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"Miles," I groaned as I listened to the sound of the toilet flush, followed by the creak of the door. I heard the echo of his footsteps on the hardwood floor as he approached the kitchen.

"Miles," I said a little louder this time, hoping he would hear me.

"What?" he asked as he peeked up at me from under the hair that was now falling into his eyes. I made a mental note that he needed to go with Edward next week when he went to get his hair cut.

"Did you put the toilet seat down?" I asked, knowing the answer already. This was the final step in the potty training process and he hadn't seemed to master it quite yet.

"Awe, Mom!" he huffed.

"Don't Mom me, mister. Do you want me to get your father?" I asked, as I raised an eyebrow at him.

"No need," Edward whispered as he wrapped his arms around me from behind. "Are you really giving our son the brow, don't you think he's a little young for you to be starting with that, huh?" he joked, kissing my cheek before he looked at Miles and addressed him in a teasing, yet, authoritative tone. "Miles, you need to listen to your mother."

"Yes, sir," Miles replied, as he sulked off to the bathroom and I heard the wonderful sound of the toilet seat slamming shut. Oh, the joys of raising a four, almost five year old little boy.

"Is there anything else I can do to help?" Edward asked as he replaced the liner in the trash can.

I bit back the response on the tip of my tongue that had to do with always needing his help, just not necessarily in the way he was referring to and told him that his time would be better suited if he went outside and got things ready for the party out there.

Edward had been offered a position as a partner in a new practice that Addison was opening in Florida and he would be starting in just a few weeks. This would be our last hurrah before the house would go on the market come Monday and then we would be making our way to Florida to start this new phase of our lives.

Our youngest, Miles, was celebrating his fifth birthday today and although I loved that he was growing up and could do a lot of things on his own, I missed having a baby in the house. That was probably the hardest thing I've had to come to terms with in the past five years.

On Edward's thirtieth birthday, I had told him and our family that we were expecting another baby. It had been sudden and unplanned, though not unwanted as Edward and I had discussed after Abby was born that we would let nature take its course and not use any birth control. It was so soon after having Abby, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Many of our friends and family thought we were crazy for having two children within a year of each other, but it wasn't something I ever gave a second thought about. As painful as it was to go through morning sickness, labor and everything else that goes with being pregnant, I was looking forward to carrying Edward's child more than anything.

The first several weeks of the pregnancy were just as they had been with Abby, morning sickness on most days, I was tired all the time, the only difference being that Edward was there every step of the way, from the very beginning. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I started having severe abdominal pain. I thought nothing of it so I didn't tell Edward because he would freak out just like everything else. It was hard living with a doctor who over diagnosed every little thing. This went on for a couple of days, and then, a few nights later I was woken up in the middle of the night to Edward in a panic because I had blood all over the back of my night gown. Poor Edward, I can't even imagine what was going through his head when he saw that. After rushing me to the hospital, we were told I had miscarried and should wait a while before trying to conceive again.

It hit us hard. Not only had we lost a child, but Edward and I had to come to grips that this could be the first of many miscarriages, if we chose to try again. In Edward's line of work, he knew so many statistics but that didn't make the pain any easier.

Edward and I decided that as much as we wanted another child we would take some time to figure it out. He left the decision mostly up to me about when or if we would start trying again. He insisted that he wear condoms until we had come to a conclusion and when I questioned him on this, he gave me a laundry list of side effects the pill could have and told me he didn't want me to take it until we had made up our minds.

It took some time to decide if I even wanted to try again. I was terrified that I would conceive and then miscarry, but the desire to carry Edward's child was stronger than the fear of going through such a horrible ordeal again.

A few months later, we found ourselves on a couples getaway in California. Addison had invited us to a charity event that she was involved in and Edward didn't want to turn down the opportunity. So, we packed our bags and Abby went to stay with Edward's parents.

After a day of shopping with Addison, I enjoyed the evening dancing with my husband. He couldn't seem to keep his damn hands off of me and I was loving it. While Edward and I had continued to have sex on a regular basis after the miscarriage, it just hadn't been that same. I felt as though I wasn't a whole woman; not being able to bear his child had taken it's toll on my self image.

After leaving the party downstairs, we managed to make it up to our room with most of our clothes still on our bodies. Edward hurried to open the room as he kept me pressed against the door and we almost fell when he pushed it open. While I had been overjoyed and extremely excited, I didn't want this to be a rushed release, I wanted to slow it down.

