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Chapter 12: Compassion

It doesn't matter to me that we are skipping first period. I grab Sasuke by his wrist and force him into an empty classroom. I slam the door shut and let go of him as I walk to the front of the class and put my stuff on the desk and look back at him. He sits on top of a desk and looks away from me. I don't understand why I need to talk to him. I don't get this need…

I grab a marker and begin to write on the white board.

Why does Naruto think that you love me? I find myself asking him this first.

"I don't know," he answers. I cap the marker and face him. I wonder what type of expression I'm showing him because his eyes widen at my face. I feel this need to cry take over. I look into his eyes and mouth.

I need you to pay attention to me, I need you to tell me the truth, I mouth the words without any sound. Please…

"I do though," he says in an urgent manner. I want to shake my head but I stop myself. I give him my back and go to the white board.

You don't. If you did you would've defend me from Sakura and Ino. You would've stopped them but you looked like you enjoyed them tormenting me. You took pleasure in seeing me weak like that. You can't say you love me after you made me suffer like that! I say what has been on my mind since I stopped talking. If anything you hate me for something I can't remember…

"I never hated you…I can't…you are Hinata: the girl who is my friend. Even if you chose the other side over me always. I still considered you the most important person in my world," he admits to me.

Why did you let them bully me then? Why did I have to suffer like that when you could've easily defended me! I want to shout out.

"I wanted to see if you suffering would've brought out your voice!" he yells at me. My eyes grow huge at his outrage. "Don't you get it? I thought that if they pushed you hard enough then you could've spoken out! That you would've yelled at them! Cursed them! That I would've been able to hear you again! Every time I looked at Sakura treat you like shit a little part of me hoped that this was the day you would speak out. That you would finally tell off your tormenters but it seems he has a more powerful hold than I would've imagined."

I stand here unable to write anything. He looks at me I can see how haunted he really is.

"I never once took pleasure in your pain. I never wanted to prolong it but I still always had hope that one day you would finally say enough. That you would finally stand up. That you would finally give Sakura what she deserved. I stood there against everything hoping that you would finally push her away and tell her off. I wanted that to happen but it never did. I always had hope that today was the day…but after a while I gave up…I don't want to say that I've given up on hearing you again. But it seems like…it's been forever Hinata…why did you stop trying?" he questions me and sounds tired of everything. He looks so defeated so sad…I've never seen him like this…

I made a promise I think…I promised him that I wouldn't talk ever again to protect him… for some reason I write. I hear movement at the back me and find Sasuke standing behind me he grabs me from my shoulders and roughly shakes me. The marker I was holding falls to the ground. The cap flies off and lands by the door. I look up to find his expression desperate. He looks like he finally found his treasure.

"Tell me his name Hinata! Say it!" he shouts at me and I look at him helplessly. I don't know his name. I don't know his face. Everything…all my memories are foggy and I can't make anything out. I push him away and bend down to pick up the marker.

I don't remember it or him. Everything is too foggy to make anything out. Only his voice is…I can hear him…I finally admit the truth.

I've been hearing his voice more and more. I hear him wake me from my sleep. I hear him tell me that I annoy him. That I should just sit still and shut my mouth. That I'm actually strong for being so young and a girl. That he's hopeful that I'll be good for something. His voice is what creates my nightmares. It's because of that voice I haven't been able to sleep at night. I've been reduced to sleeping during the day. And even then sometimes I still hear him.

That look of defeat overtakes his face once more. He looks so disappointed and distraught. I watch him amazed that he could feel these things. Sasuke is strong. He's been my strength for so long that to see him like this…it feels like I've…like I've taken any hope he had…

If you were to tell me his name maybe I can remember something…I try to help him regain what little hope he had. He looks at me and his expression changes. He's angry…

"Your dad…he took you to a psychologist when you first stopped talking," Sasuke begins. I don't remember this. "The psychologist said his name and you lost it. You couldn't handle hearing the name and he told us that if you hear it again then you just might lose it for good…" he admits to me something I have no recollection of.

Lose what? I question him. I don't want to know. Not really…

"You'll lose your sanity. His name triggers something inside of you that makes you lose what little control you had," he tells me as he looks outside the windows.

That's stupid. How could this man that I don't even remember affect me this much? How could he dictate my life how he pleases? It's pathetic and I don't believe it. Tell me what is he to me? Do you know him? I question him. He turns to look at the board and I watch him closely. He turns his face to the right.

