I blame Red Witch for this idea getting stuck in my head, and for getting me hooked on Galaxy Rangers. It's bad enough I got hooked on the Misfits, but I had to check out her Galaxy Ranger fics as well. (Shakes head) You'd think a girl would learn to curb her imagination. With that:

Firebird stirs

Cold. That was all she was aware of. A numbing sensation. Slowly, she opened her eyes. It was pretty dark, the only light was coming from the dim bulb in the back of her Stasis chamber. Why was she in stasis?

She moved, feeling a slight pain in her right leg, but it vanished. There was a crack in the glass, and the lights outside were gone. Why were they gone? She stared at the glass, slowly making out her reflection. Wasn't her hair gold at some point? Why was it brown now? Had it always been like that? Her eyes looked charcoal grey. She reached down to her left black boot. Did she really like the color black? And pulled out a small knife. The glass wouldn't break. She pounded on it with her fists, tears of exertion burned in her eyes, and she glared at the small, unyielding crack. She could practically feel the warmth that was beyond the crack, that would help her, She pressed both hands against the crack, trying to warm them, Why was she wearing a red leather jacket? . . . she could feel the warmth seep in, and to her shock the glass melted. She didn't puzzle out the new development for long, focusing instead on melting a hole big enough for herself. Had she known she could do that?

She fell out of the chamber, trembling, and blinked at the damage. Support beams had fallen in, and the pods or chambers closest to the door were destroyed. Some explosion, perhaps, but it had been a long time since its occurrence, dust had gathered. Others that had been like her were dead from it, she could see a skeletal arm hanging out of one of them. Years, perhaps. No less than two, if that arm was any indication. She turned away from the damage, instead focusing on the three remaining, functioning, chambers. An attempt to get on her feet realized her right leg was very weak and unsteady. And painful. Plenty of pain. She reached up to the first one, and melted away the glass. Slowly she did the same for the other two, before she collapsed on the ground, exhausted once more.

Maybe, the others had answers. Maybe she wasn't the only one who didn't know who they were. Maybe there was a way to recover . . .

Or maybe she was just setting herself up to be cannon fodder.