A Cry in the Night

Chapter 1

"Daniel, remind me why we're here again?" Jack called impatiently to the archaeologist who was absorbed in translating scribbles on a wall. Daniel walked over to Jack studying his notebook. His eyebrows knit together and he looked at Jack and Teal'c excitement in his eyes.

"Jack this is amazing." Daniel was still absorbed in his notebook. Jack peered over Daniel's shoulder to find what was so interesting; his eyebrows flew to the top of his head in mock interest as he stared at the markings in Daniel's writing pad. He looked at Daniel and said sarcastically:

"Yeah, real amazing Danny boy!" Daniel gave Jack an annoyed glare then changed expressions and started ranting unintelligibly


"Daniel, say again, in ENGLISH!" Jack said with a flabbergasted look at Teal'c who raised his eyebrow. Daniel sighed deeply and tried to regain his composure, then tried again

"No, really Jack, It is amazing, this planet has no record of Goa'uld invasion!" Jack looked at Daniel with his withering 'and this is significant how?' look.

"How is this significant Daniel Jackson?" Jack raised his eyebrows and gestured gratefully to Teal'c who nodded his head at him. Daniel sighed again why does Jack have to be so clueless?

"Actually Sam has her own theory… Weren't you guys listening to the briefing this morning?" Jack waged his head as if he didn't know the answer to Daniels question. And the answer to that dumb question would be no. Daniel thought ruefully.

"Carter?" Jack inquired the busy scientist who was punching in symbols on her doohickey.

"Sir this planet has traces of naquada on it." Just as the words came out of Carter's mouth the gate began dialing in. O'Neil went into full military mode and everyone ducked behind a log and gazed down the cliff as the gate whooshed open. Five Jaffa came parading through carrying a large metal box between them

"So Daniel, this planet hasn't been invaded?" Jack gave an exasperated sigh as Daniel imitated a goldfish for a few seconds.

"Sir, there might be naquada in that box." Carter offered.

"Might?" Jack asked, he didn't want to get into a fight over… whatever it was if he didn't have to.

"It would be likely." Teal'c said backing Sam up. Jack looked at Carter and Teal'c with an 'I hope your right' look and started barking orders.

"Carter, you and Daniel take the left group, Teal'c and I'll take right." The three nodded and split up into two groups circling the Jaffa like hawks. Jack gave the signal, and they engaged the Jaffa, taking them completely by surprise. The fight was over in a few minutes and Carter ran over to the box she studied it for a moment then pressed some buttons, it opened automatically. As soon as it did Carter took a step back and her jaw dropped to the ground. Daniel ran over to see what the matter was and as he took a look at the contents he too looked shocked. Jack and Teal'c made their way over to the two. They peered into the box and couldn't believe their eyes. Inside, curled up in a tight ball was a petite ten-year-old girl. She was unconscious and breathing. Wearing a beautiful turquoise dress with a necklace made of cord and a single cowry shell. Her long lashes were curled up gently on her cheeks and her wavy auburn lay on her back like a cape.

"So it wasn't Naquada the Jaffa were bringing to the Goa'uld," Carter choked out unable to finish. Daniel spoke up.

"It was a host."

To be continued….