"No, I have no idea who he is to you. I've never met him," he lies so easily. I grab the eraser and throw it at his head.

I've known you long enough to figure out that you are lying to me! Why are you doing this? I hope he can tell that I'm angry.

"I have to protect Hinata. I have to make sure that nothing happens to you," he murmurs more to himself than to me.

I grab the marker angrily and begin to write. How could you even believe that? How can you even stand in front of me acting as if you know nothing when the truth is that you know everything! That you know who is affecting me like this yet you chose to keep quiet! How can you be so cruel? How can you hate me so much? I want to know! I'm strong, much stronger than before and I deserve to know the name of the man that took my voice with him! I want to hear my voice. I want to talk Sasuke. I can't take this silence anymore! I just can't. I want to talk to him! I want to be able to have a normal conversation with him! I want to be able to speak and smile happily with him but you aren't letting me! You are holding me back. You are keeping me chained to you even though you have the keys in your pocket! Just help me Sasuke, help me by giving me his name! I plead with him. His face becomes blank as he looks at me.

"You love Naruto?" he questions me his voice is just above a whisper.

I suddenly realize what I wrote. I turn to look at Sasuke's empty eyes and it hits me. I do. It's stupid but I love Naruto.

He gets me, we've spent such little time together but I feel something so powerful for him? It's foreign…its strong and most of all its weird. It's not me. It's not who I' am.

"You love Naruto." He repeats this time it's a statement and not a question.

I'm unable to respond and he walks out on me. I stand here unsure what just happened. Is he angry? Is he hurt? Is he disappointed? I want to run after him but there is no use. There is no point in me chasing after him. I can't tell him anything. I'm just so useless…

As it turns out today is the day that Sakura returns and she zeroed in on Hinata as she comes out of an empty classroom. I walk quickly to her knowing what's about to occur.

"Did you think that it would be okay for you to act like the queen of this school you worm?" Sakura says. I step forward away from the large crowd that has gathered around them. It's like they have been waiting for this to happen after her long suspension.

"Leave her alone Sakura. I'm not going to let you bully her anymore," I look around me and direct my following words to the crowd. "Leave now you fucking rats. Leave this second or I start throwing punches!" I announce and right away they begin to disperse. No one says anything as they leave. I just hear a bunch of murmurs. I also don't fail to notice some people are just gathering further away.

"Oh, what are you her savior now, Naruto? You do understand what happens-" Sakura doesn't finish because Hinata throws her fist into her left cheek. Sakura wasn't expecting that and she falls to the ground. Hinata kicks her as she stays down then goes down on her and punches her arms and face. I pull her off of Sakura but Hinata gets out of my hold and goes down on Sakura again. I can feel as everyone watches Hinata speechless at her actions.

They've been so used to watching her take everything without doing anything in return. I'm amazed yet terrified at what she's become.

Shino runs up to us and helps me pull Hinata off of Sakura. I watch as Hinata breaths loudly and I notice the blood on her fists. Sakura cries on the ground covered in blood and bruises.

I must remember not to ever anger Hinata like that…

Her breathing becomes faster and I notice the tears in her eyes. Finally after so many years Hinata stood up for herself. She finally proved that she is strong enough to push someone down.

I for some reason feel really proud of her. Even if I got upset at her earlier for something really stupid which I had no right to get mad at. I can say that watching this Hinata gives me strength. She makes me believe that anything is possible. I really want to hug her…

"Take her to the nurses' office and I'll take Sakura," Shino directs me. Hinata gets out of my hold and walks away from me in long and angry steps. I stand here unsure if I should follow her or not. Before I think further about the consequences I chase after her retreating back.

"That was fucking awesome! You should've done that a long time ago!" I shout at her and punch her lightly on her shoulder. She turns her glare back at me and I gulp down my saliva. She is in no mood for praise. Without her having to say anything I realize that what she did right now is out of character for her. She doesn't want to hurt others. She doesn't want to bring them pain. Hinata is in pain because of what she did. She isn't proud of her moment. If anything she is disgusted with her actions and herself. I don't say anything further and I hide the fact that I'm terrified not of her but of these feelings I have for her.

I vowed to never fall in love. To never have a family because it's my punishment, it's my punishment to walk this planet alone. It's my vow to my father. I promised him that I would never be happy because I killed him. I killed the man who gave me life. So I have no right to fall in love.

