Author's Note: So yeah, after a few requests for this I decided to drag it out of the deep dark depths, ohhhhh yey for D words, but moving on, out of the deep dark depths of my smut file and tell you guys the story about how Rosalie and Leah got together. It's not very long and they're about the two most unromantic women on the planet. So yeah sit back and enjoy the horror.

Rosalie sat on the back porch sun bathing in her favorite leopard print bikini. It wasn't like she could actually ever get a tan, but it made her feel a little bit more human then normal. So she laid there on her lawn chair, enjoying one of the few sunny days in Forks, and reading a Playboy she had found under Emmett's side of the bed. He wasn't going to miss it; he'd found a new hole to fuck in the dog he called Jacob. "You think you know a person and then wham, they tell you they like beastiality."

With a sigh, Rosalie flipped through the magazine, turning the pages this way and that whenever a picture caught her eye. That was until she found the centerfold. Spread out on the glossy page was Valerie Mason on a bed of flowers with nothing on except a pair of cut off shorts, her dark hair in short messy curls with leafs in it and her body glistening. Rosalie stared at the picture for awhile, just gazing on the smooth curves of the caramel skinned beauty's breasts and hips. But looking at the girl was starting to make Rosalie's body feel odd. A warm tightness was pooling between her thighs and when she brought her pale finger tips down to their junction she found that she had stained her bikini with wetness.

Meanwhile a small grey wolf ran through the warm forest toward the Cullen's house. She was on a mission from her alpha, Jacob, to deliver a message to Carlisle. Why the hell do I have to play messenger boy? Oh that's right because the other two wolves in our pack are out fucking leeches! Leah growled inside her head as she ran in and out of the trees.

"Hey, I heard that!" Jacob voiced back at his Beta's comment.

"Whatever. Forgive me Alpha for I do not know the joy of fucking something that is already dead." Leah snarled back with all the delicacy of rabid raccoon.

"Watch it Leah, I could permit Seth to inform us of all his little camping adventures with Edward this weekend if you prefer to play hard ball." Jacob reminded the girl.

"Ew! Ok! I'm sorry." Leah grimaced as she shot through the woods.

"Good! Now just inform the first Cullen you see that they have been permitted to state their case to the council and then leave. I don't need you offending someone again." Jacob reminded her.

"Roger that."

Leah was nearing the tree line that opened up into the Cullen's back yard when a powerful scent of arousal hit her like a ton of bricks. It was hot and wet but had a hint of lavender and roses to it. It was a women's scent and for some reason it set Leah on fire. Leah shook her head back and forth trying to shake the scent from her nostrils but it was no use; it was affecting her like a drug. With a growl, Leah transformed back into her human self and started to put her clothing back on only to realize she had forgotten her sports bra. "Fuck being a woman!" Leah snarled as she stalked out of the trees, leafs in her short black hair, and naked with the exception of her cut off jeans.

Rosalie's fingers made slow work of her bikini bottoms, just pulling the bow on one side apart so one of her long pale fingers could tease her excited cunt. She closed her eyes and let out a short hot moan as another finger joined in. It was when she opened her eyes that she was caught off guard.

Out in the field, walking slowly through the tall grass was the same girl she had seen in her magazine, or so she thought. The sun pored down around the girl, making her dark skin sparkle with perspiration. The topless teen stalked forward, a confident swing in her rounded hips and slight bounce taking hold of her bare tits. Rosalie couldn't believe her eyes and the sight sent shivers of excitement down her spine. With wanton need and desperation for the girl Rosalie moaned and released the halter of her bikini, leaving her topless as well.

As Leah made her way to the house, she could see Rosalie on the porch. Of course Rosalie would be the first Cullen she encountered. She was snobbish and proud, and most days a down right bitch. But at the same time, Leah knew the pain of never being able to bare a child and she knew how that longing could turn someone into ice.

And that's what Rosalie was; an ice princess; dangerous and deadly, with a raw cold beauty that stuck Leah at the core. And the sight of Rosalie's naked body shimmering in sunlight was starting a fire that consumed Leah's flesh. With a soft growl she approached, her body hungry almost for the brief contact that would ensue.

"Leah!?" Rosalie spoke her tone more of a question then a statement.


"What are you doing here?" Rosalie asked, her brain not yet having pieced together the fact that it was drawing closer to the other girl.

Leah closed her eyes for a moment as Rosalie neared her and breathed in her scent. It was hot and wet and drove Leah to feel the same. She could already feel the rough denim growing damp as it rubbed against her flesh. "I have a message… for Carlisle."

