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How old are they?

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Why do they live together/share a room?

~ They are best friends, have been for years and when Jasper got job at school and Bella got onto the collage course at same place their parents helped them to buy an apartment. As they knew each other so well sharing a room was cheaper and normal for them (This also made it easier to write the fantasies if they woke up in the same room!)

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~ Being in there 20's they have had past partners, nothing special that needs mentioning though although at some point we may touch on this subject. (Cough...Jake....coughs!)

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I awoke with a light wind blowing across my bare chest which gave me a tickling feeling causing me to shiver awake. Then suddenly, I realised I wasn't alone in my bed, Bella was with me. Fearing I was once again having a fantasy about her, I was reluctant to open my eyes. Instead let my mind drift back over tonight's events, causing me to consciously smile at the beauty I already knew as Bella, which had been revealed to me only hours ago and had been even better than my dreams had suggested.

She was Perfection.

Subconsciously I began caressing her soft back relishing in the feeling of her bare skin against my own, which led my mind to the knowledge of her beautiful breasts also being pressed up against my bare chest. Her breathing caused them to make the slightest movement against me, which soon would undoubtedly awoke my currently soft erection.

Not wanting to awaken Bella with my cock sticking into her stomach, I decided to move ever so slightly. With a slight murmur of awareness from Bella, I was forced to stay put with her arms wrapped securely around me and one of her legs thrown across my own, which if moved slightly upwards would be causing serious problems for me...So I was stuck unless I wanted to awaken Bella, which I didn't think was fair. I realised I didn't even know the time, deciding that this would give me a reason to open my eyes, I took a glimpse of what I hoped was wrapped around me.

Continuing to caress her back to confirm her presence, I tried opened my resisting eyes, which told me we hadn't been asleep for long, but I persevered and finally found my gaze landing on the beautiful creature that was my Bella. Her face pressed right up against my chest, her breathing still shallow yet relaxed, and her hair tickling my chin with every breath I took.

Trying hard not to disturb her begin to move again and higher my head, settling my gaze unwillingly away from Bella, and onto the red light of the clock. Only 10pm. Sighing heavily and moving back to my previous position I tried to return to sleep.

That was when I remembered we didn't eat the Pizza!

It would be cold by now. I hated cold pizza but Bella loved it. So deciding we could have an energy re-boost before we display our love to each other again, (hopefully) I attempted to shuffle out of her deathly grip without disturbing her. Unfortunately she stirred and gazed lovingly and lustfully up at me with tired eyes.

"Hello my love, sleep well? Sorry I woke you." I returned her love and lust filled gaze with a massive grin plastered across my face. I continued my attempts at freeing myself from her grip with no such luck.

"Hi, no I was awake anyway" she sported a small knowing grin at this new piece of information before continuing. "So, my love are you gunna go retrieve that forgotten pizza, or are you sneaking off to forget the last few hours?" and as quick as it had come the grin disappeared and fear flashed in her eyes.

I quickly placed one of my hands on her shoulders and tipped her head upwards with the other and placed a meaningful kiss upon her lips throwing all my feeling for her into this one kiss hoping this would be enough to settle her fears, which mirrored my own.

With a not so silent rumble of Bella's stomach, I remembered my previous task of retrieving the pizza. Placing one final kiss to my love's lips while smirking at her now glowing blush, I pushed myself up, and off the bed.

Throwing back the barely big enough sheet I walk across the bedroom stark naked with the grin still slapped across my face. If possible my grin got wider with the sound of Bella's gasp at what I could only think was the image of my body walking bare away from her. Reaching the door I risked a quick glance back at her and winked causing her blush to run deeper and her breath to catch. I left our room and walked downstairs chuckling at the effect I had on her and relishing in it extremely.

I continued downstairs and limped into the kitchen, hissing at the coolness of the floor upon my bare feet. Finding the pizza, thankfully it was already removed from the oven and laid upon the worktop. I had feared that in my rush to reveal my feelings to Bella, I had failed to do safely. Sticking the bottle of red wine under my arm and grabbing the pizza, I went back upstairs to feed my Bella.

"Bella, your pizza's ready." I announced as I pushed my way back into our room. She had settled back down again and appeared in all ways to be asleep. Not wishing to disturb her once again, as quietly as I could I moved over to the desk between our beds and set down the pizza and wine bottle.