Panting, I pushed him away from me so I could catch my breath. But he wouldn't release me as he continued to suck and kiss down along my jaw.

"Edward, stop," I whispered. "Can we just, slow down a little bit? We have all night, honey."

"I'm sorry, I just cant," kiss "get enough of you," he whispered against my lips.

"I know," I laughed. "Trust me, I I want it slow though...tonight, I want it slow."

I was sure he had heard me as he released me, walking over to the alarm clock where his iPod was hooked up and selected a song.

Michael Buble's rendition of 'Crazy Love' floated through the air.

"Dance with me?" he asked as he took my hand and pulled me against him.

We danced along to the rhythm of the music and every once in a while Edward would sing a bar or two. I loved the sound of his voice and the feel of his breath on my ear as he held me close to him. We hadn't danced like this in a long time. Right after Abby was born, Edward had taken to dancing her around the room to quiet her down at night. After many nights of seeing him do this he turned to me after he put her back in her crib and asked me if I wanted to dance, just like he had tonight.

As the song ended, Edward picked me up bridal style and carried me over to the bed. His skilled fingers unzipped my dress as I worked to remove his clothes.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered as he kissed the top of my breast above my heart.

His mouth covered my skin in kisses. With light touches he caressed my body as I lay there basking in the way he worshiped my body. His touch drove me wild, but we were content to take our time tonight.

As he reached for the condom that was laying on the night stand I knew it was time.

"No," I whispered as I kissed him and when I looked at him, I saw the tears in his eyes as he realized what this meant.

"Are you sure?" he asked as he held the hope of what I was saying just off the surface.

"Positive," I said with what little voice I could muster. Afraid that if I spoke too loudly the dam would burst and my tears would ruin the moment. I heard the soft thud of the condom hitting the top of the night stand and felt his hand as it came back to cradle my head against the pillow. We made love into the night and I woke to his lips at the back of my neck as he woke me for another round just as the dawn was breaking.

We didn't talk about it much after we had gotten back. Only telling our parents that we were no longer being careful in hopes that we wouldn't jinx it. Sure enough a month later I missed my period and after we received the results. I was pregnant with mine and Edward's baby.

After I made it past the magic twelve week mark, we told our family and friends. Edward knew that if I made it this far I should be able to carry to full term. But knowing the complications I had already had with Abby's delivery and then the difficulties I'd experienced with the miscarriage, Edward was very overprotective. While no bed rest had been required from the doctor, Edward and I had decided that I would work from home until after the baby was born.

It seemed that luck was on our side and on June first, I delivered a healthy seven and a half pound baby boy. We named him Miles Howard after Edward's Great Uncle that had served and died as a young soldier in the Second World War.

Although I had only suffered one miscarriage and there had been no complications during Miles' delivery, we agreed that two children were enough for us and Edward decided that he would get a vasectomy. When Edward and I were first dating and I was already pregnant, we had discussed how many children we both wanted. My magic number was two, because it was more than one and less than three. He had laughed and said he wasn't worried about how many kids we had as long as they were all happy and healthy.

So here we are, celebrating Miles' fifth birthday and it seemed like just yesterday that he was born.

"Bella," Edward hollered at me from outside where he was starting the grill. "Can you call Em and see if he can bring some Charcoal? We are low and I am not sure there is enough to get us through the party."

"Sure, babe."

Picking up the phone I dialed Rose's number and was greeted by the happy voice of my niece Izzy.

"Hello?" her sweet voice floated through the telephone.

"Hey sweetheart, it's Aunt Bella, can you put your mom or dad on the phone, please?" I asked as I pulled out the cupcakes and began to frost them.

"Sorry Aunt Bella, they're in their room with the door locked and there is no way I'm going in there." Poor girl, living in a house with Emmett and Rosalie was bad enough, but to have them be your parents I knew that girl must be scarred for life.

"I don't blame you Iz, can you just have your dad call me when they surface?"

She agreed and I disconnected the phone just as my darling daughter walked into the kitchen.

Abby was already dressed in her party clothes, a cute little jean skort with a baseball tee and chucks on her feet. Everyday she looked a little more like me and acted a little more like her father.

