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Chapter 9 Epilogue

"Janet!" Lizzy cried, dropping her book and leaping over the baby toys on the floor to hug the Doctor, then hugged the rest of SG-1 in turn "Hey guys! Dad's finishing the hamburgers outside, and Mom was wondering if Teal'c, Jack, and Daniel could finish the swings outside." Jack nodded

"We'd be happy to squirt." Sam and Janet smiled; Jack was like a kid in a candy store when it came to assembling playground equipment.

"Play nice boys! Dinner is in half an hour!" Called Major Simmons from behind the grill as the guys ran over to the unfinished swing set. Sam went over to talk to Mrs. Simmons, who was one of Sam's best friends.

"What are you reading Lizzy?" Janet asked her little companion.

"It's a book about a girl named Sara Crewe, called A Little Princess. I've already read it twice." She said hugging the book. "It's my favorite!" Janet laughed and hugged her; Lizzy was exceptionally bright, only a year ago she couldn't read. Now she was devouring chapter books! Janet sat down on the couch, she and Lizzy had a lot to catch up on!

"How's school?" She asked stroking Lizzy's long, layered hair.

"Great! We're studying about the Chinese! It's amazing how much they invented, and knew about medicine!"

Mrs. Simmons brought in a steaming tray of hamburgers. "Dinner's ready!" She picked up their month old little boy and sat him in a high chair. Daniel and the boys went to wash their hands. Janet sat between Sam and Lizzy, across from Daniel. The group began a lively conversation over their hamburgers. After dinner the Boys finished the swing set and Jack hopped on one swing and Lizzy on the other. Daniel and Janet sat down on the grass drinking root beer floats.

"Lizzy is really happy now." Janet remarked. Daniel looked at her and smiled.

"Yeah, what a transformation from a year ago, you'd never know what happened to her just to look at her."

"I'm just glad we found a good family for her." Janet replied.

"Yeah, and know that she's settled you can stop worrying about her and get on with other things." Daniel smiled as she shot him a weird glance. Janet moved closer to him and he put his arm around her, she looked up at him and cleared her throat.

"Well, if you are free tomorrow, Cassie has been begging me to have you over for dinner."

It was Daniel's turn to give her a strange look

"Sure, but I'm 99.9 percent positive that it isn't just Cassie who wants me over." He teased. Janet gave him a playful slap on the arm.

"Dinner is at 6:30."