Haruhi quickly opened her eyes and placed her hands on her inner thigh. Slowly her head was rising and falling, so she looked up into Tamaki's sleeping face and realized that Tamaki had kneed her in his sleep. She jumped back away from him as his jacket fell off of her. Looking down at the jacket brought a smile to her face. 'He has been really nice to me,' she thought as she touched it.

A bird outside chirped a happy little song as the sun shone through the curtains.

'Oh man… I must have fallen asleep on him,' Haruhi thought to herself as she looked at him from across the room. 'I wonder what time we have to leave to look for a place for the party.'

Haruhi looked around trying to decide what to do. Her father was out of town so she didn't have to worry about Tamaki being there. She got up and went to the closet to look for some clothes to wear. She sighed as she looked in there and saw that the only clothes were a bunch of things her dad got her. None of the clothes in there fit her right. Sighing she grabbed out a pair of black skinny jeans, a vibrant blue tee shirt, and underwear.

She looked behind her to make sure Tamaki was still asleep and than took off towards the bathroom. After closing the door she put her clothes down on the small counter next to the sink. She undressed herself and stepped into the shower and turned on the water. As the water poured over her, she leaned her forehead against the wall of the shower. 'What is with these dreams I keep having. That man is so creepy. I wonder why he has the same eyes as…' she couldn't finish the thought. She didn't want to think of the scary man every time she looked into Tamaki's eyes.

She began to wash her hair and next she went to her body. She looked down at her thigh and saw a new bruise where Tamaki had kneed her. She sighed as she ran her fingers over it causing it to hurt again. "Damn it Tamaki," she mumbled to herself.

She finished rinsing off her body and turned off the water. Stepping out of the shower she grabbed a towel off of the rack and began to dry off. As soon as she was done drying she put the towel in the hamper. While wiping off the condensation from the mirror over the sink she started running the water in the sink so she could brush her teeth. She finished up and brushed her hair and pinned the front back to keep it out of her eyes.

She sighed as she looked at the clothes. 'Why do you buy me these things, dad?' She grabbed the underwear and put it on. Then she grabbed the pants, letting them unfold in her hands and taking a breath in. 'These are for girls with hips which I don't have!' She put them on and to her amazement they did fit. They hung low on her hips. They were lower than what she was use to wearing.

'What the?' She looked at them in the mirror hanging on the back of the bathroom door and was shocked at what she saw. She hadn't noticed her hips until then. 'I have curves! Maybe not as much as some of the girls who come to the host club, but there is a difference from when the school year started.' She looked at her breast then and wondered if they had grown as well. She couldn't tell because she always wore sport bras. She did have a regular bra but the last time she tried it on it didn't fit right and would ride up on her. She decided to try again just to see.

Haruhi grabbed the towel she used out of the hamper and wrapped it around her chest. She opened the bathroom door and ran over to the closet where she kept her clothes. She looked behind her to make sure Tamaki was still asleep and opened the closet door. She looked around and then found the pink bra her dad had bought for her. She held it close to her as she closed the closet door and ran back to the bathroom.

Quickly Haruhi shut the door and then looked at the bra in her hands. She lifted up her arms and the towel dropped from her body as she took in a deep breath. With eyes closed she got the bra on without any trouble. She opened her eyes back up and saw that it did fit. She moved around in it to see if it would ride up and it didn't. She stared at herself in the mirror for ten minutes checking out every inch of her body.

'Strange…' she thought to herself as she grabbed the tee shirt. After putting on the shirt it clung to her but it wasn't too tight. The bottom of the shirt barely touched the top of the waist on the jeans. She looked in the mirror again to make sure she looked alright. She loved it.

She cleaned up the bath room and then checked herself one more time before she opened the door and walked out. She went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door wondering what Tamaki likes for breakfast. 'Oh well he will just have to eat what I cook,' she thought to herself as she looked around. She decided on eggs and pulled out four of them. She closed the refrigerator door and sat the eggs on the counter. She grabbed a frying pan and placed it on the stove and began cooking the eggs while putting some bread in the toaster.

Tamaki woke up to the smell of the eggs cooking. He stood up and stretched his arms over his head. "Haruhi?" he called out as he walked into the other room. His mouth dropped open when he saw what Haruhi was wearing. 'Wow! She looks amazing!' he thought to himself as he stared at her.

Haruhi turned around and saw Tamaki staring at her with his mouth opened. She blushed and turned back around to finish cooking. "The food will be ready in a minute," she said as she scrambled up the eggs.