A few months after she was born Edward and I put together a video about how she came into this world and then sealed it to be given to her when or if there ever came a time for her to know the truth. While she was in every way a Cullen, Edward and I worried that there could come a time where the subject might come up and we wanted to make sure she knew we had been thinking about a good way to tell her from the very beginning and not trying to hide anything. Though Edward had forgiven his parents for not telling him that Carlisle was not his biological father, it still hurt him deeply. Abby was still young, but we never knew what the future held and we never wanted her to feel the hurt that Edward had when he finally found out the truth. There may come a time when she needed something from a biological parent that I wasn't able to give her and we would want to give her all the information we had, though limited.

"Hey kiddo, did you want to help me frost the cupcakes?"

"Sure!" She said excitedly as she stepped up beside me and I handed her the cupcake toppers. Miles was obsessed with baseball. When he was just shy of his third birthday Edward had taken him out with Gavin and Jasper whenever Gavin's little league team would practice. He had found his calling and for the past two years baseball was all he could talk about. He was so excited for this upcoming season because it would be his first season playing without a tee.

We continued to prep for the party as the morning turned into afternoon and things were coming together smoothly. The guys were in charge of setting up the family baseball game that would take place this afternoon. While the ladies were in charge of helping me out inside with feeding the troops.

I glanced outside to see what Edward was doing. What I saw warmed my heart and brought the cheesiest grin to my face. Edward and Miles were standing in the homemade baseball field. Each of them were on the opposite side looking down at the plate in front of them. I assumed they were trying to decide if they were set up to regulation standard. Knowing my men, it had to be just perfect.

The doorbell chimed, drawing my attention away from my two favorite men out back and I hurried over to answer it. Opening the door, I was immediately pulled into the arms of Mike. He and his partner Liam had called early this morning to let me know they would definitely be here and would be bringing along Liam's daughter, Maggie. Liam had been married and had a child before he filed for divorce and came out of the closet. All of this happened right around the time Mike moved back to New York permanently a couple years ago. They met, had a whirlwind romance and had been happy together ever since. Liam was allowed partial custody of his daughter and his ex, Celeste, pretty much let him take Maggie whenever he wanted as long as there was some advance notice.

"Hey you big flirt," I said as I squeezed myself against Mike.

"Hey back, sugar," he responded as he kissed me on the cheek and released me.

Edward had come in through the back door, greeting them and was starting up a conversation with Liam when I mentioned that I needed to head upstairs to get ready.

"Of course you do, you can't be wearing something like that when your guests arrive," Mike teased when he pointed at my sweats and the thin, worn tank top I had thrown on this morning.

"Hey, these are Juicy Couture I'll have you know," I huffed as I did my best imitation of a snooty fashionista.

"Go! Go upstairs and get ready. Liam and I can watch the kids and answer the door if anybody arrives before you two are done," he grinned as he looked between Edward and I.

"Thank you," I replied as I headed for the stairs. "Oh, and if anybody comes, it'll probably just be our family," I added.

I tried to think of anything else he might need to know but Edward quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs.

As soon as I stepped into the room, my shoes were kicked off and my shirt hit the floor of our bedroom. I grabbed the door to the bathroom, but just before closing it, Edward waltzed in, sans clothing.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked as he stepped into the shower and started the water.

"Sorry, baby. I'm dirty and I need to get cleaned up before the party too," he said with a smile.

"Edward," I whined. "You know it will take me twice as long to do my hair if you go first."

"That's why you should join me, you know, to conserve water and all. We do want the earth to be here for our children and grandchildren, don't we?."

God he could be so frustrating. Did he not realize all of our family, friends and coworkers would be joining us for our last get together before our move and were probably all gathering down stairs as we spoke? I shook my head as I stripped out of my jeans and joined him in the shower, knowing that by doing so I was only enticing him further. Keeping my back to him I went to grab my shampoo, but not before I felt his strong arms wrap around me. Placing a kiss on my shoulder he turned us so that I was directly under the water and grabbed my shampoo for me.

"I can do that for you," he whispered as he squeezed some into the palm of his hand and massaged it into my hair. His skilled fingers working to get every section on my head.

"Oh, that feels so good," I whispered.

