So, I shouldn't be doing a new story but I can't help myself!

I came up with this idea today and really wanted to write it but instead of writing it down I decided to type it out in Word and now you have the first chapter.

Don't expect quick updates after all I'm currently writing for Gossip is never true and I have to type up Rebels and The way WE live and a King an Oracle and 12 Knights, so many and then there's still the new Captain Hinata and Friends and I'll always find you…why do I write so many stories…

Not sure if you guys are interested but this idea came to me because I was wondering how easy it is communicating to someone how you feel by the expressions on your face and without having to say a word especially to those close to you. And so I thought what if Hinata for some reason or another stopped talking what would become of her? How would she make friends? You know stuff like that and next thing I knew I came up with the first sentence of the story…

Chapter 1: Listen

I don't talk.

I think you should know this before anything else, I don't talk at all, I used to about ten years ago but now I don't…

No, I have no physiological trauma or anything…I just don't want to be heard…

"Hinata," I look up at the sensei he's new so he doesn't know yet, "can you give me the answer to number two of the homework from last night?" he asks me politely and I just stare up at him keeping my eyes blank and my mouth tightly shut.

"Sensei," I hear Sakura speak up, I don't look at her and keep my eyes on the new sensei, "Hinata is a mute, she won't talk for anything," she says snickering. I look down at my book, she should know. One day she tested that theory on me as she and her friends cornered me in the bathroom and beat me, I didn't tell on them or scream out as they hit me and pulled my hair, I just let them and didn't fight back.

"Its fine she'll talk, I'll get her to talk to me," he says it with such confidence. That's how it is with all the sensei's they think they'll get me to be different with them, but they soon learn the harsh reality and give up on me in just a few weeks, it's always the same. I don't care though I don't.

He continues on with his lecture and I look down at my open book, I feel someone's eyes on me but I don't look up at the person, I don't care who it is that's staring at me.

I'm not…I guess I' am a little scared to talk, because I wonder: would I be heard? Would anyone hear me or even care what I have to say?

I mean I've…I haven't talked in so long so would I still be heard? Would I?

Can you tell me if you hear me would you listen with your heart open to me?

I look up at the clock the bell is going to ring; I look around and find everyone starting to get their stuff together even though the sensei hasn't said anything. I do the same and begin to put my stuff away, the sensei grabs a hold of my arm as I walk past him after the bell to dismiss us rings. I look over at him and he smiles.

"Can you stay for a minute? I'll give your next teacher a pass explaining that I held you back," he tells me in a pleasant voice, he isn't thinking about anything pleasant…

"Don't you know that sensei's shouldn't touch a student, it's considered sexual harassment," I look over at the back of the class and find a fellow loner Sasuke there looking angrily at the sensei, right away he removes his hand.

"What are you saying Sasuke, I just wanted to have a word with Hinata," I step away from him and walk closer to the door, "so if you should leave because it's private." He orders, my eyes look over at Sasuke I know I'm looking at him with pleading eyes.

"Look, just because Hinata doesn't talk doesn't mean I won't," he says standing and slowly gathering his things. "You may not know this but Hinata she can communicate fine without words, hell she can write," he says as he closes his shoulder bag. He walks towards me and rests his hand on my head. "She has people to defend her and speak for her." Sasuke says as he pushes me out of the door.

I look up at Sasuke and wipe the tears that were about to fall out of my eyes, he shakes his head in disbelief.

"Seriously Hinata," he murmurs, I look over at him and find his red face. He isn't having pleasant thoughts either. "You should start to talk if you don't I'll forget how your voice sounds…" he tells me before leaving me behind. I stop to watch his back, he still remembers it?

Because suddenly I've forgotten it…

I've tried you know, I've tried talking but it's almost as if my throat doesn't work anymore. It doesn't make a sound, I can mouth the words but no sound comes out…

What should I do?

He disappears around the corner, he's ditching again so I get to eat alone at lunch. Sasuke isn't a friend as much as a loner, we don't hang out outside of school, and the two of us eat lunch together and have a few classes with one another. I walk again dragging my feet to my next class which is biology, I still don't get why I chose biology over life sciences, which is way easier.

I walk down the empty hall, its funny how quickly the halls become empty, I hear someone run behind me and next thing I know my shoulder bag is taken off of my shoulder and falls to the ground, in the process all my books fly out. I look over at the running figures and they laugh like crazy, before if this happened I'd hide in the bathroom to cry; now I don't care…

I just look at my stuff I keep my eyes down, it looks so weird, you know? My belongings that were in my bag are now on the ground, I notice a pencil broken and my pens and post-its scattered on the ground ,my notebooks are open and my binder is half open with some of my loose papers flying away as the wind lightly blows by.

I'm tired…just so tired…

"Those guys are assholes," I look over to find a handsome blonde haired boy. He doesn't have our uniform on; instead he's just in jeans and a t-shirt. "Should I run after those bastards?" he asks me, I look up at him. I study his angry expression, why is he mad? I tilt my head, I've never seen him before, he looks ahead then he turns his head to me and smiles. I feel my heart beat faster as that striking smile is directed at me, no one has ever smiled at me like that, he chuckles and scratches the back of his head. "I guess that's a no?" he questions me; I shrug my shoulders and go down to pick up my books and the rest of my belongings. "I'm new; my name is Uzumaki Naruto, what's yours?"