Before taking a piece of the pizza - which my stomach was aching for - I perched on the side of the bed and gazed down onto her peaceful face, reaching out to move a loose strand of hair from her face I was taken aback with her muttering;

"Stop watching me sleep, Jasper." I couldn't hide the smile that returned to my face, nor the love which shone from my eyes as she opened hers.

Our eyes locked and I saw through the usual blank brown barriers, and saw deep adoration. This was a first for Bella. I had watched her over the years after the accident, and for the first time since she was young, I saw light and pure happiness shine behind the brown pools.



After me and Jasper shared our left over pizza and wine, with much teasing and kissing we decided to watch Grand Designs. I adored that program. I just loved to see how the houses were built and developed over time, and how the interior ended up. Some were lovely, and some were atrocious!

I shifted my gaze over to the clockwhich stood on the cabinet beside my bed. 11.12pm, I could feel the nights activities catching up on me; my eyes were dry and burning. Tonight really was one of the best in my sad existence. Ever since that house fire 9 years ago, I had found it hard to find any happiness.


"Bella?!" She could hear the faint sounds of someone calling her name, but the smoke dragged her under, tightening its grip around the throat, stealing from her her last breaths, slowly pulling her into unconsciousness...

End Flashback

Just the simple thought of it brought all of my childhood fearsrearing back, causing me to wince and hunch over from the searing pain that shot through my chest.

I could remember every conscious detail so clearly, the sound of my father calling and Angela next to me, completely lifeless. I preferred not to dwell on it, seeing as everyone involved was ok, and every day was a chance to move on. However the constant reminder struck every time I saw Billy Black in his wheel chair, he didn't get off so lightly.

I pushed away my thoughts and began to focus on the one thing that finally made me smile again.

Jasper Whitlock.

Who at this very moment was sat staring intently atme, worry plastered upon his face. I felt a tear fall, and he leant forward to catch it with his finger. He didn't need to say anything; he never needed to say anything aloud, his eyes said it all, I could see the devotion as he held out his arms for me.

I snuggled in tightly with no hesitation, breathing him in, and tried to concentrate on what tonight was all about, him declaring his love for me. And that was when it hit me. I never told him how I felt! I was so wrapped up in what was going on that I completely forgot.

"Jasper?" I said meekly, moving awayfrom his chest slightly and looking into his eyes, deep, deep blue eyes, gorgeous, sexy....Damn it, mind, getting carried away again. I was simply in awe at his pulchritude.

"The thing is, earlier tonight, I was just so caught up in the moment, so happy, and that I forgot... forgot to say how I feel. I love you Jasper Whitlock, and have done since the moment you pulled me from the pond at the school Eco Centre."

I completed my speech with a wink and grin thinking about that last part. His grin reached his eyes before planting another kiss upon my lips and whispering into my ear;

"Sleep now my darling Bella, may your dreams be filled with pleasantries, I will see you in the morning my love" and with one finial kiss he once again resumed his spooning position behind me on the bed.


I awoke early on Sunday morning, hot and flustered after experiencing yet another dream about last night. To the right of me, Jasper was snuggled into the pillow, breathing heavily, with his lips curved into a small smile. I decided that now was my chance to have a shower before that blonde haired prince used my beloved hot water.

I quickly gathered all my stuff, careful not to be too noisy as I stumbled around the dim lit bedroom and tried to tiptoe towards the bathroom.

The warmth of the shower descending down my exhausted body, soothed the ache proceeding through my over-functioned muscles.


What was that?! I put the sudden bang to the back of my mind, it was too much effort to open my eyes, and continued to wash my long hair. I felt two warm arms wrap around my waist, causing me to yelp at the unexpected contact.

"Bell-ahh?" I could have sworn he just purred my name, and now I'm hyperventilating! I could feel myself getting hotter by the second. Why did he have to be so sexy, and was he not as tired as I was after last night?

My voice cracked as I answered him, giving away my current state. "Ye-s?"

"How about we play a game, Bella?" He asked his question with another purr. They were gentle, yet so dominating! Unfortunately this elicited a quiet whimper from me, which I tried to hold back.

