A Good Date

"You what?" Zach blinked at Doc.

"I said, I got a date with the lovely Ms. Housou." Doc smiled as finished washing his face.

"Only you Doc . . ." Zach groaned. "Just don't do anything that'll make her use one of her knives."

"The Doctor knows how to handle himself." Doc ran a comb through his hair.

"Why do I have a problem believing that?" Zach muttered.

Across Town:

"You got what?" Bloodmoon blinked at Firebird as she brushed out her hair.

"I got a date with Ranger Hartford." Firebird smiled.

"Ah, you want me to tag along and we can get information out of him?"

"No, not this time at least." Firebird bit her lip. "We can't risk tipping our hand just yet." She put the brush down. "Besides, we need them to at least trust me, before anything happens."

"Alright, just don't pull a Juliet on us."

"What's a 'juliet'?"

"It's a romance story about lovers that were on opposite sides of a conflict, got married in secret, and then kickred the bucket. Movie had some good fight scenes." Bloodmoon shrugged. "But the girl, Juliet, was kinda the one who caused the mess . . ."

"You're sexist, you know that right?" Mystic commented from the living room. "You think everything is a weak female's fault if one's in the story."

"I'm not! Girls are just more emotional and weaker than guys, and that's proven in science!" Bloodmoon snapped back. "She doesn't remember half her training! Even if she was listed as a freaking Alpha."

"Blood, when , in the history of us traveling together, have I ever been weak or flighty?" Firebird gave him a look.

"Uh, when you dated that crazy Marshall guy . . . You turned red a lot."

"Dude, despite the whole grown in a lab issue, we're pretty much human. With human reactions to the opposite sex." Mysitc lifted his head to look at Bloodmoon from his comfy spot on the couch. "'Specially without those inhibitor drugs we were injected with."

"And I recall a certain rocker wannabe having phone and e-mail sex with a certain senator's daughter." Firebird smiled with false sweetness. "Oh, and has slept with several different people in the course of a month . . . What was his name, Mystic?"

"Hmm, it's just on the tip of my tongue . . ."

"I get the point!" Bloodmoon growled, throwing his hands in the air. "Why don't you two just burst out laughing before you hurt something internally." He crossed his arms as they laughed at him, struggling to keep from smiling himself. "Glad I amuse you."

"Blood, I hate to break it to ya- no, wait, I lied, I'm going to love saying this, you're kinda losing your whole, psychopathic edge." Mystic smiled. "Must be the new diet of annoyance instead of fear and hate, huh?"

"Hardy-har-har. This coming from a guy who's trying to get 'drinkable moonlight' for breakfast in the morning." Bloodmoon caught the pillow that was tossed at him, and very quickly sent it flying back at Mystic, sending the sorcerer in training scrambling for his bedroom door.

"You missed!" Bloodmoon rolled his eyes before returning his attention on Firebird, who had finished her hair.

"I'll be alright, Blood, Ranger Hartford's not a bad guy."

"Okay, maybe you forget the part where he's suppose to take out the supertrooper on his own team?"

"I don't have any circuitry for him to short circuit." Firebird retorted. "I've read their files, Blood, I know what I'm doing." She slipped on her jacket. "I'll see you tomorrow, I'm staying over at Eloise's place after the date. Later."

"Yeah later . . ." Bloodmoon crossed his arms as the door closed. Mystic's door creeped open an inch.

"So, you ever gonna tell her you like her?"

"What- What the hell makes you think that?"

"Oh, I don't know . . . the fact you always keep an eye on her, try to tell her what to do . . . look at her when she's not paying attention- I got more, if you want to hear them."

"I think you're jumping to conclusions." Bloodmoon glared at Mystic.

"Okay- how about that dream you had a few nights ago when you started calling her name?" The door closed in time to block a vase. "Denile isn't just a river in Eygpt!"

"Stupid-" Bloodmoon proceeded to mutter in vivid detail what he thought about idiots who stuck their noses where they shouldn't be and women who don't listen to reason. When Hunter came in at around midnight, he was still going.