I look up at him and he bends down to help me pick up my stuff, I look at my notebook and point at my name with my finger, I hear the bell ring and I sigh.

"Hyuga Hinata," he whispers, I nod and zip up my bag, "Oi, can you tell me where class room fifty-four is at?" he asks me as he too stands. I look over my shoulder at him and his smile is small and weary, I'm freaking him out because I'm not talking at all, he lets out a small insecure laugh. "I arrived way-y late and don't know my way around this school," he tells me softly, I nod and lead him forward. "You know I haven't heard you say a word," he comments and I nod, I look back at him and mouth the words.

Don't talk…

He looks at me his expression turns funny. "What?" he shouts, I glare at him and mouth the words again.

Don't talk.

"I can't hear you!" I give him my back and walk faster, he's laughing at me! The jerk is making fun of me! "Hey, wait up!" I walk to my classroom and pull the door open and bow at Hatake-sensei, he nods.

"Glad you made it Hyuga-san," he tells me, then he looks at the new student, "Ah, you brought Naruto with you!" he says in a happy voice, I ignore him and walk to the back where Sasuke and I share our desk. "Class this is a new transfer student who's named Uzumaki Naruto," I can feel those cerulean eyes on me as I look down at my empty desk. "Since you seem to know Hyuga-san how about you go sit next to her?" I look up and shake my head and throw my bag over the empty desk, Naruto smirks and walks over to me. He has an evil grin on his mouth as he pulls out the chair and throws himself in it. He pushes my backpack to me and I glare over at him.

"What is wrong with you?" he asks me in a whisper as Hatake-sensei begins class. I ignore him and open my bag and take out my biology notebook and a pen, I start to take notes. "I'm talking to you!" he says in a louder tone. I continue to ignore him and I can feel him grow angrier. "Don't you know it's customary to answer when someone is talking to you?" he shouts pulling my notebook away.

I open my mouth to shout back but nothing comes out. I look around to find everyone in the class watch us and don't pay attention to our sensei. I feel the tears prickle in my eyes, I look down at the desk, they saw…

The whole class saw me try to talk…

I feel so stupid!

"She doesn't talk," I hear Kiba speak up, he sits in front of me, I can feel his curious eyes on my down bent face. "Hinata doesn't talk anymore," he whispers. I'm pissed off, I lunge for my notebook and take it from Naruto and grab my bag, and I stand and walk out of the class room. I don't need this!

I run as soon as I get out the door, I…my face is burning red with embarrassment, I'm such an idiot. Why did the boy get me so angry that I tried to talk as the whole class watched? Shit I've never felt this way before.

"Hinata, are we ditching class?" I look back at our school principal. "You know you shouldn't get caught especially not by the principal," he tells me with a small grin on his mouth. "Sasuke is in the office right now too because he got caught. Now come with me so that I can write you up a week's worth of detention including Saturday." Mr. Sarutobi is a kind man but most of all one that follows the rules.

He walks ahead of me knowing I wouldn't run away from him I follow after him slowly and keep my head down.

I do that a lot too, my head is always down, and sometimes I forget what color the sky is because all I see is gray…

"Eh? Who was that?" Kakashi-sensei asks as he looks at the class room door that just slammed, she's quick.

"Hinata just walked out of your class room sensei," some girl says with a laugh. He looks back to the empty seat next to me.

"What did you do Naruto?" why does he have to accuse me?

"Nothing, I barely know the girl to piss her off," I say leaning back in my chair.

I hear him sigh, "Here I thought you made a friend…" he murmurs thinking I don't hear him. That girl…she just pissed me off for no reason, I was harsh though, I shouldn't have shouted at her like that. Especially because I could tell that she was the shy kind of girl, yeah. I'm an asshole just like those jerks who threw her bag, except I didn't help her this time. I was the cause of it…

But whatever, I don't care about her; I'm here to make new friends, to live a different life.

But I think back to the tears that formed in her eyes, and how she moved her mouth and no sound came out. This guilt I feel at the expression on her beautiful face is eating at me…

I have to apologize; I couldn't live with myself if I don't.

"So where do you come from?" I hear someone whisper to me I look up and a pink haired girl smiles at me. "I'm Sakura by the way," she says, I nod.

"Naruto," I respond, "I'm from the…" where am I from? "The land of fire," I say after I paused, she stares at me a bit longer.

"You're kind of cute," she says with a blush. I can tell she's acting, that blush is fake, and so is her "innocent" act. I don't know how or why but for some reason I can tell when people lie about anything. I knew that mute girl wasn't lying but I still pushed her into a corner.

"Thanks, I get that a lot, especially from my girlfriend," but I can lie better than anyone. Maybe that's why I can tell when people lie because I always lie…

"Oh?" she whispers then she faces forward and I hear the blonde girl next to her giggle.

This is going to be very hard for me. I can feel it already…