"Get out of the shower, put on your best underwear and meet me downstairs in 10mintues. I'm going to make, sweet, sweet love to you everywhere in this fucking house and we will not stop until I've had my way with you." He finished his sentence with a smirk and a wink while getting out the shower.

I could not believe it! He waltzes into MY shower, uses MY hot water, gets ME all hot and bothered, and then dares to order ME about! However, it was incredibly sexy; I tried to rub my legs together to make some luscious friction. I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to upset, 'oh master Jasper' by refusing to play his little game, and hurriedly leapt from the shower to get dry.

Hmm, best underwear. I didn't have a lot, and I point blank refused to wear the childish undies I had worn last time. I spotted the hot pink lace out of the corner of my eye, and decided that it would be perfect. At least it matched, I thought.

I was actually starting to get quite nervous now as I crossed the landing and began down the stairs. An uneasy feeling pondered in my stomach about being so bare, even in my own house. The stairs seemed to take up much less time than I hoped, and it was not long before I was stood in front of the sofa, awaiting the unknown.

I heard a light chuckle from the kitchen, accompanied with shuffling feet coming closer towards me. I didn't dare to turn, instead just waited until Jasper faced me.

"Well well well, you have been a good girl haven't you Bella" He smiled, and the tone of voice suggested he'd raised an eyebrow.

He bent down and put his lips to my ear, whispering, back in his 'normal' voice "If I do anything you don't like Bella, please just tell me to stop okay?"

I nodded, unsure of what he was about to do. He ran his hands up my spine to grip under my arms as he hoisted me up around his waist. I could feel his hard erection pressing against my centre, giving the most delicious feeling. I leant up to press my lips against his, and I rubbed myself harder against him. He opened the kiss deeper, and turning us around, he fell backwards onto the sofa, me straddling his waist. We continued to kiss, deepening it as his tongue danced with my own. Clothes needed to be gone. I moved my body from his slightly, to pull at the hem of his t-shirt.

"I am in control Bella. You will do what I say. Oh and don't speak unless I tell you to." He had my wrists in his hands. After what seemed like hours, he finally let them drop to my thighs.

"Get down on your knees." I gulped and looked into his eyes; he winked, showing that he was still playing with me.

Slowly, and what I liked to think was sexily, I slipped out of the small amount of lingerie that covered my personal areas. He drank me in, and I watched his eyes cloud over in lust.

Carrying on my 'sexy' performance, I lowered myself to my knees and leant forward to palm at his rock hard arousal. A groan rumbled through his body, urging me on.

I stood again, and grabbed the hem of his shirt, pulling it over Jasper's head and throwing it to the other side of the room. Next I knelt down again to undo the belt and zipper hiding what I wanted the most. This time it was my turn to moan, he wore no boxers again.

Jeans pooling at his ankles, I took his cock into my hand, and stroked him slowly, trying to tease him. I heard him gasp and breathe heavily before he spoke...

"Bella, stop teasing now, and suck my hard dick!" He grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to him. I licked a line from the base to the top, tongue flicking the sensitive area around the head.

"Mmm, Bell-ahh!" Encouraging me more, I slipped his tip into my mouth and sucked hard, testing his boundaries. I took him deeper until I felt him touch the back of my throat.

At this Jasper fully growled and grabbed my head, trying to make me move faster, pushing him towards his release. I gave into his pleas and went as fast as I could manage, stroking the part I couldn't reach with my fingers. Feeling him tighten, knowing he was close; I removed him from my mouth and continued with my hand. I wasn't much of a swallower.

"Faster, please, harder Bella!!" I did what he wanted, moving my mouth along the inside of his thigh, kissing the soft skin there. He was moaning with every breath, thrusting his hips up to my hands. I bit at his thigh, and that set him off. I watched the expression on his face as he climaxed and began to come down from his high.

"Bella, Bella, Bellssss" He chanted my name with every breath. My pride swelled to big levels, knowing I could bring him to such pleasure. After his breathing was completely back to normal, he was back playing games again.

"Good girl. You know what good girls get?" I shook my head, silently saying no.

"Good girls get rewarded Bella" And with that, he whisked me back upstairs to our bedroom, placing me softly onto his bed...


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