Haruhi looked around as she walked up the path to the door. Everything seemed so big to her. She didn't understand what was going on. She looked down to see herself in a white shirt with puffy sleeves and a black jumper dress over it. She was wearing black flats and her socks were white. The socks had lace around them.

'Wait a minute,' she thought to herself. 'I haven't worn socks like these since I was 5.'

She then caught a glimpse of herself in the window on the side of the house. She looked like she was dressed as a 5 year old! Her hair was even in pig tails that were high up on her head.

'What the?!' Haruhi had no idea what was going on.

She noticed a small basket on her right arm while looking at herself. The basket was full of cookies that were wrapped up as if she was going to sell them for something. For what, she didn't know.

'I guess I'm going to this house to try to sell the cookies?'

She looked up at the house confused. It looked nothing like her apartment building. It was just a plain white house with brown trim and a brown door. She turned around to see an old looking picket fence that was left open. It seemed so far away from where she stood on the pathway. Then the pathway started to stretch and the fence seemed even further back from where she stood.

More confused she turned around back towards the house and noticed the house seemed as if it was slanted to the right. She slowly stepped up the front step to the door. She didn't even know she was walking to it till she was there.

'Maybe some one is in the house that will buy these treats,' Haruhi thought to herself as she rang the door bell.


She waited for what seemed like forever to her. Frustrated she began to bang on the door. The door suddenly opened up startling Haruhi.

A man stood in the door way looking down at her. He seemed to be in his mid 30's with blonde hair that was slicked back from some type of hair product. His eyes were a beautiful blue color that looked so familiar to Haruhi. She looked him up and down and saw that he was wearing a white tank top that was tucked into black sweat pants that were too tight on him. Looking down she noticed that the pants were too short for him as well, showing his socks almost up to his calf. Haruhi then looked back up at the man's face. He had a strange smile that scared her. His skin was waxy looking as if he belonged in a wax museum instead of standing in the door way.

"I just love when little girls come to visit me!" the man said as he looked down at Haruhi. "Please come in," he said in a frightening voice while stepping aside to let Haruhi in.

Haruhi was scared to go in the house but she felt the need to sell the cookies in her basket, so she went in.