I shouldn't fall in love with Hinata…

But it seems that I'm too late…

I already love her…

I love her so much that I'm willing to break my promise to the man I killed…

I'm willing to take her away from Sasuke and from Itachi who still holds her. I stand still as I watch this silent girl make her way on her own to the nurses office.

I love Hinata…I love her…

What does it really mean? What does it entail? What do I do?

She stops walking almost as if sensing my doubt and turns around to look at me. Her eyes haunt me so much. They show nothing on the surface but if you look deeply into them then you can see the person she is. The woman she is becoming. I swallow down my saliva wondering if it's normal to have a dry mouth. She is amazing…

She isn't for me though.

She should find someone who can make her happy because I can't. I can't do it. All I bring is death. I kill everyone I love…

"You know your eyes are kind of scary," she looks at me and I look down at the ground. "It's like they are full of life that…they aren't empty. They're scary because I feel that you can look into me like no one else does. It feels as if your eyes look into my soul," I look up and smile at her. "Like you know the real me, the one that I don't even know. Your eyes look into anyone's soul and that's why everyone is afraid of you…" I confess to her for some reason. She doesn't show any reaction to what I just said. I watch her as she looks down at the ground. I think she's embarrassed. She finally looks up at me and I notice a slight blush on her usually color less cheeks. She takes a step towards me and I take two. She takes another and I take one more until we are face to face just a few inches apart.

"I think I like you," I find myself admit to her eyes.

She doesn't say anything I just watch as a smile comes onto her mouth. Almost as if she is saying that she knows.

"How do you feel about me?" I question her in a whisper. A wider smile appears and she mouths the words.

I can tolerate your presence, she admits. I smile at her and almost as if we are both magnets we lean into one another unable to pull away and…

"What are you two doing?" Kurenai-sensei asks us as she leans into the right side of us. We jump apart and look surprised at sensei. "What happened?" she asks Hinata worried and forgetting all about the fact that we were about to kiss.

"She stood up for herself," I say not wanting to elaborate further. Kurenai-sensei looks at me almost as if she forgot I was there.

"I'll take her to Shizune you can go to class," she tells me putting her left arm around Hinata's shoulders and she guides her towards the infirmary. I stay still watching as Hinata leaves. She doesn't turn to look back at me and I'm grateful that she doesn't. If she did I would've pushed sensei out of the way to walk Hinata. I give them my back and walk in the opposite direction and make my way to class. I find Sasuke standing outside the classroom waiting for me. I stare at him and he glares at me.

"I lied, I do love her," he admits to me. I don't say anything and he doesn't continue. I look up at the sky.

"You are lying now. You don't love her, you love Hanabi," I tell him. He grabs me from my collar and raises his arm forming a fist and he's ready to punch me but he's not angry enough to actually hit me. "Hinata will never see you as anything more than a friend. She doesn't love you and never will," I admit and next thing I know I'm punched in the nose. I look at him. "If you would've treated her with respect and defended her once in a while she would have loved you. She would've never looked at me. It's your fault for not noticing her need for you. It's your fault for not helping her up," I continue to say. He ready's his fist to punch me again but Kakashi stops him.

"You don't know her! You weren't here to watch over her so you have no right to take her away from me!" he yells as Kakashi holds him back.

"I understand but it doesn't matter to her. What matters is that I'm here now and I don't plan to run away anymore. I'm going to stand next to her. I'm going to make sure she understands that I'm here for her, that I'll always be there when she needs me. I'm not leaving her anymore. I don't care if I go to hell for breaking my promise but I like her. I really do and I plan to fight for her. I want to walk next to her…" this is going to break our friendship. This is going to ruin what Sasuke and I had. It sucks but I still prefer to be with Hinata than to be his friend. He watches me and stops struggling in Kakashi's arms. Kakashi still holds him though he doesn't trust Sasuke.

"They never found his body. There's an implication that he's still alive. Are you prepared for what might come?" he asks me. He needs to hear what I have to say. He knows that what I say will decide whether he will come between us or if he will sit back and let us be together.

Sasuke was never able to answer this question. He was never able to stand up to Itachi that's why he never seriously tried to make Hinata fall in love with him. He forced himself to believe that he could never love her. He knew that he wouldn't be able to defend her if Itachi is in fact alive.

"If she wants to be with him then I won't force her to stay with me. But if there is even a little bit of hope that she will still love me than I'll stand with her. I will stand against the Hyuga's and Uchiha's I don't care as long as Hinata wants me. That is all that matters, no one else," I admit to the boy who usually has all the answers. He watches me unsure of what to make out of it. He looks so confused at my answer. Almost as if he never thought of the possibility. I feel bad for him.

