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"By the Scroll of Mysterious Emazi*!" Illyana shrieked, blue eyes wide and surprising Kitty, "EW, squish it!"


"I swear if my teammates label me a 'chubby chaser…'" Kitty swore as she ran through another wall in pursuit of the mutant called the Blob.


"Bye-bye, Secret Identity," Kitty groused as she phased through the floor of the Holocaust Museum without her superhero costume or, more importantly, her mask.


"I cannot believe you actually read those things, Katya," Peter chuckled as his glanced over the Star Wars LSF/Carth Fanfiction on Kitty's computer.**


"Because I said so," Kitty Pryde told him matter-of-factly, "I am a genius, and I know what I'm talking about!"


Kitty sat there, chin in her palm watching the news with disgust—It didn't matter what they were—homo sapiens or homo superior—everything fell back to violence for either side of this damnable war.


"Now, sugah, din't ya know it's not nice ta hit a lady?" Rogue asked as she threw the thug through the nearest wall while Kitty, Illyana and Peter took on their own opponents.


Hank flinched; questioning Katherine's intellect was not the most intelligent thing he could have done.


His throat felt constricted like he had been in the desert for days and only the sight of her and the feel of her body against his could quench that thirst.


Face heating up unnaturally, Peter sank down into the seat when Kitty let out a loud Whoop! at the end of the movie.


"Peter, if you step on my foot again, I will crush your trachea," Meggan told him sickly-sweet even as Piotr tried to guide his newly-wedded teammate across the dance floor.


"I've got a really bad feeling about this," Kitty told everyone right before Lila Cheney appeared on their doorstep.


"At least there's, y'know, henchmen," Kitty quipped as she punched the FOH gunman in the mouth, "It, like, gives us something to do while the Big Bad tweaks his plans and stuff."


Logan grinned at his Pun'kin's choice of food: sushi, sticky rice, sashimi and steamed dumplings.


Kitty was irritable and uncomfortable sitting on the sofa in the den wedged between the lanky dark form of Bobby and the larger form of her ex-boyfriend, Peter.


"You caught them doing what?" Xavier asked Kurt incredulously—even Jean and Scott had behaved themselves better than Peter and Katherine…


"Tovarisch," Peter chided Remy tonelessly as he cocked his head to the side, "you are going to have to explain to me what the hell a 'craw-dad' is."


When Kitty whimpered at the scary movie, Scott realized just how young their youngest member really was.


"Yo, S'ym," Illyana cooed, "I got a present for you."


"Bobby, Illyana," Danni groaned and cast her gaze at the two hoodlums sitting oh so innocently on the sofa, "please tell me you did not hang Doug on the flagpole by his underwear again…"

*Yeah, I don't have a clue either… seventh sanctum random generators rock though.

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