Odd Little Words

by The Odd Little Turtle Named Froggie

Twenty random X-Men-related sentences that go in no particular order.

Kiotr/X-Men fluff. It's what happens when I have nothing to do and find a word generator.

Mostly old school Kitty, Illyana, & Piotr, but there are some Excalibur, 90s and later, too.

Marvel property belongs to Marvel. sigh.

Prompts came from hubby and a random word generator I found on the web a few months back. Future prompts come from another one.

Dust Bunnies

"That damned purple rat put this under my pillow!" Pete Wisdom held up a handful of –was that a huge pile of dust bunnies? Kitty wondered.


So, she hadn't been looking when the great metal arm of the Danger Room swooped down and knocked her into the far corner of the room, but getting scooped up in the Peter's big arms made up for all the bruises and the slight concussion.


As Piotr looked down at the woman he loved, he knew that if he had wings, they would be flying right now.


"Do you think we'll ever find her?" he asked, and was pleased when the Weather Goddess gave a nod of affirmation.


"Make a wish, Peter!" she exclaimed as they sat together on the roof of the mansion watching the meteor shower; he could only muse inwardly that his wish had come true the moment he saw her at her parents house.


The last thing she expected was rug burns from their latest make-out session.


Illyana giggled madly chasing the glowing bugs; Piotr only laughed at his five-year-old baby sister hoping that she didn't accidentally swallow one.


He didn't need space; he wanted her close—the idea was… shocking and pleasant all in the same instant.


"Kitty, what are you—" Peter was mildly surprised when his fourteen-year-old girlfriend phased them through the floor and into Xavier's overly large cupboard, her lips locked onto his, her fingers dancing in his hair.


"Ugh, Peter, that's so disgusting!" she shouted pointing at his belly button lint; the large Russian mutant only blushed and rummaged around his drawers for a shirt.


"Eep!" Kurt was the last person they expected to give such a girly cry as they all watched the German-born mutant totter around drunk and disorderly under Surveillance camera #120B—and wearing a pink tutu.

Maple Syrup

"Got a sweet tooth, Petey?" Remy asked in dismay.


"Indeed," Bishop replied as Peter sighed and wondered why it was that his sister was wracked with disease when he was perfectly healthy.


"I am going to regret this," Peter intoned archly as Kitty pulled him away from his painting and down the hall—her ideas always ended up with one of them bruised.


"The Massachusetts's Academy?" Peter asked as the blood drained from his face; he really didn't want the young girl to leave.


"You so much as look at her wrong, bub, I'll cleave you a new mouth," the man named Wolverine glared at the Silver Samurai inching in front of his adopted daughter as she lay on the ground near his feet.


Lockheed rubbed his purple little claws together; that he'd managed to fluster the idiot Brit was extremely satisfying; that he'd managed to make Pete Wisdom believe himself insane—well, it was just an added bonus.


Peter gulped as his blue eyes traveled up her sleek form—what she chose to wear on their first date made the annoyingly long wait totally worth it.


"See," the mind's eye of Kitty Pryde said smugly as Peter bent to worship the porcelain god, "this is what you get when you break up with me, go drinking with Kurt and Logan, and get your keister kicked by Juggernaut;" and the little image of his ex-girlfriend sighed dramatically as she would in real life, "I'm all verklempt now," she wailed—he really wished she would shut up.


"Go ghost, Pun'kin," Wolverine ordered, pointing towards the ruins, "an' find out what happened t' our teammates."

Input welcomed. I've got some more, so stay tuned. :D