"I never had that determination with Hinata," Sasuke admits to me as Kakashi lets go of him. "I always saw her as his. I never could've imagined that Hinata…that she would've…" he looks at me with tears in his eyes. "I could've been with her. I could've known her better but I let him dictate my life like he's doing to her…" he tells me so stunned that he let her slip by. "She talked to me. Well not really but she moved her mouth like she was talking. You have no idea what that means. She's trying. She's trying to find her voice. It's all because of you," he gives me credit for something I had nothing to do with. "She's moving forward because she wants to be with you. She wants to be happy and she knows that she will if she's with you. Fight for her. She's worth it…" he tells me as he walks towards the boys bathroom.

"So you won't run away anymore?" Kakashi-sensei asks me. I stare at him and he looks at me. "Kushina contacted me. She wants to talk with you Naruto," he tells me and I look up towards the sky. If I want to stop running then I have to face her. But I don't want to. I don't want to see her not yet. Not when I'm finally happy… "I'll tell her you aren't ready yet. Here," he hands me a piece of paper and I see her number. "Call her when you feel you can." He tells me as he walks into the classroom. I look up at the sky. Sometimes I forget just how pretty the sky is.

I make my way to class and as I keep my head down I look up to find Naruto staring at the sky.

He's different from me. I keep looking down while he likes to look up at the vast sky. He's too bright for me. I'm grey yet he seems to be a vibrant orange…

Almost as if sensing me he looks over at me. A smile comes onto his mouth. I look away down at my hands. They have gauze to cover the cuts I have. Shizune told me that I should be suspended but Kurenai said that I shouldn't. They were arguing when I left. Sakura was crying on her bed the last time I saw her. I never meant to hurt her like that.

It's just that even if Sasuke believes that I can scream out at Sakura then maybe I would talk. But that isn't the case. I'm not going to stand up to her in that way. Instead I showed Sakura that the next time she tries anything I'll beat her again. I hated what I had to do.

I mean that was the first time I fought for real since the classes I was forced to take by my dad. I took some boxing classes along with other martial arts classes. I was always told by my teachers that I had a talent in the arts but I never wanted to do that. I never wanted to fight and beat people for a living so after I was kicked out of my house I stopped attending the classes. Most likely it was the best decision I made. I look up once more and find him watching me. He doesn't say anything because he doesn't know how to react towards me anymore. He's grown shy. I smile to myself and I walk towards the classroom door and he runs to it but before he can open it I hear Sasuke call out to me.

"What happened?" he asks as he walks towards me.

"She defended herself against Sakura," Naruto answers for me. I nod my agreement.

"Where is she now?" Sasuke asks growing worried. He used to be at the receiving end of my punches so he knows just how strong I' am.

"She's at the nurse's office, why?" Naruto questions him.

"I used to train with Hinata and she was brutal and a savage when she fought. She changed when she was in the ring or training mats. The beast took over right?" he questions me. I look to my left side towards the courtyard of the school. "Don't be embarrassed you dork."

"What? I never knew that," Naruto admits.

"I told you that I know Hinata the best," Sasuke says in a weird tone. Naruto doesn't say anything as he just watches him. "I have something I need to tell you…" he directs his words to me. "I don't love you. I've given up on being able to be with you. Also, I've been dating Hanabi for a while now," he confesses. I run to him and punch him in the stomach. "I haven't touched her or anything!" he yells before falling to his knees. I clench my fist tightly as I aim for his jaw but someone grabs my fist. I glare back to see Naruto lightly touch it.

"You'll hurt yourself," he tells me. "Wait until you're healed to kick his ass. You shouldn't further harm your fists for this piece of trash," Naruto really does understand me. I lower my arm and he doesn't let go. I watch him and he quickly drops my hand.

"So are you dating?" Sasuke questions me. I shake my red face as fast as I can. I can't see myself dating Naruto. "Well I guess that says it all. And here I was going to ask if you two wanted to have a double date with Hanabi and me." He runs away before I can hit him again. I breathe hard at his retreating back. Naruto watches me because I can feel his eyes on me. I don't meet them instead I watch the door close.

