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How can I be this happy and this sad all in one moment? What is usually the second single most happiest day in a girl's life, second only to getting married, is turning out to be the second thing to go wrong since I moved here.

Two and a half months ago I was living a life of contentment. I had just graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and was working at a prestigious Design Firm in a thriving metropolis...in the middle of nowhere. Needless to say I found it extremely satisfying that a big name magazine in New York was interested in not only interviewing me, but doing it in person. None of this phone interview stuff that some of my other job offers have succumbed to.

My talent and willingness to do what I live for was recognized and they were very excited to bring me out here to do an interview. When things with my flight and hotel arrangements were going too smoothly, I was looking for the interview to fail. However, to my surprise, they decided they were interested in hiring me before I even made it out the door. Apparently I had that girl-next-door charm that they were looking for, they had yet to see it in all their native interviews. Having a hard work ethic comes from growing up in the midwest, I guess we're bred a little differently than those on the coasts.

After I got home, I put in my two weeks notice, had all my things packed and shipped to my new apartment in New York. Who knew that working for a well known magazine came with luxuries of not even having to look for a place or worry about rent for the first 6 months as well as I performed at my job. If I would have known that the rest of my stay wouldn't have been so easy, I might not have been so eager to leave everything I had known for the past 15 years.

When I arrived at the airport I wasn't looking forward to having to take a cab into the city, so I was surprised to find a slightly scrawny young man with a sign that had my name on it. He quickly ushered me and my carry-on into a classy town car. We drove in complete and awkward silence through the light afternoon traffic. Apparently arriving at the perfect time to make it to our destination in under 45 minutes. I would come to know that his was a rarity for anywhere in New York from the airport. As we pulled up to what would be my home for the next several months and possibly beyond I was shocked to find that it wasn't a gaudy monstrosity. Apparently the driver, Eric happened to work for the magazine and it was his job to make sure that I was able to check into my new living quarters without any problems. The security guard taking up residence in the lobby seemed to be genuinely nice and things just kept looking up.

The loft apartment had two separate suites and I would apparently be sharing it with another female, that according to Eric should be arriving sometime tomorrow. I had a few days to get all my boxes unpacked that were currently taking up way too much space in a corner of my rather large walk-in closet. I tried to tip him as he bid me goodbye, but he wouldn't have any of it. What a gentleman.

I immediately got to unpacking the boxes and before I knew, I was setting the time on my clock for midnight. I quickly dug out some pajama's, seeing that I was at a stopping point and crawled into the bed with my fresh from the dryer sheets. I didn't want to get to bed too late, and miss my opportunity to finish the rest of the unpacking so I could be done by the time my new roommate arrived. Being an only child, I had never had to live with anybody other than my parents, so I was a little anxious to be sharing such an intimate space with another human being.

By dawn the next morning, I was already up and not looking forward to facing this day without coffee. In my rush to get everything out and in it's place, I had already gone through the boxes for my kitchen and turned up empty handed. Apparently I forgot to pack the espresso machine that my mother had insisted that I needed. After taking a quick shower, I threw on a pair of board shorts, and my purple converse, don't I love being color coordinated...not! It's not like there was going to be anybody up at this ungodly hour anyway. I grabbed some cash and headed out to see if I could find the nearest Starbucks. I stepped out of the elevator to be greeted by the same security guard from last night, he was very fit and an extremely attractive man with dark hair and beautiful eyes.

"Good morning Ms. Swan," he greeted me.

"Please call me Bella, I would rather be on a first name basis if I am going to be seeing you daily."

"Of course, and you can call me Tyler, how was your first night?"

"Great!" Knowing that I had already probably wasted enough of his time I tried to rush a little too quickly out the door, but forgot he might know where I could find coffee quicker. I turned around to get his attention and he was still looking at me.

"Hey Tyler, where's the nearest Bux?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know the nearest Starbucks?"

"Oh, there's one just down on the corner, go out the door and take a right. You'll be right on 42nd St."

"Thanks," I mumbled and turned around to head out the door when I was hit by a rather solid object. I didn't think I was that close to the door, but I didn't have time to contemplate much further. I tumbled backwards towards the concrete floor only to be caught by a strikingly handsome blonde man. His hair was spiked and he had a perfect smile. Upon closer examination, I noticed that his looks were more boyish, with a little bit of a baby face.

"Whoa there, sorry about that, I didn't think you'd be moving anytime soon. I should have moved out of your way." He smiled again.

"It's okay, it happens all the time, I'm rather clumsy." I hurried to get out the door before I embarrassed myself any further. A wave to Tyler and I was headed to bitter bliss.

The sun was shining bright and as I rounded the corner onto 42nd, I was hit by the smell of fresh-roasted coffee beans and Spring. I walked through the outdoor tables, where a few patrons were lazily sipping their coffee. As I stepped up to the door, I said a quick thanks to the sunshine smiling down on me and walked up to the counter. Placing my order for my Tall Vanilla Mocha, I was reminded how rather plain I am.

I scanned the men and women that were waiting for their orders to be filled. Over to the side I noticed two women that seemed to be in their twenty's. They were both beautiful, but one was absolutely stunning. She had golden blonde hair and perfectly pouty lips, I was sure she would be a model if she wasn't holding a three year old on her lap, while she laughed jovially with her friend. The other had a more subtle beauty, some might even consider cute, with short, cropped black hair and a slightly upturned nose. When they stood up to leave, I noticed they were carrying several bridal magazines. I quickly assumed that the dark haired one was getting married, seeing as the blonde woman had a child and appeared to have a different glow about her.

After they left my order was up and I headed back to my apartment to finish unpacking the last few boxes.

A few hours later, I had just finished putting the towels away in my bathroom when I heard the front door open. She had arrived and now that I got everything of mine put away I would maybe be able to lend her a hand if she needed it. I walked out of my room into the living area and was greeted with a blonde bimbo. She had on way too short of a skirt and an extremely tight top. Hmm, things were starting to look down again. That is until the second woman walked in, she had dark brown hair and dark rimmed glasses. She appeared to be a few inches taller than me and rather shyly smiled at me.

"You must be Isabella."

"Bella, my friends call me Bella, and I'm afraid I wasn't ever given your name." I said while relief washed over me, she looked like someone I would be getting along with.

"I'm Angela and I believe this is Lauren. She works with Conde Nast."

"Alright girls, let me give you a quick overview of how things are going to go for the next few days before you report to work on Monday."

She explained that we would need to come into the office tomorrow so we could get the papers for HR filled out and then we were free until Friday evening when our presence was requested at a new Club Opening.

"It's not very formal, but please don't show up wearing what you're wearing," she snared at me. Seriously, like I would show up to represent my place of employment wearing what I wore to college classes when I didn't have time to shower. Thankfully, she left shortly after that comment leaving us with a card and a number to call arranging our ride to the party.

"Whew, I didn't think she was ever going to shut up," Angela stated after she shut the door and moved towards her boxes.

"I'm just glad I didn't have to ride in with her yesterday, I had a rather nice gentleman that picked me up and hardly said two words. I just finished unpacking my things, would you like some help with yours?"

"That would be unbelievable, thanks!"

On that note we struck up one conversation after another. Sharing our entire life stories way into the night. We finally finished around one in the morning and headed to bed. I now had great hopes for the budding friendship with my new roommate. I couldn't wait for tomorrow, so I could start with the orientation and who knows, we might even do some shopping for the Club Opening. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep, tomorrow was going to be a long day!

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