He kissed my cheek and turned me around to face him. I tipped my head back to keep the suds from falling into my eyes as he rinsed my hair. I could feel the water as it ran down my back and washed down the drain. I had to bite back a moan as his arm brushed over my pebbled nipples. Edward bent down to kiss me as his hands moved from my hair to my hips and he pulled me to his chest. Even though I could feel him hard against my stomach I resisted my sexy husband and continued with our shower.

"Your turn," I whispered against his lips. With one more peck, he turned and tilted his head back so I could massage the shampoo into his hair. Scratching my fingers against his scalp, I heard him hiss just before he whipped around and crushed his lips to mine.

"I need you," he begged as he wrapped himself around me.

"We can't," I whimpered as his lips trailed down my neck and across the top of my breast.

"Yes, we ca-oh, shit," he cried as he stuck his head under the water washing the shampoo out of his eyes. I held my breath to keep from laughing out loud while I watched him rinse all of the remaining suds out of his hair.

"That's what you get for trying to seduce me with soap in your hair," I gasped, not being able to hold the laughter in any longer. His eyes flew to mine and I got a glimpse of the primal hunter that I had married all those years ago for a split second just before he lunged for me. I was too fast for him though, as I whipped around the shower wall stepping out and grabbed my towel off the hook. It was wrapped around my body just as Edward stepped out from the shower as I began backing out of the bathroom. Knowing the effect his nakedness had on me he simply stood there.

"You're not coming after me?" I asked. Usually when he was this determined he wouldn't think twice about chasing me around our bathroom or bedroom butt naked. It would usually end with a round of playful, silly love making and despite the fact that we were needed downstairs, I wanted it to happen , more than I truly cared to admit. We may be getting older with children still in the house, but our physical intimacy certainly hadn't changed in the past several years.

"Nope," he said with a grin as he stretched. "I think I'll just air dry while you finish getting ready."

"Oh, okay. I'll just go see if Mike can grab some panties out of the laundry room and bring them up to me. I'll make sure to remind him that I'm still in the bathroom," I giggled as I walked further into our bedroom.

"You wouldn't dare," Edward growled as he grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his hips. I stood there for another minute just to oogle my husband before I applied a light smattering of makeup on my face and fixed my hair. Throwing on a pair of blue jeans and my blue Cullen baseball tee, I grabbed my tennis shoes from the closet and headed downstairs with a now fully dressed Edward just as the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of more guests.

The party was running smoothly as guest after guest arrived. All of Edward's colleagues were expected as well as some of the people I had worked with at the magazine. All our family showed up within the first few minutes and all the guys were huddled around the barbecue as they grilled the meat for dinner. My mother and Esme were outside with the kids while I and the remaining ladies stood around the kitchen gossiping and preparing the other food.

I was standing at the sink looking out through the window when I saw Edward glance my way, as soon as he saw me he winked before diverting his attention back to the guys. I loved that one glance from him could affect me in ways I still couldn't describe. Sometimes it felt like we were back in the early stages of our relationship and I'm crushing on him like a school girl again.

Hurrying around the kitchen, I moved from one task to another as I tried to get finished with everything before the guys were done with the meat.

"Babe," Edward hollered through the open screen door. "We're all ready, where do you want us to set up?"

I grabbed the plates, and a few other items that I could carry and motioned for the rest of the women to grab something and follow me outside to where we had set up a few picnic tables.

"Right over there on the table with the red table cloth, sweetie," I said as I kissed him on the cheek.

After everyone was done with the food, I was doing a quick clean up before we started presents when I noticed a bright blue sports car pull up. The sun was glaring off of the car and I squinted as I tried to see who it was. Within seconds, I knew.

I watched as she unfolded her long, sleek frame from the car and surveyed the house. Memories from the conference we had recently attended flashed through my mind.

Miles and I had been on our way to a conference that the hospital was putting on. We were meeting Edward there and I had just dropped Abby off at Rose and Emmett's. Miles would be accompanying us at the conference for a little while, until Alice and Jasper picked him up on their way out to the lake to do "boy stuff" with Gavin.

"Miles," I groaned at my son in the back seat.

"Mom, are we almost there?" he asked for the hundredth time as he continued to smack his gum.

"Yes, we're almost there."

"Will dad be there?"

"Miles, why do you keep asking me the same questions over and over again?"

"I don't know," he said with a shrug as he went back to playing his PSP.

"Hello?" I answered as my phone rang.

