather revealing vest top and bottoms pyjama set with her dainty little hands on her gracious hips glaring at me. I smirk with glee and joy at her image and how she seems to be unaware as to my actions only moments before her entrance as always. Giving my same response as I do every morning she catches me in the shower, with just a slight difference as this being the first time she has caught me before I was able to finish;

"Well, sweet cheeks believe me it is not as much to annoy you as you might think! But I think this morning I may have just left enough for you. Enjoy your shower, I'll have your coffee ready downstairs"

Leaning down and giving her a sweet 'friendly' kiss on her paling cheek as I swoop past her as quickly as possible as to end my embarrassment as usual, but just as I reach the door I hear her sweet innocent giggles, turning to find the reason for her outburst she seems to be withholding I see the blush returning to her usually paled skin, as the realisation hits me that she must know.

Unsure as to whether I really wish to hear the answer, I ask warily

"How long have you been stood there Miss Swan?"

She laughed again answering with now a full red flushed face

"Long enough, Mr I woke up with a hard on." I was shocked to hear such a statement from my sweet and innocent Bella, but knowing that her friends, Alice and Rosalie properly were the source of her new found vocabulary let it go unnoticed but instead contemplated a response. I wanted to tell her that it was because of her, because of my dreams of her, my longing for her, my love for her. But instead I grunted and strode past her, making her laugh even harder.



Grinning happily to myself as I gaze at the perfect man lain next to me in an identical bed to mine bear the grey sheets, just wishing I'd agreed to the double bed Jasper had suggested, oh how I wish he hadn't been joking not that I'd have had enough courage to agree, but girls like me don't get there happy endings. I could just imagine what we could do if we slept alongside each other in a double bed...

I could reach out and stroke that luscious blonde hair from his peaceful smooth face and lean in to place my lips tenderly against his awakening him romantically just like the movies and he would kiss me back but with more need than before..

'Bella', I mentally scold myself, he's your friend your best friend, who just happens to be annoyingly the most handsome man you've ever met but none the less only your friend.

I sigh heavily, regretting it instantly knowing that would wake him for sure, just as I close my eyes to fake sleep again I catch a glimpse of his luxurious sea blue eyes shooting open, trying hard to concentrate on his movements instead of the image of his eyes and body I turn my head away from him with disappointed, but deciding this morning I'd catch him purposely!

Resisting the urge to giggle as images of him pleasuring himself flood my mind, knowing the sounds of his movements all too well to be that of a morning hard on, well more like every morning hard on, following his movements around the room and swearing I can sense him watching me from the door but quickly disregarding my over imaginative thoughts and exclaiming he was only pausing to ensure the creaky door did not wake me. I sense him leave the room and creep across the landing and shut the door. Knowing it was safe to arise from my bed, I turn back and stare off into space above his bed mentally counting down the minutes from when he turned the shower on and listening to the water flow from the shower head, the images came flooding back as I imagined him naked, wet and groaning just across the hall and the thought had me all flustered.

Deciding he'd had enough time to 'prepare' I purposely threw back my pink sheets and hurried to catch him. Using my usual morning routine of marching across the landing, grabbing my lilac robe and finding myself standing tall before the door, knowing Jasper was naked, wet and grunting behind it got be all hot and bothered again which would come to my advantage as the unstoppable and unpredictable blush rose on my cheeks like clock-work.


I could hear him Cluttering around as he tried to compose himself, if I had judged it correctly he shouldn't have finished. Trying desperately not to giggle aloud and make him aware as to my knowledge of his usual morning shower activities I bite the inside of my cheek, awaiting his appearance while trying to keep my mine on my cover.

"Wont be too long honey!" he half moaned just before he swung the door open to reveal my blushing cheeks and him clad in only a towel hung so low on his hips it left nothing to the imagination.

"Jasper Whitlock, tell me you didn't steal all my hot water again? Why must you get up early just to annoy me?" I placed my hands on my hips to emphasize my fake annoyance, knowing he would never admit to me the real reason for his early risings, or the subject of his dreams which led to his morning constant 'problem'. He smirked at me. The smirk widened as he said.

"Well, sweet cheeks believe me it is not as much to annoy you as you might think! But I think this morning I may have just left enough for you. Enjoy your shower; I'll have your coffee ready downstairs." He leaned towards me, brushing his lips against my cheek, as he walk by me, knowing if I had retorted to his cheeky comment he would be surprised immensely, I let out the giggle I'd held for so long, which of course was accompanied by the expected blushing. A look of realisation crossed his face as fast as it left it

"How long have you been stood their Miss Swan?" I laughed harder,

"Long enough, Mr I woke up with a hard on." I was surprised at that comment as soon as it left my mouth. It wasn't the usual thing I'd say, but my actions this morning had already proved that I was feeling rather confident and mischievous, although that was oblivious to him. I must have embarrassed as I'd aimed because he grunted and stormed past me, making me laugh even harder than I already was. I thought to myself briefly, I hope he still makes my coffee as I made my way into the still steam filled bathroom.


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