"Really?" Rosalie questioned, her body mere centimeters from Leah's and sucking in the intense heat that radiated off her. "He's not home. In fact, I'm the only one home."

Leah's dark eyes opened and gazed at the pale vampire lustfully. "Is that so? Then I guess I'll just have to give the message to you."

Rosalie smiled a dark radiant smile that spurred Leah to smile back. "I'm afraid that would be impossible. I have such a bad memory. What if I get the message wrong? Then we would have an awful mess on our hands wouldn't we?"

Leah knew it was a lie, but something in her told her to allow it to slide and see how far she could push this. "Then what do you suggest I do to pass the time, until someone else's return?"

"I sure between the two of us we can find something that can keep us… entertained." At this Rosalie bent down to retrieve her Playboy while at the same time letting the second bow that held her bikini bottoms on fall loose and letting the thin shimmery fabric fall to the deck floor as she stood back up. "Oops…"

Leah growled and shook her head, her dark locks tossing this way and that, as the powerful scent of Rosalie's arousal hit her nose yet again.

"Is something wrong… dog?" Rosalie asked, the racial slur at the end only coming from second nature. Besides in Rosalie's mind if Emmett could have a pet then why couldn't she?

However the slur caused Leah's eyes to snap start to her own. "Dog? Oh that's funny coming from a parasite like you!" Slowly the pair started to circle each other.

Rosalie laughed at the comment but let the remark slide. She was much more interested in watching Leah's body. Looking Leah in the eye, Rosalie licked her lips; the action causing Leah to shutter.

Finally they came to a halt, their eyes running like wild fire over each others bodies in want and need but holding back due to the fact that they were enemies. But maybe they weren't. Leah thought to herself as eye eyes paused at the soft fleshy junction of Rosalie's thighs. With a devious smile, Leah look back at Rosalie's face, "You know, despite the fact that you're dead, you're kinda hott."

The comment took Rosalie aback for a moment before she composed herself again, "For being a dirty animal you're not too bad yourself."

Leah took a few steps forward and pressed her half nude form against Rosalie's cool skin, "I guess you're not so dumb after all. You're right about one thing." Leah paused for a moment to run her hands down Rosalie's snow white sides and whisper into Rosalie's ear, "I am dirty."

Pulling away less then an inch, Rosalie looked into Leah's dark eyes and she could feel her own grown to the same shade in need. "Prove it."

"Your wish is my command, princess."

A few hours later:

Edward walked into the main house. It was quiet; too quiet for a Sunday night. After dropping Seth off at the reservation entrance after their weekend camping trip he was excited to get home and relax for a bit. Man that boy can wear a person out. Edward thought as he reminisced about their adventures. Smiling, Edward continued to walk though out the house in search of someone.

As he reached the back door, a fuzzy train of thought hit him accompanied a moment later but Rosalie's. He had trouble making out what the other person was thinking which clearly meant that it was another wolf, but for the life of him he couldn't figure out who it was. And then Rosalie's mind hit him like a sledge hammer to the brain.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" Edward screamed and ran for the front door and away from the mental images that were assaulting him. "Get them out, get them out, get them out!!!!!" At the door he ran into Alice.

Looking at Edward's face, Alice took a guess and what he was thinking, "Oh good, they finally realized they're perfect for each other. I was wondering when that particular vision was going to happen."

"Wha-What? You knew about this?" Edward asked in shock as he tried to erase what he had just seen from his mind.

"Of course silly. I'm getting much better at seeing visions with the doggies around. Oh and just to warn you… I would stay away from the back yard for a few more hours…those two will be at for a good long time." Alice continued.

Edward paused for a moment and blinked before a thought hit him. Alice was walking up the stairs as Edward yelled his question, "Wait, Alice, if they're gonna be at it for a while why the hell are you at home?"

"Oh Edward," Alice sighed, "Bella's been in Florida visiting her mom for a week. It's time that I had a little fun too. So unless you wanna be around while I watch and you know what I would suggest leaving." To make you point she purposely thought about all things she was going to do to Bella when she got home.

Edward's face went paler before he bolted for the door screaming, "Get them out, get them out, get them out!!!!!"

Author's note: So yeah, sorry for not having any real smut… I have extreme writer block… which sucks by the way. And all I can think about is the fact that my comp is still busted so I have to pick and choose when I write on my family comp which is awkward at times. Have you ever tried to type porn during the day on your mom's comp? It's weird. But I wanted to get this out finally because I've been putting it off and I'm sorry it took me so long to get it out…