"Hey, baby," Edward said with a slight slurring of his words. "Are you almost here?" he asked as I turned on the blinker to turn into the convention center parking lot and drove towards the valet.

"Yes, I'm pulling in now."

I saw my husband step out from behind a pillar in front of the building just as the valet came around to help me out of the car and took the keys from me. I unbuckled Miles and pulled him from the car. Grabbing his hand we headed over to where Edward was standing. I saw Edward stumble a bit before he righted himself then smoothed out his sports coat and gave me a sloppy kiss on the lips. I could taste the alcohol on his breath and smell it as it permeated the air around us. I took a step back to catch my breath.

"Edward!" I hissed. "Are you drunk?" I asked as he shook his head and held up his hands defensively.

"Why would you think that?" he asked as I turned around and headed inside.

I saw a table set up for the Medical Conference, where I could see Maria, the pediatric ICU charge nurse, clearly flirting with several doctors.

"What is she doing here?" I asked as he led us over to a corner of the reception area in the conference center.

"She was on the committee that helped put this whole conference together," he sighed as he ran his hands through his hair and over his face.

"Did something, happen?" I asked as I looked between the two of them. The longer it took for Edward to answer me, the more concerned I became. Ever since she had started working at the hospital around the time Abby was born, I always got a weird vibe from her. Edward would only mention that he thought he knew her from school. Nothing more.

"I really don't want to talk about this right now," he groaned.

"Can it wait, then?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Not really. I'd rather tell you then have you find out, in there," he said as he gestured toward the main conference hall where they were setting up for the evening's seminar and meal.

"Well, go ahead then," I urged as I took a seat beside him and pulled Miles into my lap.

"I think," he started before he took a breath and glanced over at Maria. "I think she's the girl I slept with that night in college," he finally finished in a quiet whisper.

Not long after Edward and I were married, Edward admitted that along with the girlfriend that he had followed to Florida his first year of college, that like me he'd also had a drunken one-night stand. The difference being that he could not even remember what the girl looked like that he had been with.

"Maria?" I asked. Sure, I had my suspicions, but why hadn't she ever said anything. Edward certainly couldn't remember anything about that night.

"She has pictures of us from college, and I'm clearly intoxicated," he told me just before we signed in for the conference. That must have been one hell of an event. Well, that sure explained Edwards sudden need to drink himself silly before I even got here today.

Sure enough, I had seen the pictures with my own two eyes and then after asking her directly she confessed to seducing my husband while he was severely drunk and couldn't defend himself against her advances. I didn't blame him, it was long before we even knew each other and we both certainly brought skeleton's with us when we got married.

Even though time had passed, I still had some ill feelings for the woman walking toward us. She obviously had some kind of feelings for Edward. Heck, she kept the pictures for over ten years. I trusted my husband completely, it was her I didn't trust.

"Edward," I hissed. "What is SHE doing here?" I asked as the leggy brunette walked toward the gift table and set down the rather large box with the huge red bow on it.

"I had to i-", he started to say before I cut him off.

"No, you didn't. What would you think if I invited someone from my past that I had been intimate with?" I asked. I didn't care that I only had one and he was dead, he wasn't going to get out of inviting her that easily.

"You know it would look funny if I invited everyone else and I didn't invite her," he reasoned. He could be right, I reasoned with myself. Other friends of his from the medical community were in attendance, but she was different.

"No, it would look like your wife didn't approve of the bitch you slept with when you were in college that for some reason kept the pictures for over 10 years as proof and then mysteriously showed up working at the same hospital as you. It's not my fault she can't-"

Edward kissed me and I felt his lips smile against mine.

"I love it when you're jealous, but please behave," he whispered just as we were interrupted by a throat being cleared behind us.

"Edward," she greeted him with a kiss on the cheek before she turned to me, flashing me her perfect teeth. "Bella, it's so good to see you," she said in her sickly sweet voice. I had to fight the urge to roll my eyes as I relaxed a little into Edward as he tucked me into his side.

"Maria, thanks for coming," I smiled at her and after kissing Edward on the cheek, walked over to where the kids were playing with the baseball equipment. I would leave them alone to talk, but that didn't mean I wasn't watching her every move. At least Miles would be getting another gift out of this, right?

Miles was showing Maggie how to hold the bat and I saw Esme close by snapping pictures of him and all of his friends. It seemed as though my little boy had a crush.