Tamaki closed his mouth and blushed as well. 'I can't believe I got caught looking at her like that!' He looked down at his own clothes and wondered if he would have time to go home and change or if it would be better to just call some one and have them bring his clothes to Haruhi's apartment. He decided to just call that way he could spend as much time alone with Haruhi as he could. He pulled out his cell phone and made the call telling them to bring him a change of clothes for the day and bathroom essentials.

Haruhi turned off the stove and pulled two plates out of a cabinet. She put the food on each plate and sat the plates at the table, one on each side. She grabbed some chop sticks for Tamaki and herself and sat down in front of one of the plates.

Tamaki sat at the table across from Haruhi after he had put his phone back into his pocket. "Thank you for the meal, Haruhi," he said as he picked up his chop sticks. Haruhi said you're welcome and they began to eat the food. "I hope you don't mind if I shower here. It would take to long for me to go home and get ready."

"Oh, I don't mind," Haruhi said. As they finished up their breakfast they heard a knock on the door. Haruhi got up and opened it. Outside stood Tamaki's driver and he held an over night bag in his hands. The driver looked at Haruhi and smiled. "This is for young master Suoh," he said as he handed her the bag. Tamaki walked up behind Haruhi and thanked the driver for bringing him his things. The driver winked at Tamaki and smiled again at Haruhi before he turned around and left.

Haruhi stood there confused about the wink. "What was that about?" She asked Tamaki as she turned around and looked at him. Tamaki shrugged his shoulders as she handed him the bag. "Umm… the bathroom is right there and there are extra towels hanging on the rack. If you need shampoo you can use what is in there. I don't mind," she said as she looked up at him. She pulled the door closed and walked past Tamaki to the table.

Tamaki watched Haruhi for a minute as she began to clean up the dishes before walking into the bathroom and closing the door behind him.

Haruhi put the dishes in the sink and began to wash them. As soon as she finished she heard the shower start up. She scrubbed the table and than went back to the dishes to dry them off. Placing them back in the cabinet she looked around to see if anything else needed to be cleaned. She found nothing so decided to go into the other room and clean up in there. The candles they had used were no good anymore so she threw them away. Next she picked up Tamaki's jacket and placed it on his book bag. She than walked over to the closet and got some socks from it. She put her socks on and reached back into the closet for a hoodie. She grabbed a white one out and closed the door.

A knock on the front door startled her. Haruhi walked over the front door and placed her hoodie on a hook next to it. The water had stopped running in the bathroom as she placed her hand on the door knob. She opened the door and smiled at Hikaru and Kaoru. "Good morning."

The twins stared at her like Tamaki had done. "Hi Haruhi," they mumbled as they tried to get over the shock. "You look good!" they shouted out.

"Oh… Thanks. My dad got the whole outfit for me awhile ago," Haruhi said as she looked down at what she was wearing. "Do you guys want to come in?" she asked remembering they couldn't leave just yet because Tamaki was still in the bathroom.

As they walked into the apartment Tamaki walked out of the bathroom. He was just wearing his pants and had a towel on his head as he dried his hair. "Haruhi do you have any Q-tips?" he asked as he pulled the towel off his head.

The twins stood there shocked. "What the hell?! Why is Tamaki standing here without a shirt on?" Hikaru yelled as he turned to Haruhi. "What the fuck is going on?!"

Haruhi glared at Hikaru. "Calm down! Tamaki stayed the night with me because of…" Before she could finish Hunny, Mori and Kyoya walked into the apartment.

"What is taking so long?" Kyoya asked before he saw Tamaki standing there topless.

Hunny looked at Tamaki. "Why don't you have a shirt on, Tama-chan?" he asked as he hugged Usa-chan. Mori just grunted as if he too was going to ask the same thing.

"I'll tell you why! It's because he and Haruhi had sex!" Hikaru shouted as the rest of the boys gasped and covered their mouths except for Kyoya who adjusted his glasses.

"What?! We did not!" Haruhi shouted as she began to blush.

"We didn't have sex, Hikaru! I stayed the night here because the storm was really bad! Nothing happened," Tamaki yelled as his voice went higher in pitch. He wanted to slap Hikaru for saying something like that about Haruhi.

"You're lying! You deflowered our Haruhi, you monster!" Hikaru yelled as he charged at Tamaki. He tackled Tamaki to the ground and as his fist was about to hit Tamaki in the face Mori grabbed it.


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