"Would it be okay if I go to your apartment at night to keep you company?" he asks me. I slowly turn my head to stare at him. I have no words to describe this feeling of happiness. Happiness alone isn't the best word. No, this goes beyond happiness…

He's going to help me fight off my demons. He's going to be there with me in order to stop them from appearing. He's just going to be there. I won't be alone any more…I could hug him but instead I nod my agreement. He grins at me and I find myself smiling at him. He opens the door for me and I walk into the classroom forgetting about our earlier argument.

What made him change his mind about telling me how he feels? Maybe tonight he'll fill me in on his change.

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Working title: "Crazy is just a saying not a way of living"

Every family has secrets. Some hide them better than others. Some kids withstand the pressure that is put on them. While other's have a breaking point. At different times three suffered from their breaking point and at a young age were put away to keep their families safe from scandal. They were left alone. Parents denied their existence and acted as if they were never born. One family told anyone who would listen that their son was admitted to an exclusive boarding school in Kumogakure. Another family acted as if she was never born and denied knowing anything about her. While the last one lost his parents. Everyone has phases and these three have just begun their most difficult phase at the age of fourteen…

It's difficult to be perfect. I mean everything that I do is criticized. If one strand of hair is out of place then I get yelled at. I was used to it. I learned to withstand my parents need for my perfection. I did what I could to make them see me as the perfect son they desired. After Itachi ran away to join a rock band my parents focus zoomed in on me. I was happy for a while but then I started to feel the pressure of their love. I began to notice how I wasn't the same person as before. I was always told how to behave, who to speak to, who to befriend, suddenly I realized that I wasn't living my life. Instead I was living the life my parents wanted. I snapped…I don't have any recollection of what I did but as I lay still on the hard bed I hear some people talk amongst themselves.

"He just came in last night," I hear a girl say. "He was brought in by Sarutobi senior, he went himself to go pick this guy up. He must be some rich kid."

"Look who's talking," a boy murmurs.

"Naruto, how come you didn't tell me?" the same girl asks someone new. I open my eyes and find a guy sitting on the edge of my bed. His hair looks like a pineapple and he watches me closely. The girl is wearing long shorts, a shirt that's off her shoulders and isn't wearing any shoes. Her dark blue hair is long and it has strands of bright pink color. The hair is really long and messy. It covers her eyes. I look at the other boy in the bed across the room. He sits there as he stares out of the window.

"Sasuke," I don't even see his mouth move.

"He's made progress a year ago he wouldn't speak now he at least speaks one word at a time," the girl says as she pushes her bangs back. I catch a glimpse of lavender before it becomes enveloped in dark blue and pink. "I'm Hinata, I tried to commit suicide," she shows me the scars on her wrists. "I should've tried to cut my throat but no I had to go the classic route." She sighs. "So what do you have?"

"He must be a schizo, I'm Shikamaru," the guy on my bed says lazily.

"Oh I see it. You shouldn't hear voices because you already swallowed the pills right?" she looks over at the blond boy. He nods without looking. "Aren't you going to ask where you're at?"

"I'm in a rehab aren't I?" I finally speak.

"So normal!" she shouts. "The drugs are working. It's an insane asylum," she announces with a grin.

"We are a rehabilitation center not an asylum," someone new in a white lab coat enters the room. I watch the girl stiffen and give her back to the doctor. "How much longer are you going to keep giving me this silent treatment?" he sighs as she continues to act as if he isn't there. "I'm Kakashi Hatake, Dr. Sarutobi asked me to show you around. Shikamaru your roommate Gaara is asking for you."

"He's going to accuse me of stealing his teddy bear," he announces as he slowly stands.

"Don't worry he'll find it," Hinata says manically.

"Hinata, what have I told you about taking other's things?" Kakashi asks.

"He tried to set my hair on fire!" she screams. "Gaara knows that if my hair leaves the voices come back! He knows but he still tried to kill me!"

"Didn't you try to kill yourself?" I ask. I suddenly realize that was the wrong thing to say. She whirls around so quickly that I scarcely noticed.

"How dare you mention death so casually?" she screams. "Don't you understand the pain? I only did it because the voices told me to! Not because I wanted to! The voices! The voices! They did it, it was them!" she shouts stomping her feet.

"Brush," Naruto says. Suddenly Hinata stops and runs to Naruto. She sits on the floor while he takes out a hair brush and begins to brush her hair. I hear as she softly sings a song that seems familiar.

"Leave while you have the chance," Shikamaru whispers as he slips out the door. The two of us do the same. "See you around," he leaves.

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