"Isn't that just the cutest thing?" Mike whispered in my ear.

I nodded.

"You know, when I was his age I was playing with the little girl next door. Although, we were both the flag girls for the bicycle races the boys in the neighborhood would have. My, how time's have changed," he giggled as he kissed my cheek and walked over to where Liam was.

I clapped my hands to get every one's attention, keeping a close eye on the seductress that was following my husband around as he riled up the kids.

"Miles," I hollered. "Come here honey, you can open your gifts then we'll start the baseball game," I said as he ran over to me and sat down at the table we'd put the gifts on.

Looking around, I saw the faces of our family and closest friends. They had been around for all of the important events in our life and it dawned on me that I couldn't be happier. Watching the joy on my son's face as he opened each gift and hugged the people that loved and adored him, as well as my little girl, made the smile on my face a permanent decoration.

Miles was having difficulty with one of the gifts, and I saw Abby try to help him with all the tape. When they couldn't get it off, Edward glanced around nervously before he went over to see if he could offer his assistance. After a few tries from all three of them, I started to wonder why it was so hard to open.

"Who wrapped this thing?" Edward grunted as he tried to find an opening in the wrapping paper. I heard a loud guffaw as Emmett swooped in and grabbed the gift.

"I did, you big dorks. I was hoping to make it harder for the pipsqueak to open, but not so hard that you couldn't even get it open, bro," he chuckled. With a few swipes of his hand, he had the gift partially unwrapped and handed it back to Miles as he stepped back into place and patted Edward on the shoulder. I loved watching Edward interact with his siblings, you could tell they had been brought up in a house full of love. The way Edward was with his siblings seemed to be a family trait. I could see it every time our children interacted. Miles and Abby were so close, not only with each other, but also with their cousins.

"Cool," I heard my son whisper as he took in the sight of the latest game he had asked for.

After the gifts were unwrapped, we played a game of baseball with our family and friends. The guys divided up the teams, Emmett and Rose's gang would play with Mike, Esme, Carlisle and a few of Edward's colleagues. Our team consisted of our family, Liam, Jasper, Alice, Maggie and Gavin as well as a few of our friends. We played a couple of innings before the sun began to set and people started to say their goodbyes. I hugged everybody and promised to see them all soon, before long we were left with just the Cullen's standing around the front entry.

"I sure am going to miss you guys," Ali whispered as she hugged me close to her small frame.

"Me too," I responded as a tear rolled down my cheek. I had grown so close to Edward's family, that I knew it would be hard to be away from them.

I turned around and faced the living room where so many memories were made. A lot of those memories were captured in photographs that were spread throughout this house and ingrained in the memories of our family. There wasn't a moment in the past several years that I could remember where Esme didn't have a camera. She had become a wonderful photographer and I was glad she was always willing to capture the moments of our lives on film for all of us.

I noticed Carlisle handed a book to Esme just before they both turned and walked over to where Edward and I were standing.

"Here you go, sweetheart," Esme whispered as she hugged me and handed me the book that I could now see was a photo album.

"What's this? It's not my, birthday," I hesitated, a little confused as I flipped open the book.

"It's just a little something I've been working on since we found out you guys would be moving away. It's a scrapbook chronicling one of the happiest years of my life. I made one for every family to have. Go on, take a look."

The first page was a picture of Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Alice and Emmett along with Rosalie and Izzy.

"This was taken right before Alice met Jasper and it's one of the only family pictures I have before we completed our family," she said with a smile.

"Oh my," I gasped as I looked at some of the less risque images that had been taken when Alice, Rosalie and I had been photographed with our three pregnant bellies. I certainly wasn't expecting to see that so early on in the book.

I flipped through page after page that told the story of my first year with Edward. There were the two weddings, Alice and Jasper's and Edward's and mine. There was a shot of Alice and I both in our dresses at the boutique that was proudly displayed with a little blurb about the bond we had formed.

Several pictures of our baby showers and one of each of the families with their baby or in Emmett and Rosalie's case, babies.

On the last page of the album there was another family picture, although this one was more recent. It had been taken this past Christmas . The title under the picture fit it perfectly, it read One Big Happy Family.

As we said goodbye to our family and friends to embark on this new adventure together, Edward and I didn't know what the future held, but we knew that we could handle it, as long as we were together.

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