"And then Goose crashed the ship. Again." Doc finished his story as Firebird almost fell off Inferno laughing. The two were currently riding through the woods. "Commander Walsh looked like he was going to have a stroke after that, he had a vein bulging in his forehead, so we all did our best to avoid him unless necessary."

"Ah . . . I would've paid money to see that." Firebird gasped for air. "That's almost as bad as Hunter trying to fly our ship. I swear, he finds things in the dead of space to almost crash into." She grinned. "We stopped letting him and Mystic pilot or navigate after that."

"Yeah, well, Goose can fly just fine, it's when he has to land that I get worried." Doc smiled.

"Okay, you mentioned you're a hacker, and Captain Foxx can do that blasting thing with his arm. Can Rangers Niko and Goose do anything like that?"

"No, Niko's psychic, and a good one. Goose is a sort of reformed supertrooper."

"Supertrooper? Like those people that blew up a space port a week ago?"

"Sort of, but he's a good guy." Doc smirked. "Let me tell you another story-" Firebird couldn't breathe by the time he was done. Doc had to make sure she didn't fall off.

"Ah, I'd love to visit BETA someday, just to watch the chaos." She finally managed, and smiled at Doc. "C'mon, the spot's just beyond that bend in the trail . . . then you can tell me more stories, if you'd like."

"So, Ranger Hartford went on a date with the pilot Housou?" Waldo blinked. "Isn't he suppose to be fixing communications?" He and Zach were playing chess in one of the sitting rooms in the govenor's mansioin.

"He said he'd get to it tomorrow." Zach sighed. "I really doubt that, but we'll see."

"I'm impressed." Doc stared at the sight. There was a waterfall and an open spot to sit. "Without the rock snakes, this would be an ideal vacation spot."

"Even with the rock snakes, it's a good place." Firebird corrected. The sky grew darker, and Doc got to wrap an arm around her shoulders. They continued talking.

The only awkward part of the evening was when Doc tried to kiss Firebird. She instinctively stiffened and pulled back.

"Sorry." Doc apologized. He didn't want to ruin the night by getting her mad at him. Unlike some rangers he knew, he knew where the line was. Well, a majority of the time.

"It's okay, I just . . . don't have that much experience kissing." Firebird ducked her head. "It's one of the things I've been trying to re-learn. But I keep freezing up."

"Hey, sometimes you gotta take time to build back up. It's not a problem."

"It is for me." Firebird glanced down. She wanted to kiss Doc, but her muscle memory seemed to have an adverse reaction to being close to people's lips. "Um . . . Doc, could you teach me how to kiss? I'd like to learn."

"Sure, I'll talk you through it first." Doc smiled. "Now, may I put my arm around you again?"

Zach woke up to a sound of someone tripping over furniture and the muffled curses that followed. Grabbing his spare blaster, he turned on the light. Only to find Doc holding his leg. "Doc? What time is it?"

"Late." Doc limped to grab his sleep wear.

"How was the date?"

"Very nice. Ended it with teaching her how to kiss." Doc smiled. "She's a good learner . . . quick too."

"Don't go into details." Zach grumbled, putting his laser gun away and settling down again. "You've got to fix the satellite tomorrow."

"Aye-aye Captain." Doc turned off the light.

"So, how did it go?" Eloise was a female Pallow, which was a humanoid looking marshmallow type of alien. She and Firebird had become friends soon after the four's arrival.

"Real nice." Firebird flopped onto the extra large bed. "He taught me to kiss. Was nice about it when I froze a couple of times." Firebird gave a small smile. "Why can't we have guys like that around here?"

"Well, you did run with Jake Marshall." Eloise also hopped on the bed.

"Yeah, but he was more wild than Doc." Firebird sighed. "And the only thing Jake and I ever did was the occasional peck on the lips."

"Well, you do like variety, I'll give you that." Eloise huffed. "Now, spill everything. I want to hear it all, and none of this –fine, -nice, and neat business. Clear answers please, with actual detail!" Firebird laughed as Eloise tickled her side. She had to roll a bit to evade her friend.

"Okay, okay, I'll talk!" Firebird surrendered.

The entire population of Vwinzu settled down, and no one was even the slightest prepared for what would happen the next day.

I thinks this might be a shorter story than planned with a sequel later . . . we'll see.